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Chapter 248 – The Cat Shut Its Eyes When Stealing Cream

If you were to ask why Li Xiangdong was looking around, the answer was simple, this person was extremely perverted, his greatest joy in life is to look at beauties on the streets.

Li Xiangdong always go to some kind of large scale department stores, so he rarely brings cash out, although the clothes Su Yingzi picked weren’t very expensive, it was several thousand kuai in total, even if Li Xiangdong took out all the change in his pocket, it couldn’t be several thousand kuai.

Seeing his appearance, I laughed crazily in my heart. I walked over and said, “What is it, Li-gongzi, do you not have enough money?”

Li Xiangdong snorted coldly, and ignored me. He took out his mobile from his pocket, dialed a number and said into the phone, “I’m at XX casual clothes store, hurry up and bring me some cash! Fast, 1 minute!” With that, he hung up.

Being Li Xiangdong’s lackey was really something, one minutes, even if it was just going out to withdraw cash from the bank, it would be at least ten minutes.

As expected, about ten odd minutes later, Li Xiangdong’s people still didn’t’ come. Li Xiangdong got a bit anxious, and took out a packet of cigarette from his pocket, he took one out to put it in his mouth, and just as he was about to light it, he heard the clerk in the store say, “Mister, it’s all flammable items here, please don’t smoke.”
“****,” Li Xiangdong swore, then threw the cigarette away.

Su Yingzi got a bit impatient from all the wait, and said to Li Xiangdong, “Never mind, let me pay by myself.”

“How can that be alright! We said I would pay!” Li Xiangdong quickly stopped her and said.

“It’s not like it’s a lot of money, I understand Young Master Li’s good will, but I’m also a bit tired…” Su Yingzi said.

Li Xiangdong cursed all of his lackey’s ancestors in his heart, why did the money come so slow! He completely ignored the fact that the person has to withdraw money from the bank, does he think his lackey is a cash printer!

Just as they were speaking, a person ran through the door with a pant, he nearly kneeled over onto the floor due to tiredness after getting in doors, he said in a completely out of breath manner, “Young… Young Master, the money… money is here!”

“Why were you so slow! Is your zodiac a turtle!” Not only did Li Xiangdong not comfort him, he scolded him loudly instead.

“Yes… Yes, Young Master. Sorry,” Li Xiangdong’s lackey said with a sullen expression.

Li Xiang took a stack of hundred yuan notes and threw it on the cashier desk, and said, “No need for change!”

Even I felt bad for Li Xiangdong’s subordinate, he got as tired as a dog just to bring the money over, and all of it was very his owner to pretend to be generous!

“Let’s go, Xiao Zi, I’ll treat you to food!” Li Xiangdong turned around like a manner he deemed cool after he threw down the money, and ignored his subordinate.

“No need, it’s getting late, I have other things to do,” Su Yingzi said.

“People are iron, food is steel, if you don’t eat a meal, you’re get hungry!” Li Xiangdong said humorously. “It’s time to eat, let’s eat together.”

“Then… Okay,” Su Yingzi also agreed after seeing Li Xiangdong so determined. Since she had promised her father that she will go out with him and see.

“Take my car!” After walking out, Li Xiangdong pointed to his Mercedes and said.

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“No need, we have a car,” With Su Yingzi’s family, how could she get interested just after seeing a Mercedes.

Li Xiangdong also noticed that the person in front of her is not those little stars that he plays with normally, she is also a rich lady, showing off in front of her was completely useless.

Everyone arrived at a very grand restaurant on Guanqian Street. After parking the car, we entered into the restaurant.

“Li-gongzi, you cam!” The waitress in charge of reception at the entrance said respectfully.

Li Xiangdong nodded proudly, the waitress’s words made him feel like he had a lot of face.

The moment we entered, the lobby manager came over from afar and said to Li Xiangdong, “Isn’t this Li-gongzi! What a rare customer! Li-gongzi, Yun-jie’s place got a few more ******, they’re still students, do you want…”

Before the lobby manager finished, Li Xiangdong’s face had turned green already, he slapped over, and swore, “What are you bullshitting, this young master doesn’t understand! Do you believe that I’ll have someone seal your shop!”

The lobby manager had made it really clear already, the people there, including Su Yingzi, all understood what he meant. Yet Li Xiangdong actually said he didn’t’ understand and hit someone, isn’t this clearly the cat shutting its eye when stealing cream!

Su Yingzi couldn’t help but giggle. In her heart, she never even considered being Li Xiangdong’s girlfriend, so she just treated Li Xiangdong’s action right now as a joke.

The lobby manager got hit for no reason, causing him to blank, but very quickly, he saw that a girl was standing behind Li Xiangdong, and immediately realize his mistake, thus he quickly apologized and said, “Sorry, sorry, Li-gongzi, I remembered it wrong, I remembered it wrong and mixed you up with Zhang-gongzi!”

“Hmm… Pay more attention in the future!” Li Xiangdong said.

However, even an idiot could tell, these two people were pretending! The lobby manager of a hotel would have sharp eyes, how could a situation where he recognized people wrong happen! They need these gods of fortune to get rich, if he recognized him wrong, then who would come!

“Find a better room for me!” Li Xiangdong said.

The lobby manager quickly nodded, and personal led the way to a room with a good environment on the second floor, and personally handed the menu over, “Li-gongzi, can you order yet?”

“En… Give it to this lady,” Li Xiangdong pointed to Su Yingzi and indicated.

“Okay,” The lobby manager nodded, and handed the menu respectfully to Su Yingzi, “This lady, the specialty of our store is all on here…”

Su Yingzi casually looked, and ordered two dishes that girls rather like, totally uninterested in those lively seafood that was highly recommended on the first page.

After Su Yingzi ordered, she returned the menu to Li Xiangdong, after Li Xiangdong received it, he didn’t look and randomly sad the name of a few dishes, clearly showing that he often ate here.

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The lobby manager left after ordering.

Li Xiangdong glanced at me, who was on the side, and said in dissatisfaction, “Xiao Zi, let your bodyguard wait outside.”

“He is the personal bodyguard that father got for me, without my father’s orders, he will not move a step from my side,” Su Yingzi said with a smile.

Li Xiangdong was clearly very unhappy, he walked up beside me, took out a few hundred yuan notes and said to me, “Act convenient.”

I didn’t even look at Li Xiangdong. What a joke, several hundred kuai?! Shuguang Corporation earns more than this in a second!

“What? You think it’s too little?” Li Xiangdong took out another stack of money from his pocket and said, “This is enough right?”

I remained expressionless.

Seeing that his bribery failed, Li Xiangdong muttered angrily, “Heng, how much can you get being a bodyguard? Stubborn person, you don’t know how to earn money! This type of people will be eliminated sooner or later.”


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