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Chapter 255 – Do you know who you offended?

“Dad, I said it already, Uncle Zhao is a very nice person, and his company does really need to purchase an electronics factory. You don’t need to worry!” I thought in my heart, even if you make astronomical conditions, Zhao Junsheng would still agree. Since even after going around, it’s still family business! After all, it’s just using my money to make my dad happy.

“Leilei, just come back once! What’s more, your mom and I miss you quite a lot!” My dad said.

“Alright, call me when the time comes, I’ll try my best to hurry back!” I shook my head helplessly, it seems like my dad is still worried! I could not tell him the real situation, so it seems like I actually have to go back once.

I hung up, then suddenly noticed the phone number written on the piece of paper on the table. That was Ye Xiaoxiao’s number, after Zhao Yanyan had told me last time, I casually noted it down there.

I let out a long sigh, and felt a bit depressed. Perhaps this was my greatest failure after getting reborn! But no matter what, Ye Xiaoxiao has become my woman, under any circumstances, a fact was a fact and could not be changed! I cannot deny that I still liked Ye Xiaoxiao a lot in my heart, otherwise I would have had so much impure thoughts when I saw her!

The only regret in my previous life was not getting Zhao Yanyan’s love, in this life, I do not want to have any more regrets!

Thinking that, I worked up my courage, and dialed the number with my phone. What am I scared of, it’ll just get shouted at in the worst scenario!

It went through! The call actually went through! Hearing the voice from the phone, my nervousness reached it’s peak!

“Hey? Hello,” Ye Xiaoxiao’s voice passed out from the phone. She sounded a bit sleepy, as if she had already slept.

“Xiaoxiao… It’s me,” This was the first time I called her that, but it actually came out so naturally. I know she could definitely tell that it was me.

“…” Her side went silent for a while, then finally said, “Why is it you?”

“Why can’t it be me?” I asked back. “Xiaoxiao, where are you now? Are you well?”

“…” The other side went silent again. After a long time, Ye Xiaoxiao’s voice sounded out as if she was weeping, “Let me calm down for a while, I’ll contact you later.” With that, she hung up.

When I dialed over once again, it said that her phone was turned off, so I could only sigh helplessly.

It seems like Ye Xiaoxiao is still unable to accept this truth.

In recent times, Su Yingzi and I were in peace, aside from occasionally arguing, she completely immersed herself in her work. Due to the random threats and attacks a while ago, it forced a lot of Su Yingzi’s jobs to stop, therefore, she must hurry up in order to catch up with the job schedule for the year.

It’s not that those dangerous people’s actions stopped, it was that their actions have failed multiple times. In this period of time, Xiao Wei had de-fused, two home-made bombs, respectively from the garage and the mansion’s gate, and also catch an arsonist in the recording room of Su Yingzi’s company, who he handed over to the Su family’s security for interrogation.

This day, like usual, I drove the car to send Su Yingzi to the company. When the car arrived at a crossroad, a truck suddenly stopped horizontally in front of our car.

Just as the truck stopped, four hulks jumped down from it, each of them had a vest on like Rambo, and held a metal bat in their hands. If I wasn’t involved, I would think that they were shooting a tv show.

One of the hulks ran over directly, and smashed down onto our car window with a metal bat. Although the glass was bullet proof, a spider-web like crack still appeared.

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“Get off the car!” The hulk roared, the continued to use the metal bat to hit the car door, then the other hulks also joined in with smashing the car.

I knew that if I didn’t get off the car then, then no matter how sturdy the car is, it would be broken by these people.

“Wait for me in the car for a while!” I said to Su Yingzi.

“You… You’re going to go down?” Su Yingzi asked while looking at the hulks waving the metal bat around in front of the car.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “Sit tight and don’t move!”

“Never mind, Liu Lei, let’s call the police! I can tell they came prepared, this car can probably hold on for a bit longer,” Su Yingzi immediately shook her head and said.

“Hehe, relax! I really don’t treat these people as anything!” I smiled. “If you have to call the police whenever something happens, what’s the point of having me, the bodyguard, around!”

“What time is it, and you’re still kidding!” Su Yingzi said angrily.

“I’m not kidding, I took your money to help you get rid of trouble!” I said. Then I pushed open the car door, swiftly jumped down and closed the door heavily again.

Su Yingzi was really pissed, why was this guy so impulsive! Didn’t he see that there are four of them! Even if he wants to act as the hero, there’s no need to treat his safety like a joke! Although Su Yingzi knew that this person was very capable at fighting, it’s difficult for two fists to go up against four hands, moreover, the enemy is four hulks! Did his brain get messed up? It doesn’t look like it, he had treated the crowding fans incident very logically, what’s with it this time? However, what happened afterwards caused Su Yingzi’s jaw to drop, it even caused her to think that they were shooting a film!

After I got off the car, the four people stopped destroying the car as expected. One of the hulks said to me, “Brat, do you know who you offended?”

Who I offended? He really made me confused with -that question! I offended way too many people, Liu Kesheng, Yang Shuguang, Liu Zhenhai, LI Boliang, Huang Weicheng, who knows who he’s talking about?

“Brat, you offended someone you shouldn’t have! That person told us brothers to bring you a sentence, mind your own business! Or else so many people die in accidents now, we cannot guarantee that you will not become one of them!” The hulk said.

Originally, I had thought that these people came for Su Yingzi, it doesn’t seem to be the case right now! These people clearly warned me that I offended someone! But I don’t know anyone in City S?

“Who sent you?” I glanced at the people and asked. These are clearly trained fighters, it means that the identity of their master is clearly not normal!

“You don’t need to know this! When you come out of the hospital, just get out of City S!” The hulk waved his hand and shouted. “Brothers, go! Don’t aim for the vital points!”

With that, the hulk immediately rushed over. I just took a glance and subconsciously shook my head. There was no logic to this hulk’s moves, he just relied on brute strength! It would be fine if it was just teaching normal rascals a lesson! However, it was clearly lacking to be used on those martial artists! It could be said that people of his level could be easily dealt with by Zhang Mengjun and co.!


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