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Chapter 242 – Deduct Your Salary if You Keep Laughing

“Why were you so slow! You were even slower than a slow,” Su Yingzi said impatiently.

****, speaking of which, this was rather stupid. This is Xiaowei and my first time here, how do we know where the cark park is. Just as we were about to find someone to ask, we saw a janitor car drive over from not far away, it seemed like they had just finished their job and was going back to the garage. Thus Xiaowei suggested following this car, thinking that we could definitely arrive at the car park.

Thus, the two of us followed behind this janitor car, we never would have thought that we would have followed them to behind a fake mountain. Then the car stopped, and a man and a woman in worker clothes jumped down from the car, embraced each other, then started kissing.

We never would have thought that they were actually a couple that has come to have sex in the wild! But how were we supposed to explain this to Su Yingzi!

Seeing that I didn’t say anything, Su Yingzi thought I was in built and continue to scold, “Heng, be careful of me going to file a complaint about you to your company.”

“Su-xiaojie, if you are not satisfied, you can fire me anytime,” I said a bit unhappily. She didn’t even manage the workers in her home well, and yet she’s scolding me here.

“You…” Su Yingzi just wanted to get angry, then suddenly had a thought and said craftily, “When you got up in the morning, it seems like someone called me…”

“Hai—— Hai——! Okay, we’ll watch it next time,” I quickly said. Does she want me to embarrass myself in front of my disciple!

Su Yingzi acted like she had dirt on me, and got extremely excited. She pointed to the Ferrarri and said, “You know how to drive right? Be my driver.”

“Me?” I pointed to myself and said.

“Duh, do you think I was talking to the air!” Su Yingzi said.

It can’t be? Getting a man like me to drive a red Ferrari? It would be weird if others don’t treat me like a little white face.

“Then what about him?” I pointed to the Ferrari with only two eats, and said helplessly.

“If you want to hug him and drive, I have no issues with it,” Su Yingzi giggled.

“Bro, sorry, run behind the car,” I patted Du Xiaowei’s shoulders and said.

“Ah? Me?” Du Xiaowei looked at me with a face full of disbelief.

“That’s right, could I be talking to the air?” I smiled terribly. Haha, it looks like the feeling of messing with people is really great.

Du Xiaowei showed an innocent expression, as if he was about to cry. He wanted to argue, but my identity was there, I was a level higher than his shifu, so he really couldn’t speak out his troubles.

I saw Du Xiaowei’s appearance and smiled, “Do you see that business car on the side? Didn’t that Zhang Mengjun or something sit inside there yesterday? They will definitely follow us later, squeeze in with them.”

Hearing that he didn’t need to run, Xiaowei quickly nodded.

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“Get on,” Su Yingzi looked at my sideways and said, “Why didn’t you wear what was given to you?”

“The suit? Please! I look like mob when I wear it, you’re telling me to wear such eye-catchy clothes out? The head turning rate is definitely a hundred percent,” I said with a smile.

“That might not be…” Su Yingzi knew what I said was the truth, but still couldn’t help but argue.

“Hehe, yeah, some people would treat me as someone of the underworld and wouldn’t dare to look over,” I said.

“Heh! I’ll deduct your salary later,” Su Yingzi threatened.

I laughed dryly, then pulled open the door to the red Ferrari and got on.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you know how to be a gentleman, what ladies first means?! Don’t you know you have to open the door for the lady first!” Su Yingzi said angrily.

I helplessly reached over, opened the door to the passenger seat and said, “Get on!”

Su Yingzi stomped her foot in anger, and said angrily, “What kind of person are you, what kind of attitude is it. Heng! I decided, I definitely have to deduct your salary!”

“Are you getting on or not? If you don’t, then I’m going back,” With that, I pretended to leave.

Su Yingzi snorted coldly, and got on he car. She shut the door and glared at me.

Speaking of which, it was actually funny, I actually started arguing with a little girl. Ever since I was reborn, this seems to be the first time right? No, there was also a Ye Xiaoxiao, who also liked to argue with me. Thinking about Ye Xiaoxiao, my heart couldn’t help but shudder, and the phone number that Zhao Yanyan left for me surfaced in my mind.

Should I call her? However, she chose to leave a letter for me instead of calling me when she left, I think she still can’t face me right now. I’ll make this call after a while when both of us have calmed down. Thinking that, I sighed quietly.

“What? Angry? So petty, aren’t I just going to deduct your salary, looking at you, sighing so much! It’s not that bad right?” Su Yingzi looked at me weirdly and said.

“I’m fine…” I shook my head and said. “Where are we going?”

“Let’s go to the shopping street,” Su Yingzi thought about it a little and said.

“Shopping street? Where is that?” This was my first time to City S, I didn’t know where the shopping street was, even though I’ve seen the local map before coming, there were a lot of shopping streets, who knows which one she’s talking about.

“You’re so dumb, it’s near Xuanmiao Temple!” Su Yingzi said.

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Xuanmiao Temple? I knew about this, but isn’t that a famous historical site! However, I didn’t ask anymore, I just nodded and started the car.

The Ferrari was truly much better than my Jetta, it seems like I should change to a good car after going back.

“Hey, do you know how to drive or not!” Su Yingzi pouted and said.

After getting used to driving the Jetta normally, I wasn’t quite used to a good car, the starting speed of the sports car was really quick, so it was kind of hard to control, and thus after a few stops, Su Yingzi immediately got annoyed.

“So many issues!” I muttered quietly.

“What did you say?” Su Yingzi’s hearing was good and immediately heard what I was saying.

“Nothing…” I didn’t want to debate with her.

“What’s nothing, I clearly heard it,” Su Yingzi didn’t give up yet.

“Nothing is nothing!” I said.

“That’s impossible, you must say it,” Su Yingzi said.

“I said you have a lot of hair alright!” I suddenly had the thought of teasing her.

“A lot of hair? What hair?” It was Su Yingzi’s turn to be confused, she didn’t hear it quite clearly just now, from the sounds of it, I really did say that.

“Why are you asking so much!” I said.

“No, you must say it!” Su Yingzi immediately put on the appearance like she was going to find out no matter what.

“Is that you have a lot of hair down there!” I smiled terribly and said. “Happy?”

“What… Ah? You’re terrible!” Su Yingzi immediately blushed and thought about what happened that day at Songjiang city’s Guobin Hotel, could he have seen…?

“*******!” Su Yingzi nearly went on a rampage as she smashed her fist towards me. It coincidentally hit my hand on the steering wheel, the steering wheel of the Ferrari was extremely sensitive, the car suddenly shook, and went onto the opposite lane, crashing directly towards a truck.

“Ah——!” Su Yingzi screamed.

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