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Chapter 245 – Getting Surrounded

“I’ll… Say it…” Old Yang stuttered on pain and only managed to say something after a long time, “I saw that they were driving the sports car the opposite way, so I got angry, and thought that since they were breaking regulations, it would be fine even if we crash them to death…”

“****, you’re still admitting it!” Zhang Mengjun thought he Old Yang was messing with him, and thus kicked him again.

Old Yang nearly kneeled onto the floor, and swore at himself in his heart for acting cocky in front of rich people. That’s great now, their bodyguard treated him as someone sent by the enemies.

“I really wasn’t sent by anyone…” Old Yang said with a troubled expression.

Zhang Mengjun wanted to say more, but the police siren sounded out, Old Yang had called the police just now. The police siren sounded like heaven’s harp in Old Yang’s ear.

Seeing that the police came, Zhang Mengjun unwillingly let Old Yang go.

“Who called the police?” The two police asked after getting off from the car.

“I… I called it…” Old Yang scrambled up from the floor and said.

“What’s going on?” That police saw that Old Yang’s face was covered in blood, thus he frowned and asked. “What’s with all the blood on your body?”

“I…” Old Yang just wanted to say that those two people’s bodyguards had beat him up, but then saw Zhang Mengjun’s murderous gaze, causing him to immediately retract his words. Then he stuttered, “I… caused the accident, and hit myself on the car.”

“Oh,” That police nodded, and didn’t continue prodding deeper, instead, he asked. “Are you alright? Do you need to go to the hospital first?”

“No need, no need!” Old Yang quickly said.

“Since it’s like that, then deal with it after coming with me back to the station!” That police said to another police, “Xiao Li, go and take photos!”

Zhang Mengjun walked over, and said a few words quietly into the ears of the police. At the start the police acted rather impatient, but then his expression gradually turned to shock, and occasionally looked over in the direction of Su Yingzi and I, finally he actually walked towards us and said respectfully, “You are… Su Yingzi-xiaojie?”

Su Yingzi momentarily blanked, then immediately understood, Zhang Mengjun must have told the police her identity, since she is a public figure, it would be inconvenient for her to go to the police station. Since it’s like that, there was no need to deny it, and thus she nodded with a smile.

“Please give me an autograph, my daughter is your fan…” That police said with a hint of embarrassment. Then he took out a notepad and handed it over from his pocket.

Su Yingzi received the notepad, hesitated slightly, but still signed her name.

At this moment, the police called Xiao Li, that was holding the camera, also noticed the situation over here, then seeing the autograph in the other police’s hand, he shouted excitedly and said, “Old Zhang, where did you get this autograph…” Then before he finished, Xiao Li already noticed, the girl not far away was his idol, Su Yingzi!

“You… You… You are Su Yingzi!” Xiao Li excitedly pointed towards Su Yingzi, unsure of what to say. Xiao Li was only twenty something, and was at the age of chasing after celebrities, suddenly seeing his idol, how could he not get excited!

Seeing that another fan came over, Su Yingzi knew that it was bad, as expected, a lot of the cars on the road stopped and looked over, curious to see what was going on. If this continued, sooner or later, her identity would be exposed, if she gets surrounded by her fans, then she’ll find it difficult to get away.

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Hearing Xiao Li shout out Su Yingzi’s name, the two truck drivers felt that it was bad! They were just demolishing her reputation just now, the consequences would come very quickly! Seeing those fierce looking bodyguards, they prayed in their hearts, hoping that Su Yingzi would not speak about what happened just now, otherwise they would be screwed.

I frowned, my mission as to protect Su Yingzi’s safety, and with the current situation, some sort of big trouble might happen, thus I said quietly beside Su Yingzi’s ear, “Deal with your police fan in front, then hurry up and leave.”

Seeing I that I spoke so closely with her, Su Yingzi’s face heated up, but when they thought about when the two of us jumped off the car, and that time at Songjiang’s Guobin hotel, she didn’t think that it was much at all. Thinking that, Su Yingzi’s face got even redder. However, it wasn’t the time to think about these things, Su Yingzi shook her head and returned to normal, then said politely to Xiao Li, Sorry officer, I have something to do so I have to leave first, you can get an album with my personal autograph from my bodyguard later. They will cooperate with you to deal with the remaining procedures with the traffic police.”

Xiao Li had felt a wave of disappointment after hearing that Su Yingizi was going to leave, btu then hearing that he could get Su Yingzi’s signed tape, he immdaitely felt happy again.

A scene of accident really wasn’t a place for us to stay long, I immediately pulled Su Yingzi to quickly walk towards the business car after she finished, but coincidentally, just at this moment, someone shouted in one of the cars had stopped to watch the show, “Su Yingzi! That person seems like it’s Su Yingzi!”

Due to his shout, all of the car drivers and the passer-by looked towards Su Yingzi and I, someone even took out a camera and started shooting at us.

When we ran to business car, the car was surrounded completely, not allowing to move at all. At the moment we jumped onto the business car, Du Xiaowei immediately helped us close the car door.

However, this was unable to stop those crazy fans at all, a lot of people kept on coming over to hit the car window, while shouting, “Su Yingzi! Su Yingzi!”

This was a situation I did not anticipate, it was impossible to drive now, I don’t want to become a murderer. Yet, getting off the car was even more impossible, god knows what these crazy fans would do when they are all worked up.

Su Yingzi also showed an anxious expression, she clearly didn’t expect this sort of situation to happen, since she only started for a short time, and have never gotten into a situation where she was surrounded by so many fans.

“What do we do now?” Su Yingzi asked frantically.

“What do we do? What do you normally do?” I asked. How do I know what to do, although I was a rather public figure before, but it wasn’t to this degree.

“I never met this sort of situation before either!” Su Yingzi frowned and said. “I didn’t think that this sort of situation would occur since Zhang Mengjun told them my identity, normally I wear sunglasses, so others can’t recognize me.”

“Ai!” I sighed, it looks like I have to find a good method, you have to know, people are very curious, so don’t think about relying on the people surrounding the car to disperse by themselves.

However, civilians only liked to watch a show, they didn’t like to get into trouble! Thinking that, a good idea was born in my head.


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