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Chapter 243 – Getting into a Traffic Accident

It was already too late to get back onto the original track, at this moment the difference between me stepping onto the brake or not was minimal, the incoming truck showed no intention of decelerating, not letting me dodge at all.

I pushed the door to the left, but it didn’t bulge. Only then did I remember that famous branded cars like Ferrari would have their car doors locked automatically, and it would be unable to open at all.

However, this sort of situation was not dangerous for me at all, ever since I was reborn, I had randomly got the power to make everything around me become slower.

After I concentrated my powers, everything around me became slower, the incoming truck also became the speed of a snail. I kicked open the Ferrari door, although I completely had time to stop the car then open it, this car wasn’t mine anyways, so my heart isn’t going to pain even if it broke.

I used a hand to pull Su Yingzi’s hand, and off the car, then leaped down on the bicycle lane nearby. The series of actions looked to be light speed in the eyes of others, but I did each actions step by step in perfect order.

After Su Yingzi and I escaped from danger, the scene around us naturally resumed it’s normal speed. I could hear a huge sound behind me, Su Yingzi’s Ferrari was clearly trashed.

I turned my head and looked, as expected, that red Ferrari had turned into a pile of scrap metal, the front half was abysmal, yet the incoming truck seemed to not have suffered any damage.

At this moment, Su Yingzi was panting hard, without having calmed down, she did not notice the ambiguity of our posture, it was the legendary man on the top and woman on the bad.

I was also enjoying myself, who would take an advantage freely giving, I felt two sound things on my chest. It can’t be, this girlie’s breasts don’t look that large, why does it feel so full. You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover!

“Oh wow, it’s trashed!” At this moment, a voice beyond excited rang out behind us.

Hearing someone speak, Su Yingzi immediately recovered from her shock, and seeing that I was on top of her, her face blushed as she wiggled, but how could she even move.

Seeing that she had recovered, if I pretend anymore then I was being terrible to a woman. So I smiled awkwardly, and quickly climbed off Su Yingzi’s body. I turned around and saw the two truck drivers chatting and looking at the trashed Ferrari with interest.

“****, those driver sports car are awesome, driving in the wrong lane, laozi is just going to crash you to death!” A truck drive swore.

“Yeah, they’re smart, and ran quickly or else they would have turned into mud like this car!” Another truck driver smiled sinisterly and said.

Su Yingzi clenched her teeth hearing that, but she didn’t find it alright to explode. As a famous celebrity, every single one of her moves was being watched by the media, although she was wearing sunglasses when she came out this time, if she really argues with the two drivers, it’s hard not to get noticed by those journalists with a keen scent, so she could only hold it in.

I gloated at Su Yingzi, since the car wasn’t mine, what does it breaking have to do with me! It’s her mistake from the start, she can’t blame anyone for it.

Seeing that I didn’t help her, and instead snickered on the side, Su Yingzi got extremely pissed off, and said in front of me with an angry face and serious furiously yet quietly to me, “You are a bodyguard I spent money to hire, something happened and you’re standing here laughing instead of helping me?”

“Su-xiaojie, we were in the wrong from the start, how do you want me to help!” I spoke the truth. To be honest, those two truck drivers pissed me off a lot, they clearly saw us, yet still crashed over, if it was normally, I would have thrown them into the Pacific already. However, it wasn’t my problem today, and I wanted to use this chance to teach Su Yingzi’s irrationality a lesson.

Su Yingzi bit her lips, and couldn’t retort to what I said, but it did make her more angry. Before I realized, Su Yingzi raised her foot and used her high heel to stomp on top of my feet. Then looked proudly at me, as if saying, look, this is the result of pissing me off!

Su Yingzi used a lot of force in this stomp, but it didn’t deal much damage to me, I had already made my body very sturdy according to the method Footy taught me, using Footy’s words, aside from a nuke, other weapons pretty much don’t do much harm to me.

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However, at this moment, if I didn’t pretend like it hurt a lot, it would definitely not be over with Su Yingzi’s personality, thus I made a very exaggerated expression, as if it was painful beyond belief.

Seeing that her punishment worked, the corner of Su Yingzi’s mouth raised slightly as she revealed a smile.

However, those two blind truck drivers thought we were scared, and continued to blabber in an even worse manner.

“Heng, look at those rich people, they were nearly crushed to death and they still don’t forget to flirt, so ******* cool!” A truck driver said.

“Yeah, ****, when laozi is rich, I’ll also ******* get a few girls to play! Ai? Old Yang, look, why does that bird look like one that shoot films… What’s she called again?” The other truck driver said.

“****, Old Luo, you don’t say, she really is a bit similar… What’s she called again, my son’s room is full of her poster, there was a time that the brat fapped towards the poster and got caught by me, I had asked him what’s that bird called then…” The truck driver addressed as Old Yang said.

“Su Yingzi! Right, she’s called Su Yingzi!” Old Yang suddenly remembered and said as he patted the back of his head.

“Su Yingzi? Isn’t that the currently popular superstar! Hehe, I’m not scared of you making fun of me, I had dreamed of ******* her one day!” Old Luo smiled lecherously and said. “However, I heard that the bird never had any rumors ever since she started out, that’s really amazing!”

“Leave it, she might be kept by who knows which rich man, and with a rich lover, which press would dare to write about it!” Old Yang waved his hand and said.

“That’s true! When laozi is rich, I’ll also ******* buy her over!” Old Luo said.

“Ai? Do you think that girl’s Su Yingzi, I think she does look like it?” Old Yang stared at Su Yingzi beside me and said lasciviously.

“Oh? Perhaps, let me have a closer look!” With that, Old Luo started walking towards us.

Su Yingzi, who was beside me, was already trembling from their speech, seeing that those two were going even more over the line, she moved closer towards me in fright, and looked at me with begging eyes.

I sighed helplessly, it looks like I have to do something.

I glared at Old Luo, who was walking near, and said coldly, “If you don’t want to die, then make sure your mouth is cleaner.”

Old Luo momentarily blanked, he didn’t think that I, who was staying silent, who suddenly act, but how could he care about me who did not look very buff!

Both him and Old Yang move things everyday, and got a huge and muscular body from that, seeing that I dared to provoke him right now, he naturally felt that he didn’t have any face.


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