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Chapter 244 – Evil People Need Evil People to Deal with Them

Thus Old Luo swore loudly, “****! Little brat, who the **** are you? You dare to talk about laozi like that! Laozi will first teach you what it means to die… No, what is a life worse than death!”

Seeing that we got into an argument, Old Yang also ran over and joined in, he raised his fist threatening at me and said, “Brat, since you’re rich then stay properly at home keeping your little mistress, driving a sports car out to act cool, heh, laozi doesn’t give a **** about that!”

I looked at Luo and Yang in contempt, I don’t even need a second to beat them over! However, I couldn’t be bothered with them at all. I stared without any emotions and said, “Let’s call the police.” With that, I walked towards the trashed Ferrari. I had left the phone in the briefcase while jumping out of the car, and didn’t have enough time to take it out.

Seeing that I said that I wanted to call the police, the two thought I was scared, and started laughing even more without restraint, “Haha, call the police? Rich people like them also know to find the police? Hahaha! Sur, when the police comes, let’s see who’s responsibility it is! Laozi is going to make you guys fix my car for me!”

I ignored them, and walked directly beside the Ferrari, since the speed of the car was rather fast just now, the door of the Ferrari changed shape severely, the cabin was already twisted together, and my briefcase was trapped inside, I couldn’t reach my hand in to take it at all.

Seeing the situation, the two felt even more excited about their work and gloated, “You can’t take it out? Do you need me to help you car a tow truck to tow your car?”

“No need,” I replied without turning my head.

I took a deep breath, and held both sides of the car door with force, then lightly pushed, the cabin that was twisted a lot together was pushed open quite a bit by me! I reached my hand to take out the briefcase inside, turned around, and said proudly to the two, “Oh yeah, didn’t you want to tell me what it means by a life worse than death? To be honest, I really want to know what that feels like.”

The two opened their mouths wide and looked unbelievably at the cabin that was pushed open by me, the one called Old Yang didn’t seem to believe it, and ran in front of the Ferrari in order to use his hand to forcefully bend the car door, unfortunately the car door didn’t move at all.

I chuckled and walked towards Old Yang, “What, still not starting? This life worse than death seems very fun?”

“What… What are you going to do?” Old Yang looked at me in terror, his body slowly moving backwards as he said tremblingly, “Don’t… Don’t come over…”

“What? It’s about to start?” I displayed a confused expression and said.

“Old… Old Luo, come and help me quickly… “Behind Old Yang was that Ferrari, seeing that there was nowhere to go, Old Yang asked for help in helplessness.

However, how would Old Luo dare to help him! He can’t even hide in time, originally he thought the weak young master in front of him was easy to bully, he didn’t think that he would meet a tough guy! Thinking about the strength able to easily push open steel, if that strength was used on him, wouldn’t he immediately turn into a meat loaf!

Seeing that Old Luo didn’t dare to come over, Old Yang could only say, “If… If you walk one more step towards me… I’m going to call the police!”

I smiled and said, “Sure, it let’s me save some phone fees!” With that, I ignored him and returned to Su Yingzi’s side. Unfortunately, I found that Su Yingzi had stars in her eyes at this moment and was looking at me in admiration.

I reached out and waved my hand in front of her, “What it is? Did you go dumb?”

“No… No! Wow! Liu Lei, you’re too awesome, why do I feel like we’re shooting a tv series? I had thought that I was on cast!” Su Yingzi returned to normal and said excitedly.

“Xiaojie, stop dreaming okay? You nearly died you know?” I glared at her and said.

“Ah!” Only now did Su Yingzi patt her chest and said, “So you saved me just now?”

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“…” I’m going to faint, she can’t have been scared dumb right? I said angrily, “Xiaojie, because of you messing around just now, it caused the traffic accident, although protecting your safety is my duty, there is no need to throw you life in as well right?”

“Heng! Who said it, isn’t the duty of you bodyguards to always die before your master?” Zu Yingzi snorted and retorted.

“Please, did you act in too many movies? Those are just shows, do you think it would happen in real life? Are you an important official or am I a professional soldier?” I said with a frown.

Su Yingzi looked at me sideways, clearly unable to retort, but since she didn’t agree with my viewpoint, she only stared at me without saying anything.

“Xiaojie, are you fine?” Suddenly, Su family’s security captain, Zhang Mengjun’s, voice rang over.

As expected, the Su family’s business car that was parked at the side of the road came over, Zhang Mengjun brought Li Quan and co. over very quickly, behind them was Du Xiaowei, he wasn’t worried at all, even after seeing Su Yingzi and I were fine, he wasn’t frantic at all.

“Xiaojie, are you alright!” Zhang Mengjun ran over and said while being covered in sweat.

“How am I fine! Didn’t you see that my car got crashed into that!” Su Yingzi pointed to the Ferrari that was like scrap metal and scolded. “Where did you guys go just now? Why were you so slow!”

There was a reason for Su Yingzi’s bad attitude towards the bodyguards, the Su family kept on getting attacked by random people, these bodyguards didn’t have any hindering effects at all, those attacking people just whatever they normally did, how could this not make Su Yingzi angry!

Zhang Mengjun looked awkwardly at the broken Ferrari, his first thought was that the driver that caused this must be sent by the enemies! Thus he waved his hand towards Li Quan, the two of them immediately went up and twisted Luo and Yang up without saying anything.

Zhang Mengjun punched Old Yang’s face, causing his nose to start bleeding everywhere. Old Luo wasn’t any better, just as he was caught by LI Quan, one of his shoulders got dislocated, causing him to scream out in pain.

I didn’t tell them to stop, the two of them really got over the line, their entire mouths were full of filthy language, I couldn’t be bothered with them, it was good that someone else was doing the job.

“What… What do you guys want?” Old Yang spit out his spit with some blood in it and looked at Zhang Mengjun in terror. Since the blood that spurt everywhere just now covered Old Yang’s face, he looked very hideous.

“What? Aren’t you clear about that? Say it, who sent you?” Zhang Mengjun did not care about Old Yang’s bloodied face, and interrogated with a slap.

“He… Hero have mercy! No one sent us… We know our mistakes, we shouldn’t have crashed into their car… Please let us off…” Old Yang said in incoherently.

“No one? Do you think I’m an idiot? Look at what the car is like, it was clearly intentional, not only did you not step on the brakes, you accelerated, what is it if it’s not premeditated!” How could Zhang Mengjun believe Old Yang’s words, the moment that he heard Old Yang continue to not admit it, he got even more furious, and kicked Old Yang’s ***, causing Old Yang’s anus to nearly prolapse.


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