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Chapter 251 – Problem with the Electronics Factory

“Tell, be honest, if they got you to lead this factory, are you willing?” I wanted to confirm about my dad’s thoughts in the end, since the situation that happened in my previous life might have been changed.

“Leilei, I’ll be honest, your dad has a lot of feelings for this electronics factory…” My dad said.

I was sure after hearing it, my dad’s dream didn’t change, he still had high expectations for the electronics factory, or else he wouldn’t be talking about this with me!

“Dad, how do you want me to help you?” I asked.

“Leilei, didn’t you say that you know a lot of officials in Songjiang city? Can you see if you can get them to send some funds for the factory…” My dad asked.

I think this is my dad’s real purpose of finding me, discussing it with me was just an excuse, in my dad’s heart, he clearly wanted to continue operating the factory.

Despite a nationalized factory belonged to the country, don’t talk about giving them funds, whether they could pay back the a hundred something million of debt was still in question! After all, this number was far too large! It’s impossible for the government to throw more money into this dying factory! Even if I know Grandpa Zhao, one person was not enough to make a decision!

“Dad, the possibility of the government sending you funds is not high, from their perspective, the electronics factory was a bottomless hole right now, throwing money into it was essentially a waste,” I said. Based on my experience in my previous life, my dad’s factory had tried to get itself back together back then, my dad had went up to visit with the other works to try and get funding, but in the end, it was still futile.

“I also know this, but without funding, this factory was definitely screwed…” My dad said.

“Dad, actually there are a lot of other ways, such as getting the factory bought out!” I said.

“Bought? What business would buy a shell factory?” My dad asked in confusion. He had considered this question before, and had found a few company in the electronics industry, but once they heard that the factory was in a debt of a hundred something million, they were scared away.

“Hehe, dad, isn’t there still me!” I said.

“You? Although you have some money, but compared to the debt of the factory, it’s way too tiny!” My dad sighed.

My dad was right, the debt of this factory to me was truly too tiny.

“Dad, Yanyan’s dad also runs an electronics company, he told me that he wanted to buy an electronics factory earlier, how about I ask for you?” I could only say that. Since if I say I owned the company, that would be way too shocking! I have to show everything gradually, slipping out little amounts of information at a time had a better effect than suddenly saying everything out in one go.

“Is that so? That’s good, then hurry up to call and ask…” My dad said excitedly. But then he got a bit worried, “Leilei, the factory is in so much debt, can they find it fine? If it’s not alright, then don’t force it, it would be bad if it affects Zhao Yanyan and your relationship!”

“Dad, relax, I know the limits,” I said. Isn’t getting Zhao Junsheng to purchase a company just a sentence of work. Don’t talk about being in a debt of a hundred million, even if it was several billions, as long as my dad’s happy, I would still throw the money out without blinking an eye.

“Okay, okay! Then I’ll wait for your good news!” My dad said excitedly. The thing that he has been worried about finally had a chance, how could he be not happy!

“Okay, dad, then I’ll hang up, I’ll tell you immediately after getting news,” I said.

After hanging up, I saw Su Yingzi staring at me not far away with a murderous expression. However, it’s not strange, I used nearly half an hour receiving two calls back to back, no matter who it was, they would go on a rampage.

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I gestured at her apologetically, which meant that I needed her to wait slightly longer. Su Yingzi flipped her eye at me, just like a mermaid.

I smiled apologetically, then dialed Zhao Junsheng’s mobile.

“Hey, Uncle Zhao, I’m Xiao Liu,” I said.

“Xiao Liu, what have you done recently! You didn’t even call me, I wanted to find you, but Yanyan said you were busy, and didn’t let me call you! Our Shuguang Corporation’s subsidiary company Shuguang Electronics is going to fully enter the electronics industry next month, they are talking with several electronics factories about creation of non-crucial parts, since the amount involved in this business is too large, I wanted to discuss it with you, I have a list on hand, several large scale electronics company all displayed their will to cooperate, and produce for us. The more famous ones like Su’s Corporation and Feifan Electronics also want to work with us a lot, the director of Feifan Electronics even sent his two sons to our subsidiary electronics company for an inspection…” Zhao Junsheng said everything in one go.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! Uncle Zhao, talk about this later… Yi? What did you say? You wanted to find a electronics factory to produce the non-crucial parts?” I asked.

“Yeah, it would take rather long if we invested the money in to build our own factory, might as well find a corporation to produce it for us, since it isn’t some kind of core parts, we aren’t afraid of business secrets leaking!” Zhao Junsheng said.

It can’t be so much of a coincidence, right? Then this electronics factory can truly be re-used!

“Uncle Zhao, there’s no need to find someone to produce it for us, doesn’t our Songjiang city have a an electronics factory!” I said.

“Songjiang’s electronics factory? You’re talking about that nationalized factory that is nearly bankrupted? The one where the factory director ran away?” Zhao Junsheng asked.

“Yeah, go and buy it over tomorrow,” I said.

“Buy that factory?” Zhao Junsheng said in surprise. “Liu Lei, you don’t have a fever right?”

“Uncle Zhao, I’m fine! You didn’t hear it wrong! We’re going to buy that electronics factory, not only are we going to fully purchase it, we will be responsible for paying off all those debts!” I said.

“Xiao Liu, although paying off those debts isn’t much for us Shuguang, and since Shuguang is yours, Uncle Zhao shouldn’t really say this, it’s just that, Xiao Liu, we’ll be at a huge lost doing that! Even if we start up a new factory, it wouldn’t take this much money!” Zhao Junsehng asked without understanding.

“Uncle Zhao, there is actually a reason to purchase this factory, even if we don’t need to find someone to produce the electronic parts, I was going to purchase this electronics factory anyways, furthermore, the main reason I called you was to get you to help me purchase this electronics factory!” I said.

“Uncle Zhao, I won’t hide it from you, my dad is actually an old employee in the electronics factory in our Songjiang city, and have extraordinary feelings for the electronics factory. The workers all chose my dad as the leader when the factory went into trouble this time, and I could tell that my dad is still very passionate about this. They say that it’s hard for money to buy good mood, don’t talk about the factory only being in a debt of a hundred something million, even if it was a billion, ten billion, as long as he’s happy, then I would fell like it’s worth it,” I spoke out my reason.


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