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Chapter 256 – We Meet Again

That hulk was rather confused, this person still dared to get of the car when facing the four of them! Does he not want to live anymore! However, he never thought in detail, since his side had more people, were they supposed to be scared of him? Therefore, he swung his fist without any care.

Of course, the speed at which this person punched really wasn’t anything to me, it’s just that… Why did he seem so familiar? Furthermore, the more I looked at him, the more familiar he got, it seemed like I really saw him somewhere.

“Wait…” I shouted.

“Wh-What?” The hulk fiercely retracted his fist and asked weirdly, “What else is there?”

“Nothing, I just think that you looked familiar, and was afraid that I would hit the wrong guy!” I said.

“Don’t try to get familiar with me! Don’t think that I won’t beat you up like this!” That hulk clearly didn’t take my words seriously and said aggressively.

“Wait…” A sissy thin dude behind the hulk ran over and said to the hulk, “Big bro, I also feel that he looks familiar…”

“****, you always get so suspicious, familiar? With the level of us bros, we don’t know these rich people!” The hulk swore.

“That’s true! That thin person said. “However, it is pretty weird!”

Hearing the skinny person’s voice, I was no longer confused! I actually knew these two! Aren’t they the two monks I bumped into on the night I saved Xia Jing!

“Were you two in Songjiang city before?” I asked.

“Yi? How did you know?” The thin monk asked in confusion.

“Shut up! Bull **** with him for what!” The fat monk, which is also the hulk, immediately stopped the thin monk, then turned around and said to me. “How is it your ******* business whether we were in Songjiang city before?”

I immediately chuckled, ****, what he said just now is the exactly the same kind of thing he said back then! I continued, “I’m not going to talk with you two retards! Did you get beaten dumb by me in Songjiang city? However, I do admire your vitality, your ended up like that, and you were still came to come energetically back to life.

“Ah!” The thin monk suddenly shouted. “Big… Big bro, the person we met in Songjiang city is him!”

The fat monk had already remembered at the time, when he heard what the thin monk said, he nearly fell onto the ground as he said in a trembling tone, “Big bro, no, date! Us brothers have eyes but didn’t recognize Mt. Tai, I really didn’t know that the person Li Xiangdong told me to teach a lesson was you! If I knew, I would not dare even if I had ten gallbladders!” With that, he turned his head back to the other two hulks and said, “You two, what are you guys blanking out for, hurry up and admit your mistake to daye!”

The two hulks didn’t understand why their boss was so scared of the young man in front, but since their boss was scared, them as subordinates had even more reason to avoid offending him, and thus quickly came over and said, “Daye, sorry! We were wrong.”

Seeing that I didn’t speak, the fat monk asked nervously, “Da… daye, can we leave now?”

“Hmm…” I thought about it.

Hearing that, the fat monk thought that was an acquiescence and proceeded to leave. However, just as he started doing so, he heard me say, “Wait!”

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The fat monk quickly stood still out of fear and asked carefully, “Daye, is there anything else?”

“You just said that Li Xiangdong sent you?” I asked.

“Yeah! That son of a ***** gave us fifty thousand kuai and told us to beat… beat you into the hospital…” Saying that, the fat monk momentarily paused, only after noticing that I didn’t really react, he continued to say, “We really didn’t know it was you beforehand… So…”

“Get to the main point!” I interrupted him and said.

“Yes, yes!” The fat monk quickly nodded. “We went over, and Li Xiangdong ordered that after beating you up, he’ll rush over and act out a show of a hero saving a damsel in distress!”

I nodded, this Li Xiangdong’s elaborate ploy was pretty good!

“Is Li Xiangdong near?” I asked.

The fat monk nodded and said, “Yes, he’s looking over in the car not far away!”

“Then wouldn’t you guys not be able to complete your task?” I kind of pitied this fat monk, why did he bump into me on both occasions.

“Heng! The **** does he count as! It’ll be fine if laozi gives him back the money! He isn’t daring enough to go against New Dragon Gang!” The fat monk said in contempt.

“New Dragon Gang? What’s the new Dragon Gang?” I asked.

“New Dragon Gang is a gang of City S’s underworld, we are all from the New Dragon Gang!” The fat monk said proudly.

It looks like this New Dragon Gang isn’t weak in City S!

“Why did you come over to City S?” I asked. According to what I know, both of them came from the countryside.

“Don’t mention it! We ran away to here! It’s all because of that something Young Master Lei! ****, he wanted to kill us to silent us, thank god we ran quickly, or else we would be wandering ghosts! After us brothers came to City us, it was fortunately that the New Dragon Gang’s boss saw potential in us, and let me become this street’s boss…” The fat monk said proudly.

“Alright, alright!” I waved my hand, and seeing that the fat monk was still going on, I immediately cut him off.

“Then I can leave, right?” The fat monk asked quickly.

“Go, go!” I waved my hand, then immediately thought of something, so I said. “Wait a bit more!”

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The fat monk nearly wanted to go and commit suicide. However, he definitely didn’t dare to just leave like this, he has tasted my terrifying actions.

“What else is it?” The fat monk turned back helplessly and asked.

“I want to ask you something, did anyone in your gang help the people from Songjiang city to deal with the Su family?” I suddenly thought that the people messing with the Su family might be from the local gangs! Since Huang Youwei is far away in Songjiang, it was impossible for him to send so many people to City S, and gangs in different places would often have a bit of contact, so Huang Youwei might have asked a local gang for help!

“Su family? Is it Su’s Corporation? I didn’t hear anything about that, but the Black Tiger Gang’s boss seems to have contact with a something something big in Songjiang city! That big boss came over to City S a while ago and had sent out invitations to all the famous people of the underworld in City S, but us New Dragon Gang didn’t participate,” the Fat monk said,

It really was like this! It seems like this Huang Youwei is quite capably! However, it seems to have gotten troublesome, although I personally had terrifying abilities, but eliminating an underworld gang was no joke, it might even cause trouble for myself if I don’t do it well.

“This is my phone number, help me keep tabs on the Black Tiger Gang and that boss, contact me immediately once you hear any news,” I gave the fat monk a card with my phone number on it.

“Okay! Definitely, don’t worry! Leave this to me!” The fat monk received the name card and answered.


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