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Chapter 250 – Dad’s Going to be the Factory Director

“Liu Lei, what are you doing, taking so long to speak!” Su Yingzi’s yell pulled me back from my thoughts, he shook my head, and walked over.

But a thought was a thought, an action was a different matter, being accompanied with a beauty was still a very joyous thing. Sometimes, human life is very miraculous, I never would have even dreamed of dying randomly would let me get reborn. That it would allow me to establish Shuguang Corporation, and gain Zhao Yanyan’s love. I was even able to go and eat with a superstar!

Just as I was about to start the car, my mobile phone in the briefcase suddenly rang. The caller ID was already being displayed at this time, and with a look, I saw that it was actually Jiang Yongfu.

“Hey, Big brother Jiang, what business do you have with me?” I picked up the phone.

“Little brother Liu, where are you? Come out, big bro is going to treat you to a meal!” Jiang Yongfu sounded very happy.

“Ah? Come out? I’m in City S! What is it?” I asked.

“Little brother Liu, the hint you gave me last time was very useful, after our surveillance and investigation, there really was something wrong with that Zhang Yongfa, we arrested him on the flight to Canada,” Jiang Yongfu said.

“Hehe, it’s something I should do, the police and civilians should cooperate!” I said with a smile.

“Hehe, this is a huge financial case, the provincial department might give me some merits, I already got people to work on it, I might get promoted at the end of the year,” Jiang Yongfu said happily.

“Then I have to congratulate you!” I said.

“Oh yeah, Little brother Liu, big bro wants to discuss something with you, see if you can talk to Elder Zhao…” Jiang Yongfu hesitated when he said this.

“About this… Big Brother Jiang, you should also know, Grandpa Zhao is very just, you probably can’t go through with his backdoor. What’s more, with your current qualifications, getting promoted isn’t a problem, since the case you solve is right there,” I said.

“I don’t want to go through the back door, it’s just that, little bro Liu, you also know, you and our department’s Yang Shuguang had some unhappy incidents, I’m afraid that Elder Zhao…”

“Didn’t that Yang Shuguang already get suspended! Big brother Jiang, don’t worry about this, it’s different cases here, Grandpa Zhao has always separated his private things from his job,” I said.

“That’s good, now I’m not worried. It’s fine as long as Elder Zhao doesn’t disagree,” Jiang Yongfu let out a sigh of relief.

“Oh yeah, did you manage to get back the money Zhang Yongfa got through corruption? I asked. It was noticed rather on-time this time, so the losses shouldn’t be as large as in the previous life. Even if my dad gets laid off again, it’s impossible for him to do those labor-heavy jobs, however, working at the electronics factory was my dad’s life’s goal. After getting laid, my father had said multiple times that he still wanted to work at the electronics factory.

“Ai! How could I get it back, this fellow already said it all out, he went to gamble a few times in Macau, most of the funds he took were lost there, it is impossible for us police to go to Macau to chase back the money, you also know, Macau hasn’t return yet, we cannot pressure the police there, so there is pretty much no hope for the money! I think that the electronics factory will definitely go bankrupt! It really is a pity for all the workers!” Jiang Yongfu said and said. “However, I, a police chief, can’t do anything about it, let the government solve it! It would be for the best if a company buys it out, but who would want this empty shell in more than a hundred million yuan of debt!”

After I heard Jiang Yongfu’s words, I also decided. Isn’t it just a hundred million, if it can buy back my dad’s smile, it really isn’t anything.

Just when I hung up, the phone rang again. I looked at the caller ID, it was from my dad, it looks like he might have gotten the news about Zhang Yongfu getting arrested.

“Hey, dad, what is it?” I asked.

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“Leilei, Director Zhang just got arrested, do you know about this?” My dad asked. Through He Xiyuan’s incident, my dad did find out a bit that I had a lot of friends in the governmental agencies of Songjiang city.

“Yeah, the police station’s Chief Jiang just called me, he said Zhang Yongfa took all the money away,” I said.

“Leilei, after your mom and I found out about this, we’re really scared…” My dad said hesitantly.

“Dad, you didn’t take any money from the factory, what are you afraid about!” I said with a chuckle.

“Leilei, didn’t our family buy a mansion from Director Zhang a few days ago? Do you think the police will take it away?” My dad finally told me what he was worried about.

“Take it back? Why do they need to take it back? We bought it through a proper agencies, your name is clearly written on the deed, which is also stamped, you don’t need to worry about this,” I found it quite funny, ignoring the fact that this house came very properly, even if there really was something wrong with it, could Jiang Yongfu send someone to ask us for the house?

“But… Leilei, I heard others say that the police can take back illegal goods…” My dad said worriedly.

“Relax, dad! What are we afraid of when our family did all the procedures, if you are still worried, then I’ll call Chief Jiang, and ask whether or not this house belongs to us,” I comforted him and said.

“Ahh… Then never mind, your call might remind him instead…” My dad quickly said.

I was speechless, my dad really had the mindset of a little civilian.

“Oh yeah, Leilei, there’s something else I want to discuss with you about, I talked to your mom as well, your mom also said that you have grown up and have more ideas with us, see what we should do about this!” My dad continued. “It’s like this, our electronics factory is in a huge debt, Director Zhang is also arrested, there isn’t a single person that can make decisions in the factory, aside from Director Zhang, your dad is rather authoritative in the factory as well, the workers are all pushing your dad out to take the reins and help the factory find a way out…”

I immediately understood after hearing that, since the director of a factory was arrested, if there wasn’t someone leading them, the factory could just wait for bankruptcy! However, with the current situation now, if it wasn’t bought or invest in, even gods might find it hard to change the current situation! Yet, this leader was a difficult job with low payouts, he has to communicate with both the government and comfort the workers, he might even get in all sorts of shut! Despite this, my dad seems to still be very happy with the situation, since everyone trusted him, thus I said, “Dad, it’s a good thing, this means that everyone trusts you and so gave the burden over to you.”

“I also think that! However, I’m scared of not being able to do it!” My dad said worriedly. “The situation of the electronics factory isn’t good! The people from the financial bureau came to check the books, they noticed that the factory was in a debt of hundred and thirty million!

It seems like my dad’s brain wasn’t in heat, he still knew the complexity of the matter.

A hundred and thirty million? I remember it wasn’t even a hundred million in my previous life? Why was there an extra thirty million? However, I didn’t learn about it in detail, I just heard that this Zhang Yongfa was rather daring and took a hundred million to gamble!


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