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Chapter 260 – Crap, Something Happened

“What self-directing?” Li Xiangdong asked in confusion.

“Let’s not hide anything, it’s already pretty nice of me not blowing your cover of wanting to act in front of Su Yingzi, and you’re getting full of yourself!” I said impatiently.

Li Xiangdong looked at me and stopped defending himself, then snorted, “Whatever if you don’t believe it.” With that, he turned around and said, “Xiao Zi, I’m really sorry…. En? Where’s Xiao Zi?” Li Xiangdong suddenly shouted.

I also followed his gaze, looked over and saw that from I don’t know when, the remaining two rascals and Su Yingzi disappeared!

“Where’s Xiao Zi?” Li Xiangdong asked me anxiously.

“Say, bro, they’re the people you got, why did you start asking me?” Seeing that Li Xiangdong was still pretending, I felt slightly displeased.

“What people I got! I admit it, I am responsible for what happened in the morning, but I don’t know these people at all!” Li Xiangdong said.

“What? You said you don’t know these people? Didn’t you spend money to get them here to help you put on a show of saving the damsel in distress?” I could faintly feel something wrong here, since Li Xiangdong didn’t look like he was lying.

“Act your ***! I really don’t know them! If I do, then would I still be beaten like this!” Li Xiangdong complained.

Hearing Li Xiangdong say that, I also blanked, because if Li Xiangdong didn’t call these three rascals over, then this is rather troublesome. What does this mean, now that the two rascals disappeared with Su Yingzi?

“****, not good! Something happened!” I slapped my thigh and said, “Su Yingzi must have been captured by those two rascals!”

Li Xiangdong’s expression clearly changed and he said anxiously, “Then let’s hurry up and look for her!”

“Where are you going to look!” I immediately stopped Li Xiangdong and said.

“Are we supposed to wait here for them to come back?” Li Xiangdong said in annoyance.

I really don’t know if this fellow was retarded. I pointed at the rascal on the floor that was beaten unconscious by me and said, “Wouldn’t we know everything if we wake him up!”

No matter what, Li Xiangdong was still the young master of Feifan, so he very quickly found an empty room at the basement of Feifan hotel, which we threw the fierce rascal into.

We poured a bucket of cold water onto him, instantly waking that fierce rascal up, “****, do you want to die! Pouring water onto laozi!” However, he very quickly understood the situation after noticing his limbs being tied.

Seeing that the rascal woke up, I asked, “Which gang are you from?”

“Why do I need to tell you?” That fierce rascal said as if he wasn’t scared at all.

“****, you’re not going to say?” Li Xiangdong got anxious and went up to punch that rascal.

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“I don’t know,” That rascal looked glared furiously at Li Xiangdong and said.

I knew that if I don’t show people like him some colors, he won’t speak the truth. Thus, I looked around, and saw a steel rod on the windowsill not far away, I picked it up and walked towards the rascal.

“What… What are you doing?” As expected, that rascal got a bit scaled.

“Last chance, are you going to say it or not!” I didn’t have anything nice to say to him, right now, if this guy just randomly delays for several more hours, Su Yingzi might get xx’d!

“I…” That rascal clearly hesitated, I got used to getting his way normally, and has never been captured and interrogated, thus he couldn’t decide, if he showed weakness now, then the other side might think of as weak and useless.

A very clear “pa” sound sounded out. As the steel rod in my hand fell down, that rascal’s legs were instantly shattered by me! Before doing this, I did have a series of struggle in my heart! It was due to my restraint and softness that caused all sorts of random to start bullying me! Although I did act rather heavy handed to some of my enemies, it was the first time to do this so someone related at all!

That rascal’s terrible scream caused even Li Xiangdong to feel hurt, Li Xiangdong has just wanted to teach this rascal a lesson at most, he didn’t think that I would break the rascal’s leg, and it was both of his legs.

I ignored the rascal’s terrible scream, and steel rod up high once again, “Don’t think that I don’t dare to beat you to death, even if a bunch of rascals like you die, the police would even ask about it!”

What I said was the truth! The fights between gangs would happen almost every day, it was the same for deaths and wounds! However, every industry has its own rules! It was the same for the underworld, which had its own unspoken rules! Even if someone died, you have to handle it between yourselves, I rarely heard of killings between gangs that caused them to get the police to solve it!

The police would be rather happy about it as well, a dead underworld member was a dead one, as long as the person that died wasn’t a normal civilian, very few would ask about it! Those involved in the underworld should all know this, karma’s going to catch up to you some day, so whenever they see an underworld member die on the streets, as long as the impact wasn’t that huge, they would be classified as fights between gangs.

I didn’t know whether it was because the rascal couldn’t stand the pain from his legs or agreeing with what I said and was afraid of me beating him to death there and then, he hesitated, then immediately spit everything out.

“Big bro, I’m begging you… Don’t kill me, I’ll say anything, isn’t it fine if I say anything! It’s not anything big, it’s just chatting up a girl, even if I get arrested, it’s just getting detained for a few days, you guys are really fierce and wants to kill me…” The rascal complained.

“Are you trying to waste my time? I’m telling you, if anything happened to my friend, even if you wanted to die, it wouldn’t be that easy!” I said fiercely.

The rascal shuddered and continued, “Big bro, I’m… I’m just a small leader in the Black Tiger Gang, the rest of them were my subordinates, us bros saw that the girlie… which is your friend, was pretty nice, and wanted to **** her, I didn’t think we would bump into a tough wall like you…”

“Black Tiger Gang?” ******* ****, isn’t that the gang Huang Youwei sound to target the Su family? It looks like this guy is really just a small leader in the gang, and didn’t know that the person they want to capture is the Su family’s young mistress… However, not good! If those people just now brings Su Yingzi back to their headquarters, someone in the headquarter must recognize Su Yingzi! That would be really troublesome.

“Where is your headquarter?” Thinking that, I quickly asked.

“Our headquarter is…” The rascal hesitated a bit, then seeing the steel rod in my hand, he said, “Our headquarter is in the old repair factory in the new region!”

“Find someone to watch him!” I said to Li Xiangdong. “Do you know the place he’s talking about?”

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