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Chapter 252 – Getting Prideful too Early

“Oh? Your dad still didn’t leave that electronics factory?” Zhao Junsheng asked.

“Didn’t leave? My dad has always worked there!” I asked strangely.

“E… It’s alright, I’m just asking,” Zhao Junsheng also noticed the slip of his tongue, then quickly answered perfunctorily. It was fortunate that I didn’t continue asking about it.

“Remember, you must fully purchase it! Think about dealing with the government’s side!” I said.

“This is easy to do, the government can’t wait for someone to take over this trouble, or else they really would find it hard to deal with several hundred laid off workers!” Zhao Junsheng said with a smile.

“En, sure, then just make your own decision on the rest of the stuff. After investing in it, change the equipment that should be changed, expand the factory if it needs to be expanded. Go directly to talk with my dad later, just don’t expose the thing about me,” I said. “Oh yeah, my dad’s called Liu Renshan.”

Zhao Junsheng said in his heart, of course I know your dad is Liu Renshan! And the relationship is “not simple” at all! However, he still said, “Don’t worry, just leave this on me.”

“How’s that Li Boliang recently?” I suddenly noticed that there was still a trash in Songjiang city.

“The plan has already started, everything is going smoothly. When they time comes, they probably can’t even cry in time,” Zhao Junsheng smiled sinisterly.

Zhao Junsheng hung up, then took a long sigh. He was about to meet the “old opponent” that he hasn’t met for so many years in this kind of situation, although he was appearing as a savior, he couldn’t get happy in his heart at all, since in the end, all of it belonged to their child.

Yet, everything has passed by for so many years, as he aged, those feelings gradually faded. After calming himself down a little, Zhao Junsheng started dealing with what was on hand. He first called his secretary to contact the nationalization-related department, after the other side heard that Shuguang Corporation was interested in taking over the electronics factory, they immediately decided on a time for them to meet.

The nationalization-related department and the city government were getting anxious about this pile of trash, hearing that Shuguang Corporation wanted to takeover right now, they were naturally extremely happy, adding onto the fact that Shuguang Corporation was Songjiang’s star corporation, the city government was also willing to hand the electronics factory over, and thus they made the policies very loose as well.

Zhao Junsheng got a series of processed documents very successfully, all that’s left now was to negotiate with the original workers of the factory.

“Dong dong dong!” A knock on the door interrupted Zhao Junsheng’s thoughts.

“Please come in!” Zhao Junsheng said.

“Director Zhao, Awal Corporation’s agent in the Asian region, Mr. Gotou Mitsuo has come, he’s waiting in the meeting room,” Zhao Junsheng’s secretary came in and said.

“Oh, they came? Okay, I’ll be over in a moment,” Zhao Junsheng nodded and said.

After the secretary left, Zhao Junsheng picked up the phone on the desk, and dialed a number, “Hey… Chief Wang… Yes, I’m Zhao Junsheng… Hello, hello! Did the test results on that Walkman I sent over last time come out yet? … Oh? It really is like this! Okay, I understand… I’ll call you then.”

Zhao Junsheng hung up the phone, organized the things on his table, and after locking up the sensitive documents, did he leave his office.

Within the meeting room of Shuguang Corporation, Gotou Mitsuo and Li Boliang were fantasizing about them getting rich. Seeing Zhao Junsheng enter, they went up passionately and said, “I didn’t think that Director Zhao could meet us in person in his business, it makes me feel infinitely honored!”

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“No, no! Mr. Gotou must be joking! You are the agent of Awal Corporation, no matter how busy a little manager like me, I still have to meet you!” Zhao Junsheng said with a smile.

As expected, with a little flatter, Gotou Mitsuo already started getting a big head, he really thought that he became Awal Corporation Asian region’s agent, and said, “Director Zhao has overpraised me!”

“Okay now, I won’t say any more courteous stuff, let’s start talking business. Xiao Zhang, go and change the tea for our customers, it’s all cold,” Zhao Junsheng sat down on the sofa and said.

“No need for the trouble, Director Zhao is right, talking business is important!” This really spoke out Gotou Mitsuo’s thoughts, he also wanted to get rid of these Walkman on hand as quickly as possible.

“Mr. Gotou, I had a brief look at the sample you gave our company, the quality is alright,” Zhao Junsheng said.

“That is natural! The Walkman of our Awal Corporation is rather good!” Gotou Mitsuo said, then thought in his heart, I knew you couldn’t see anything, but after half a year —— half a year at max, these Walkman would be useless! Since he knew clearly in his heart, these Walkman used bad reused products for the magnetic heads, the quality was very unstable.

“However, what about the after-sales service for your Walkman?” Zhao Junsheng asked casually.

“After-sales service? Gotou Mitsuo momentarily blanked, then immediately answered. “Our company has a special after-sales website, if there is an issue with the quality, then you can send it to the service center any time.

Zhao Junsheng thought in his heart, the improvisation ability of this brat is rather good! So he stopped testing, in fear of making them vigilant. He just said, “However, the quality control of our electronics sales department is rather strict, there are professional technical employees that will check the products.”

“Don’t worry about this Director Zhao! We are the proper agent, how could any problematic products appear!” Gotou Mitsuo thought in his heart, the **** are your technical employees going to see! Without professional devices to test, they cannot notice the issues of these products at all.

“Okay, Xiao Zhang, call Supervisor Wu of marking over,” Zhao Junsheng said, turn said to Gotou Mitsuo. “Mr. Gotou, we’ll let our marketing’s Supervisor Wu talk with you about the details!”

“Sure! Sure!” Seeing that the business was about to be a success, Gotou Mitsuo got extremely happy. The profits of this was more than ten million! For this transaction, it could be said that Gotou Mitsuo sold everything of his to buy these Walkman, seeing that the money was about to return, he was naturally very happy.

After Supervisor Wu came over, Gotou Mitsuo also noticed the purchase price and the time of payment, he didn’t look over the other details at all, and hurriedly signed the contract, in fear of Shuguang going back on it.

After seeing Supervisor Wu sign his name and stamp the company’s stamp, the boulder in Gotou Mitsuo’s heart finally fell.

Behind this transaction, everyone laughed. After Gotou Mitsuo and Li Boliang left, Supervisor Wu immediately went over to Zhao Junsheng’s office.

“Director Zhao, Gotou Mitsuo didn’t look at the contract carefully at all, and impatiently signed it, as if he was afraid of his going back on our word,” Supervisor Wu reported.

“Not bad, I don’t need to tell you what to do next right! I already contracted the Technical Supervision Bureau’s Chief Wang, you can call him directly!” Zhao Junsheng nodded.

“Yes, Director Zhao! I know what to do,” Supervisor Wu said.

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On the other side, Gotou Mitsuo and Li Boliang walked out of Shuguang Corporation together before started laughing like maniacs.


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