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Chapter 259 – Self Directed

I found it rather hilarious after hearing it, it can’t be, this guy was continuing to use these tricks after failing once! Did he think that people are stupid? So, I didn’t say anything, and just watched the acting on the side.

“What are we doing? What the **** do you have eyes for? Can’t you see us bros are chatting up a gal?” The fierce rascal glared at him and said.

“This is a public area, hurry up and leave! Or else, if it gets big, it isn’t good for anyone of us!” Li Xiangdong said with a sullen voice.

This guy really knows how to act, I thought he would start fighting the moment he went up, I didn’t think that he could have a bit of dialogue first. Does he really think they’re shooting a tv show!

“Gets big? So what if it gets big? ****! Little white face, don’t not take face when given it, if you don’t want to die then stand on it said, don’t mind laozi’s business!” The fierce rascal pointed at Li Xiangdong and swore.

“Heng! Do you know who I am!” Li Xiangdong went up and said.

“Who are you?” That fierce rascal asked.

Li Xiangdong didn’t think that this rascal could ask like that, it really wasn’t an easy question to answer, if he told them that he’s called Li Xiangdong, they definitely wouldn’t recognize him, since he’s not that famous yet. However, if he doesn’t tell them, then isn’t that making himself look weak? In his worriedness, he shouted, “I am the young master of Feifan Corporation!”

“Feifan Corporation? It seems like it’s very rich!” That fierce rascal muttered.

“It’s good that you know it, you guys can’t afford to piss us off!” Seeing that the rascal hesitated, Li Xiangdong thought that they were scared of him.

“Big bro, don’t waste your breath with him! Get rid of him first!” A rascal with a braid walked over and said to the fierce rascal.

“Wait!” The fierce rascal waved his hand and said, “This brat said he’s the young master of Feifan Corporation, if we catch him, we definitely will get a lot of money!”

“Oh yeah! Boss really thinks of more things!” The rascal with a braid stuck up a thumb and said.

Seeing the rascals chitchatting, and ignoring him completely, he couldn’t help but get mad and said, “Brat, what are you saying! If you’re smart, then **** off! Otherwise I’ll be merciless!”

“Haha! Sure, then be merciless! This is the most hilarious joke I’ve ever heard. He said he’s going to be merciless! Haha!” The fierce rascal pointed towards Li Xiangdong and laughed loudly.

Li Xiangdong got super pissed, he wasn’t some kind of gentleman from the start, and hearing the rascal provoke him like that, how could he stand it, he went up and grabbed the fierce rascal’s collar, and slapped him. That fierce rascal momentarily blanked due to that slap, he didn’t think that anyone would dare to hit first! Normally it’s his side that starts beating other people first, and now someone else got the initiative, how could he not get angry. He immediately waved his hand and smashed towards Li Xiangdong!

Although Li Xiangdong knows karate, his level 9 was essentially just a way for the karate dojo to make him happy, they just saw that he was the young master of the Li family and directly went easy on him. Yet Li Xiangdong thought he was invincible. Just as he was getting proud of his sudden attack, he saw that fierce rascal punch towards him coldly.

Although that fierce rascal never practiced any actual martial arts, he had a lot more experience of facing an enemy due to always fighting in the streets.

On the other hand, Li Xiangdong was really bad, the majority of his martial arts were just for show, and when he sparred with the people at the dojo, the actions were set in stone and the moves were by the books, there was no reaction to the situation. Within a few moves, the fierce rascal gained the upper hand and kicked Li Xiangdong several times in a row.

Li Xiangdong was complaining a lot in his heart, he didn’t think that his karate was completely useless to this person, most of the time, before he got the right posture, he already got beaten around. Li Xiangdong looked at Su Yingzi’s bodyguard that was standing not that far away, and notice the fellow smiling at him, causing him to be mad, but felt too embarrassed to ask for help, and thus he could only deal with it forcefully.

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Seeing that their boss easily beat up that brat, the remaining two rascals also started shouting in support.

“Liu Lei, go and help him,” Seeing Li Xiangdong and the fierce rascal fighting, Su Yingzi said with a little worry. Although Su Yingzi really detested Li Xiangdong, he was standing up for her this time, if anything really happened to Li Xiangdong, then her relationship with him was more unclear.

“No problem,” I said with a smile. “He won’t die.”

“Liu Lei, why are you like this! I know you also dislike him, but you can’t just leave him,” Su Yingzi said in annoyance.

“Relax, he wants to save the damsel in distress, so he naturally has to pretend to be weaker, then suddenly explode out in power!” I said.

“What! You’re bullshitting! Didn’t you see that Li Xiangdong’s nose is bleeding from the beating already!” Su Yingzi frowned and said in disbelief.

“Can’t you tell despite always acting! He’s pretending,” I said. Although I said that, I quite admired Li Xiangdong, he was staying too true to his role, half of his face is pretty much swollen.

“Liu Lei, I think… It might be real, they look like they don’t know each other…” Su Yingzi said to me.

Never mind, I’ll help him out, if he’s acting and I appear now, the one saving the beauty is me! Thuss I slowly walked over. Li Xiangdong was already pushed to the ground and was getting kicked by the fierce rascal.

“Alright bro, if you kick him even more then you can’t get the money!” I went up and said while patting the rascal’s shoulders.

“Oh yeah!” That fierce rascal hit his head and said, “Smart!”

“I thought I guessed it right and that this fellow came to act after receiving Li Xiangdong’s money, I didn’t think that the fierce rascal would continue, “If we beat him to death, then how the hell am I supposed to ask his old man for money, this little bro is right, we should capture him!”

“Alright, game over! Which gang are you from?” I asked, I didn’t know anyone here, although I wasn’t scared of them, but I did have to be certain.

“Who the hell are you?” Only know did the fierce rascal notice that the person that spoke was with Li Xiangdong.

“You don’t need to care about who I am!” I said with a smile. I couldn’t be bothered with him either, I directly flipped the fierce rascal over, and when his head hit the floor, the immediately fainted.

As I was facing him, I did not notice that the two rascals behind me had already started plotting…

After a long time did Li Xiangdong manage to crawl up from the ground, his head had turned into a pig’s head already, I think that even his mom wouldn’t recognize him.

“Why… Why… didn’t you help me just now?” Li Xiangdong stood up and said angrily toward sme/

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“Bro, was there a need for me to act when you were self-directing a show of saving the beauty!” Until this moment, I still thought that Li Xiangdong was acting.


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