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Chapter 241 – Bodyguard Life

On the morning of the following day, just as I was having a great dream, I was woken up by the sound of someone bashing on the door. My first thought was that I was at home, had overslept, and was about to be late for school, causing my mom to bash against the door!

Thus, I sleepily climbed up from the blanket, and staggered to beside the door, after I opened the door, I muttered, “Mom, let me sleep a bit more…” Then, I blurrily turned back to the bed.

“Mom!?” A sweet voice with shock entered my years, I immediately shuddered and woke up quite a bit! This isn’t my mom’s voice! I immediately remembered, my current identity was Superstar Su’s bodyguard!

I turned around awkwardly, but immediately realized a very severe problem! I only had an underwear on! Thinking that, I quickly turned around, ran to the bedside and tied the bed sheet by my waist, I did everything in a move with unparalleled speed. Only after doing this did I see Su Yinzi standing in front of my door, looking at me with a red face that was both smiling and not smiling.

“About that… About this… I thought I was at home,” I said a bit awkwardly.

“I really couldn’t tell, you’re so old and is still staying with your parents,” Su Yingzi said in a teasing manner.

****! What still living with parents? I am only a high school student okay? What’s more, aren’t you living with your father! However, I don’t think she knows that I’m just a high school student pretending to be her bodyguard. Thus I said, “Xiaojie, it’s not bad for us poor people to have a place to live, if I have the money to buy a house, then I won’t be your bodyguard!”

“You!” Su Yingzi didn’t think that I would actually dare to retort. You have to know that my current identity is her bodyguard, which means that she’s my boss. From her perspective, which bodyguard isn’t completely respectful towards her!

“I what, I still didn’t get dressed yet, unless you want to continue to stay in my room like this? I don’t mind, but I wonder if the press knew that an pure and innocent star like you was in the same room as a man with just his underwear on, what kind of rumors would they write!” I moved the bed sheet on my body and said.

“Ah——!” Su Yingzi immediately screamed, then quickly ran out of the door with a red face.

I chuckled, what superstar, she’s no different from a little girl, it’s so easy to trick her. However, if I knew what Su Yingzi said just after leaving, I might get so angry that smoke comes out of my nose.

After Su Yingzi quickly ran out of the room, she muttered quietly, “Heng, so what! It’s not that I haven’t seen it before, what’s more, you have seen mine already, and you aren’t letting me see yours?! Heng heng, that’s only fair!

Of course I didn’t hear this. At this moment I was casually putting on a black suit that Butler Wang gave me yesterday. This suit was properly made beforehand with my measurements, so it was very fitting and comfortable, the materials used were also top class. Not bad, I actually managed to get a set of clothes.

After putting it on properly, I looked I the mirror, ****! God, I actually look like an underworld boss! I don’t know what this Su family is doing, making it so eye-catching, they’re so ******* terrible, going out like this was like they were scared that others wouldn’t find their target!

I took off the clothes, and casually chucked it to the side, then changed into a set of casual clothes I brought. Then I turned around and walked out the room. Without walking two stps, I found Su Yingzi standing at the staircase not far away.

“Say, Su-xiaojie, are you blocking me off?” I said helplessly. She definitely didn’t have anything good coming over so early in the morning.

As expected, Su Yingzi giggled then said to me, “Liu Lei, I haven’t gone out for so many weeks, you’re accompanying me out today!”

****, is there something wrong here! I came to be hear bodyguard, I don’t have the side job of an escort! I shrugged and said, “Sorry, Su-xiaojie, I don’t understand the obvious relationship between you not having gone out for many weeks and me.

“Of course there’s a relationship! A lot of people are targeting me recently, I don’t dare to go out alone, you are my bodyguard right now, you naturally have the duty of protecting me when I go out,” Su Yingzi said with a lot of confidence.

It seems like she did have a point, but according to my original understanding, a bodyguard would only accompany her to go to some important occasions, such as concerts or something, I didn’t think that I needed to tag along is such small matters like going out. However, I couldn’t do anything, since she was all logical here. However, from the looks of it, do I need to follow when going to the bathroom as well? Hehe, I thought lecherously. This was just a thought though, I definitely wouldn’t do such lowly things. Or else I would have XO’d this superstar that time alrady.

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“Sure, since you’re my boss,” I said lazily.

“Heng, what! You sound so not energized, a lot of people are standing in line to go out with this xiaojie, you should feel honored since I gave you a chance!” Su Yingzi glared at me and said.

“Alright, alright. I’m so happy that I’m going to die okay?” I said expressionlessly.

“Is your appearance supposed to be in happiness? It’s like I owed you tons of money,” Su Yingzi said unhappily.

“Then what do you want me to do? Open my mouth wide and said ‘Wahahaha’, right? Okay, then I’ll be more happy.” With that. I opened my mouth exaggeratingly and chuckled, “Wahahaha!”

“Do you want to die!” Su Yingzi said angry. “If you laugh anymore, then I’ll deduct your salary.”

This girlie is rather cute, to be honest, I didn’t really care about this amount of money, but I still shut my mouth in cooperation.

“Clean yourself up, and wait for me at the car park behind the mansion ten minutes later!” Su Yingzi ordered, then turned and left.

Clean up? She needs to clean up right, I’m not a girl, and still have to think about image when going out.

I looked at my watch, it’s only seven something, after sitting on the plane for the entire day, I thought that Xiaowei might not have woken up yet, I went and knocked on the door beside me, I didn’t think it opened a few seconds later, Xiaowei was dressed tidily, standing inside the room! On him was that underworld suit!

“Good morning martial great-uncle!” Xiaowei said spiritedly.

“Didn’t I tell you not to call me martial great-uncle?” I rolled my eyes and said. This title was definitely very respectful towards me, but I didn’t want others to treat me as a lunatic.

“Isn’t there no one here,” Xiaowei said craftily.

“You can’t even if there isn’t anyone, if you keep calling it then I won’t teach you martial arts!” I threatened.

“D~Don’t, Liu-ge, I’m wrong! I won’t say it anymore,” Xiaowei begged me.

“Hehe, okay, hurry up and come with me, Su-xiaojie wants to go out,” I chuckled.

“Oh, okay,” Xiaowei nodded and said.

I looked at Xiaowei’s facial expressions, and found that it was very natural. It seems like going out with the employer is a very normal thing for bodyguards.

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When Xiaowei and I appeared at the car park, Su Yingzi was already waiting beside a red Ferrari with her hands on her hips.


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