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Chapter 249 – Money Meat

Not long later, the dishes came, perhaps it was due to the lobby manager’s orders that the speed at which it came was very fast. Despite this, Li Xiangdong still said to the waiter in a very dissatisfied manner, “Why were you so slow! Did they say your restaurant has forty chefs?”

The waiter thought to himself, this is already the quickest speed, were they supposed to bring it here while it’s raw?! However, the manager had specifically mentioned about the customers in the room, and that they would not afford to wrong them at all. So he still quickly apologized.

Seeing that everyone was beyond respectful to him, Li Xiangdong’s pride got satisfied like it has never been before. He said to Su Yingzi, “Xiao Zi, try this Braised Donkey Meat!”

How could Su Yingzi dare to eat something like donkey meat! A girl is not very daring from the start, and isn’t very interested in these exotic foods. Adding onto the fact that Su Yingzi had grew up in the south, and there were very few animals like donkeys in the south, she could not understand how Li Xiangdong would like to eat these sorts of things at all.

Li Xiangdong didn’t feel like it was weird at all, he continued to speak energetically, “Xiao Zi, have you heard the saying of dragon’s meat from the sky and donkey meat from the ground! Donkey is great, their entire bodies are full of treasure, especially this fried money meat, every time I eat it, I feel like I’m very strong…” Saying that, Li Xiangdong slapped his head, and shouted ‘****’ in his heart, just as he was excitedly, he let slip the kind of stuff he normally to his friends.

“Money meat? What’s money meat??” Su Yingzi asked in curiosity.

“Nothing… Nothing!” Li Xiangdong’s head was sweating in shock, and thought, it was fortunate that Su Yingzi didn’t understand, or else he would really be in an awkward spot right now! However, before Li Xiangdong’s heart decided what to do, another voice rang out, “Money meat is donkey ****!”

Su Yingzi grew up in the south, and didn’t understand these stuffs very well. However, for me who grew up in the north, I wasn’t foreign to these things at all, although I don’t eat stuff like this normally, but I have seen a lot and heard a lot in my previous life, so I do have an understanding for the names of these things.

The reason that donkey **** is called money meat is because after a donkey’s **** is chopped into slices, it’s as round as a silver coin, with a hole in the middle, thus it got called “money meat”.

“Ah!” Hearing me say that, Su Yingzi immediately blushed, and didn’t even dare to look at the dishes on the table at all.

Li Xiangdong wished he could murder me on spot, but he wasn’t too much of an idiot, he knows that if he did that Su Yingzi would despise him even more. Thus he stopped pretending and said, “Hehe, Xiao Zi, look, I’m a man! Eating some things to improve that is rather normal!” With that, he picked up a piece of money meat and started chewing in his mouth.

Of course Su Yingzi didn’t care about what Li Xiangdong ate, even if he went to eat ****, that has nothing to do with her.

Originally, Su Yingzi had gotten a bit hungry, but after Li Xiangdong’s fiasco, she lost her appetite, don’t mention about eating, it’s pretty good that she didn’t vomit.

Only after eating quite a few bites, did Li Xiangdong notice that Su Yingzi haven’t moved her chopsticks yet, thus he asked weirdly, “Xiao Zi, why aren’t you eating?”

Su Yingzi thought in her heart, isn’t it just because of you! However, she couldn’t show it on the surface, so she only said, “I don’t have much appetite, perhaps I’ve been too tired recently!”

Li Xiangdong also knows the series of events that happened to the Su family recently, and knew that a real estate in the north always do somethings targeting the Su family, thus he said angrily, “Xiao Zi don’t worry, that something Huang’s Real Estate, I will definitely screw it up, and turn it into a real Yellow Real Estate!”

Seeing that Su Yingzi wasn’t eating, Li Xiangdong didn’t have any interest in continue to eat, he hurriedly called the waiter over to pay the bill and leave.

After the meal, Li XIangdong couldn’t find any more excuses to continue sticking around, thus, he pretended to be cool and said, “Xiao Zi, then go back to do your things, I have to go back to the company, I’ll ask you out another time.”

Su Yingzi couldn’t wait for him to disappear quickly, seeing him say that, she immediately agreed.

“Go back home now?” I asked after getting onto the car.

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“Go home for what, didn’t you see that this xiaojie didn’t eat yet? Of course it’s to find a place to eat lunch,” Su Yingzi flipped a white eye at me and said.

“There were so many dishes just now, why didn’t you eat?” I asked.

“Heh, isn’t it because of you, saying that donkey… thing, you actually said such a disgusting word,” Su Yingzi snorted.

“You asked it, what does that have to do with me!” I chuckled.

“You’re still saying!” Su Yingzi had gotten really angry bumping into Li Xiangdong, and now that I argue with her, she got even more angry.

“I want to eat something good, you treat me!” Su Yingzi pointed to me and said.

“I treat? Please! Have you seen an employer that makes her own bodyguard treat her to a meal?” I asked.

“I have, why haven’t I! I am one!” Su Yingzi was rather honest here.

“Alright! But since you are making me treat you, then you have to listen to me! I choose the place, so don’t eat after I chose it!” I said.

“Heh, fine, listen to you, who’s afraid!” Su Yingzi said.

When we arrived at City S, we had passed by a snacks street, just like Songjiang city’s market place. I was already dying to try it out, and haven’t found time to try it, how could I let go of a great chance like this!

Originally I wanted to get Xiaowei-tongxue to go together, but this fellow wouldn’t come no matter what, he smiled ambiguously and said, “Liu-ge, I won’t disturb your world of two.”

“****, am I so low? What world of two? Explain it clearly!” I scolded him while laughing.

“Liu-ge, couldn’t you tell! This girlie seems to be interested in you!” Xiaowei said beyond seriously.

“… To be honest…” I stopped and said, “I really didn’t.”

Xiaowei nearly fell over after hearing that, he clapped my shoulders and said, “Liu-ge, the person involved can’t see clearly!” With that, he smiled creepily then left.

Although I said I couldn’t tell, could I really not tell! I am not the ignorant newb about relationships that I was in my previous life, I could be counted as an experienced person in the field now, I can still notice some things related to these sorts of stuffs. Ever since I met Su Yingzi once again in Songjiang City’s Azure Dragon Security Company, I felt that something was amiss, this girlie didn’t look at me like I was her bodyguard, it was like I owed her several million kuai.

When a woman shows this sort of gaze, there were two possibilities, the first is that I really owed her several million kuai, of course, this doesn’t seem possible. The second one was troublesome! It would only appear when couples are mad at each other.

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I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now that I think back on the thigs that happened between Su Yingzi and I, it was really similar to that!

I couldn’t help but shudder. A voice kept on telling myself in my brain, “Liu Lei, you already have two wifeys, there’s still a Ye Xiaoxiao you haven’t dealt with, you can’t leave any more of these relationship debts behind!


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