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Chapter 236 – Right Before Leaving

“Nothing, nothing,” Zhang Yongfa was worried that my dad would go back on his words out of courtesy, and thus quickly said, “I’ll sell it for what I can, he needs the money desperately to save lives, if he doesn’t sell the house, and lost his life, what use is the house.”

“Then… We won’t hold back,” My dad believed him, this life-related issue wasn’t a joke, and thus quickly accepted.

Thus, the following things happened very smoothly. We signed the contract, got the deed, and processed everything, with the agency’s help, everything was very simple. All the procedures were done by proxy, allow us to skip over the trouble of queuing up.

Looking at the deed at hand, my parents couldn’t help but get excited, after working hard for the majority of their lives, they finally had their own house, and it was the grandest mansion in the city!

On the other hand, I took the mobile back to my room and dialed a number.

“Chief Jiang? I’m Xiao Liu,” I said.

“Oh, Brother Liu, what is it?” Jiang Yongfu’s voice rang out.

“Big brother Jiang, you took care of me a lot recently.

“As I should, as I should,” Jiang Yongfu said. “It’s all part of my job, Brother Liu, you understand, and have a limit to what you do, you know how to not trouble me…”

“Alright now, let’s not speak courteous works. Big brother Jiang, this time, little bro, I, should also pay you back. I’ll give you a hint to getting a promotion, the factory director of our city’s Hongxing Electronics Factory, Zhang Yongfa, has serious financial issues, quickly get someone to check, if you’re too late then he’ll have run. There must be something wrong with this guy,” I said.

“You’re so certain?” Jiang Yongfu knows that this is very complicated, if there isn’t anything wrong with him, then there’s no way he’ll be willing to let you investigate him like that, especially these kind of factory directors of nationalized corporation, who are rather famous people in the city.

“I’m certain, this fellow just sold me a four hundred thousand something house, he’s a factory director, he can’t earn this much in a life time right?” I said.

“So it’s like this! Then I’ll immediately get people to put surveillance on him,” Jiang Yongfu said.

I hung up the phone, and thought, they let this old fox escape in my previous life, I can’t let history repeat itself. My action does kind as contributing to the country.

A large scale refurbishment followed after buying the house, since this mansion was second-handed, the decoration was pretty much done, we only needed to renovate it. So it wasn’t much trouble. My parents were extremely excited and could supervise the work every day, and return rather late. I also packed my luggage and prepared to leave. It would probably have been completely renovated after I return from City S.

Su Yuanchao also called many time to hurry me, I think if I continue like his, then Superstar Su’s safety might be in danger.

Before I left, I went to school another time to say my farewells to Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier. When I passed by Xu Ruoyun’s classroom door, I hesitated a bit, but still didn’t stay.

There are some things that once you miss it, it wouldn’t be so easy to turn it back. The little light bulb that was a shadow to me now acted like a stranger.

On the staff list on the entrance of the school, I stared at the photo of Ye Xiaoxiao standing on the podium, my heart couldn’t calm down, there was an indescribable bitterness in my heart.

On the photo was the smile of Ye Xiaoxiao who graduated from university not long ago. It was just that dazzling. Perhaps, at the time, her heart was filled with visions of the future, and hopes for her life. In truth, in my memories, Ye Xiaoxiao did become a famous teacher in my previous life. Yet, because of me, her originally peacefully life was changed.

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Xiaoxiao, don’t worry. I will go and find you. I said in my heart.

Then I smashed the glass covering of the staff list, and ripped down Ye Xiaoxiao’s photo from within.

“Hey, that student! What are you doing, which class are you from?” Dean Han Bingfeng’s voice sounded out from behind me.

I brushed away the glass on my body without care, then turned around and left.

Before I walked out of the door of the building, Han Bingfeng rushed up and shouted to me, “You want to leave after smashing the glass?”

I didn’t want to waste my breath with him, so I said, “Sorry.”

“Sorry? Is there any use of saying sorry after the glass was smashed?” Han Bingfeng said with a cold face.

Before I said anything, a voice rang out, “If you think it’s useless then it’s useless.”

I turned my head to look, I don’t know when Guo Qing was already standing at the entrance of the building.

Han Bingfeng’s facial expression changed a little, no matter what, Han Bingfeng did hang around in the underworld before, so he have some knowledge of what happened in the underworld recently. Guo Qing was extremely famous now, standing at the top of Songjiang city’s underworld.

“Guo Qing, I don’t care how you are outside, but you have to at least act like a student in school!” Han Bingfng hesitated a bit and said.

“Thanks for the reminder, Dean Han,” Guo Qing turned around and waved to Han Bingfeng, then pulled me out of the building.

“Boss, I heard that you’re going to leave for a while?” Guo Qing said.

“Mhmm, yeah,” I nodded, then smiled wryly. “This is rather hilarious actually, I actually have to be a bodyguard for a celebrity.”

“Bodyguard for a celebrity? Boss, only you would think of something like this, when the time comes, am I going to have another saozi?” Guo Qing smiled lecherous and said.

“**** off, if you keep saying that kind of stuff, I’ll be merciless! Your boss, I, am a very single-minded person,” I said.

“Single-minded? You wish! Oh yeah, Boss, what did you steal Ye Xiaoxiao’s photo for? You can’t have an affair with her as well right? I didn’t realize it before, this bird looks alright!” Guo Qing said in a bit of self-mockery. I remember Guo Qing had said that Ye Xiaoxiao is an old witch when school started, from the looks of it, his standards at the time were a bit of an issue.

“What bird, it sounds so terrible, she’s actually one of your dasao as well,” There wasn’t much for me to hide, so I sighed and said it.

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“Wa?” Guo Qing opened his eyes wide and exclaimed. “Boss, you’re not kidding me right?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding with you? Find a place to sit, then I’ll tell you.” I said. “Oh yeah, we haven’t drank together for a long time right? Let’s go to Juyuan snacks.”

It was still that small restaurant, I ordered Guo Qing’s favorite Mala Tofu and Yuxiang Shredded Pork in his previous life, along with two bottles of beer.

Everything was so familiar, yet so distant. Scenes like this often happened in my previous life, yet I miss it so much now.

“Guo Qing, I heard you did a lot of stuff recently, a lot of the underground places in Songjiang city are now under you right? I poured myself a cup of beer and said.

Guo Qing took over the beer bottle from my hands, and said rather proudly, “Boss, you’re rather well informed!”


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