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Chapter 257 – The Li Family’s Private Party

Li Xiangdong was already getting excited in his car because after today, he will become Su Yingzi’s private bodyguard! The originally annoying bodyguard will permanently **** off!

Money really is a great thing! Li Xiangdong thought proudly! He only spent a hundred thousand kuai and he could get people from the New Dragon Gang to do stuff for him!

Li Xiangdong lit a cigarette, crossed his legs and waited excitedly for that heart-throbbing moment to occur.

However, not long later, Li Xiangdong felt that something wasn’t right, just as the people from the New Dragon Gang were about to fight with that bodyguard, the people form the New Dragon Gang actually stopped as if they were afraid!

Li Xiangdong didn’t understand, was this bodyguard a ghost? Four hulk could be scared of one of him? Li Xiangdong frowned more and more as he watched on, this was too unbelievable! Li Xiangdong had investigated beforehand, the bodyguard Su Yingzi hired was from somewhere else, he can’t have any contact with the local gangs.

Afterwards, the people from the New Dragon Gang actually left!

Li Xiangdong immediately got really pissed! These people screwed up such a good chance! Since they didn’t succeed this time, it doesn’t seem quite possible to try again in the future!

Li Xiangdong grabbed his phone and dialed over, the moment the call went through, he roared, “What’s wrong with you guys? This young master gave you guys a hundred thousand kuai, how are you doing things?”

The other side of the phone first went silent for a while, then immediately started swearing, “**** your mom, if you order laozi any more, then laozi will bomb your house! Laozi is warning you, don’t get any ideas about that person! Or else you wouldn’t even know how you died! I’ll give the hundred thousand kuai later!” With that, the call was hung up.

All that remained was Li Xiangdong holding the phone dumbly, unsure of what was going on.

“Heng! A foreign person dares to get pretentious in City S in front of this young master, I will play you to death! Just wait!” Li Xiangdong only got back to his senses after a long while and shouted angrily.

As for what the fat monk just said, Li Xiangdong completely ignored it. As the young masater of Feifan Corporation, who has Li Xiangdong been scared of! As for now, after suffering so much loss, if Li Xiangdong doesn’t get revenge, it wouldn’t suit his personality.

On the other side, Su Yingzi was quite confused as well after seeing that I chased away those scary hulks with a few sentences, they even looked rather respectful towards me!

“What did you say to them?” After I got onto the car, Su Yingzi asked impatiently. Due to the car’s sound proofing system being so good, she was unable to hear our conversation outside.

“Oh, their leader was originally in Songjiang city, I had taught him a lesson before, so of course they didn’t dare to do anything this time!” I replied simply.

Su Yingzi nodded and didn’t ask anymore, a lot of people came to cause trouble recently, so Su Yingzi didn’t get surprised.

As I expected, Li Xiangdong was someone that couldn’t hold anything in, he came to us that afternoon. However, to my surprise, this fellow actually started frequently smiling towards me!

“Xiao Zi, tonight, the Dragon Electronics Chamber of Commerce that our Feifan Corporation is in is holding a private party, I was also invited, I hope you can be my partner,” Li Xiangdong said eloquently to Su Yingzi.

If I didn’t know what this guy was like beforehand, I would even think that this guy is a gentleman.

“About this…” Su Yingzi hesitated, but when she remembered that the Dragon Electronics Chamber of Commerce was holding it, and that joining this chamber of commerce might actually be of use to father’s Su’s Corporation, she nodded, “Alright. However, I might have to be a bit late, because I haven’t finished dealing with the stuff here.”

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“It’s alright, then I’ll come and pick you up tonight,” Seeing that Li Xiangdong agreed, he said happily. However, what was outside of my expectations was that this fellow actually turned around and said to me, “Mr. Liu right, come tonight as well, I believe you will like it there as well!”

Li Xiangdong’s words made me momentarily blank! Did this person change? Normally he acted like he couldn’t get rid of me fast enough, what’s with it this time! The first thought that popped up in my mom was, ploy, it definitely was a ploy!

This fellow’s smile was so fake, he can’t really be cooking up some sort of ploy right? However, even if he didn’t invite me, I would still go! Therefore, I said in a friendly matter, “Definitely, definitely!

Li Xiangdong thought, it’ good that you decided, I was just scared that you wouldn’t go! Heng heng, wouldn’t I play you to death then? See how you continue to cockblock me!

That night, Li Xiangdong came punctually to the entrance of Su Yingzi’s company. Seeing Su Yingzi and I come out of the company, he immediately came up to us.

“Xiao Zi, why didn’t you wear a formal dress?” Li Xiangdong looked at Su Yingzi, who was wearing a track suit, and asked weirdly. You have to know that although the party at night was private, the people participating were all elites of the business industry, and are famous people in the society, they could not possibly dress so casually! At this time, Li Xiangdong was wearing a black suit.

“Oh… I didn’t have enough time to go back home and change, what, is this not alright? Do you feel very ashamed?” Su Yingzi smiled.

“How could I! Of course, not!” Li Xiangdong quickly waved his hand and said. “Then when we get past a clothing store, I’ll buy you a evening dress!”

“Never mind, no need. Seeing as it’s about time, we probably don’t have the time,” Su Yingzi shook her head.

Seeing that Su Yingzi didn’t say anything more, Li Xiangdong finally clenched his teeth and slowly undid the button on his jacket.

I thought this guy was going to act uncivilized, but Li Xiangdong actually took off his suit, through it in the car, then found a set of casual clothes to put over his clothes, “Now we’re the same!”

If Su Yingzi didn’t know about what Li Xiangdong was normally like, she might really be moved! However, it just looked like he was very fake right now!

“It’s about time, let’s get onto the car!” Li Xiangdong raised the Mercedes remote in his hand proudly.

I took a glance at Li Xiangdong’s drive, it was the a new Mercedes model released this year, he clearly didn’t buy it for that long since the car was still very new.

“This car is pretty good!” I said casually.

Hearing my praise, Li Xiangdong immediately felt happy and said proudly, “Of course! This is the newest model in the world! It’s not even sold within the country yet! I reserved it from the car shop, and it just came off the boat!”

I smiled without saying anything, if I wanted to buy this car, I could buy several thousand of this car any time. It looks like I should also buy a better drive for myself after I return to Songjiang.

Su Yingzi didn’t care about Li Xiangdong’s bragging, although Su’s Corporation was in danger, they still had plenty of branded cars, so Su Yingzi didn’t get affect much by Li Xiangdong’s speech. She just said plainly, “Feifan Corporation is rather rich!” Yet the meaning behind the worlds was that, you, Li Xiangdong, is just a young master that spends his family’s money.

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