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Chapter 258 – Business Secret

I didn’t think that Li Xiangdong actually couldn’t tell that Su Yingzi was mocking him as he said with a nod, “Yeah, Feifan Corporation’s business is continuously improving, we might become the head of the industry this year!”

I chuckled in my heart, this guy is a ******, right? There isn’t something wrong with his brain, right? He wants to chat up girls with his intelligence? Dream on! Feifan Corporation is the head of the industry, and bragging about their own corporation in front of the young mistress of Su’s Corporation, I really don’t understand what this person was thinking. He really is a genius!

As I expected, Su Yingzi frowned slightly after hearing that. However, when she remembered the Su family’s current situation, she could only endure it.

Li Xiangdong’s ability to read expressions was slightly worse, he didn’t notice Su Yingzi’s dissatisfaction at all, and continued to brag, “This time you Su’s cooperating with us Feifan definitely isn’t wrong, haha! Xiao Zi, you don’t know it yet right? Us Feifan Corporation has already gained a kind of advance technology, it could be said that you Su’s just got along for the ride! However, this is all thanks to me mentioning it to my father multiple times, that’s why he agreed!”

The reason Li Xiangdong said that was to make Su Yingzi think of just how great he is, but what he got in exchange was even more disgust.

“Oh,” Su Yingzi nodded, then casually asked, “What new technology did you Feifan Corporation develop? Why didn’t I hear about it during the press conference?”

“Haha! We can only express it’s meaning, but we can’t say it out! However, Xiao Zi, since you want to know, then I’ll tell you! Since you aren’t an outsider, what’s more, us Feifan and Su’s are about to cooperate soon!” Li Xiangdong said.

“Since it’s a business secret, then don’t say it!” Su Yingzi really detested Li Xiangdong’s attitude of not treating her as an outsider.

“Hehe, in front of Xiao Zi, what business secrets are there? Ignoring the fact that there isn’t, even if there were, I should still let you know!” Li Xiangdong said flirtatiously.

“No need! Thank you, Young Master Li for your good will, but what if this little woman said it out by accident and exposed business secrets, then I’ll become a huge sinner!” Su Yingzi shook her head. She actually didn’t care very much about the corporation’s business, she was just casually asking just now and didn’t need to know.

On the other hand, Li Xiangdong got anxious, and scolded himself silently, why did he have to put on airs when it’s nothing! He finally had a chance to show off in front of Su Yingzi, he can’t lose it now!

“Xiao Zi, you know the news about Shuguang Corporation introducing a microwave, right? Li Xiangdong continued on the topic.

“En,” Su Yingzi nodded and thought, it’s all because of that damn Shuguang Corporation, why did they randomly have to get into the electronics market! Or else this xiaojie wouldn’t have to suffer and accompanying this idiot Young Master Li around!

“Xiao Zi, did you know! I’ll tell you a secret, I actually didn’t go and talk business in Songjiang city a few days ago, my didi and I already bribed a designer in Shuguang Corporation’s Electronics Development Department! Although he isn’t that high-leveled we were still able to get quite a bit of design information and technology about the newest microwave! Hehe, it’s also because of us Feifan Corporation getting this information that we could improve our microwave development immensely!” Li Xiangdong proudly exposed their secret!

“What?!” Su Yingzi exclaimed. “You guys… This is illegal, right?” Although Su Yingzi didn’t have any good impression of Shuguang Corporation, they did organize her concert, and did everything fully, without the pride of a huge corporation! What’s more, even if she was forced to be friends with Li Xiangdong, she can’t blame Shuguang Corporation for this at all! Competition was natural in business, but what Li Xiangdong did was far too despicable!

“Illegal? Haha! Where’s the proof? Xiao Zi, you are too naïve, this world is like this, the winner takes all! Who can prove that their Shuguang Corporation developed this technology? I can say they copied us Feifan Corporation!” Li Xiangdong said shamelessly.

Su Yingzi thought to herself, heng, it’s because I’m naïve that I hate contemptible and shameless people like you.

I blanked on the side! ****, what the hell is this? Do they think I, the controller of Shuguang Corporation behind the scenes, isn’t here? From what this guy said, he got quite a lot of technology from my corporation!

However, I did agree with what Li Xiangdong said, who can prove that they copied it? Since I have always copied stuff from the future! Of course, you can’t truly put it like that, so it was just agreement, that is just in theory, in truth, I definitely cannot let him off easy since this guy dared to steal my technology!

I pretended like I didn’t care, and Li Xiangdong didn’t treat me as anything either and continued to say by himself, “Xiao Zi, tell bofu to relax, it’s definitely not a mistake to cooperate with us Feifan Corporation, my spy has promised us that he will continue to leak information to me!”

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Su Yingzi didn’t reply, she really disagreed with Li Xiangdong’s actions, despite buying information about others was natural in business, and these sorts of actions weren’t really secrets in the industry anymore!

Even the company I was in before in my previous life had also hired some corporate spies to get the business secrets of other companies in the same industry!

Seeing that Su Yingzi stopped speaking, Li Xiangdong shut his mouth as well. Yet he didn’t feel like he said anything wrong.

The office of Dragon Electronics Chamber of Commerce was on the same office tower that Feifan Corporation was on, and the location of the party this time is the Feifan Hotel underneath Feifan Corporation, this was also one of Feifan Corporation’s subsidiary business. A lot of large corporations have set their eyes upon the food and beverages industry, that was growing very fast, ever since the reform, as people’s living standards improved, their requirements for food, clothes, shelter and travel has also gradually increased, eating in restaurants has already become the lifestyle of a lot of people. Especially since the starting point for food and beverages industry is also very low compared to other industries, so a lot of non-service corporations have all started up their own restaurants, wanting to gain some profits from it. Feifan Corporation was one of them, I couldn’t help but admit that Li Xiangdong’s father did have rather good judgements.

Just as we wanted to enter the restaurant, three rascals wearing weird clothes walked towards us. Seeing Su Yingzi, they acted like they found a new continent and shouted, “Brothers, look at how good this bird looks!”

“Yeah, laozi has lived for so long, and has never seen such a great gal!” One of the rascals said.

“Girlie, how about going to have some fun with us bros?” A rascal that looked rather fierce did not care about Li Xiangdong or me at all, and walked directly in front of Su Yingzi.

“What… What are you guys doing?” Li Xiangdong scolded.


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