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Chapter 237 – Two Brothers Acting a Samaritan Show

“Guo Qing, listen to me, you won’t get far just dabbling in mobs for our countries, you didn’t do anything extreme, no one will do anything to you, once you really do something, that’ll be huge! Put it in a bad way, nobody can protect you then. Also, the reason I know about your recent actions is because the higher-ups have already set their eyes on you, and asked me to remind you to not go over the line too much,” When Jiang Yongfu and I had the call a few days ago, Jiang Yongfu mentioned about Guo Qing, since he knows that Guo Qing’s my buddy, he wanted me to remind him to not make it hard for the higher-ups.

“You’re talking about people in the police department? I have a few agents, why didn’t I hear them mention it?” Guo Qing asked weirdly.

I smiled wryly and shook my head, Guo Qing’s agents must be some low-leveled police, the things I’m talking about are the decisions of higher-ups, how would he know!

“You know the relationship between Chief Jiang and I, basically, keeping a low profile is good for you. Perhaps they will start taking severe measures against these activities soon, get your subordinates to restrain themselves,” I said. “Also, just relying on getting protection fees and fighting isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Guo Qing nodded sadly, “Yeah, I had thought mobs were so great, I did not know about there bing way too many responsibilities for the boss, all the subordinates rely on me to feed them.”

“I did get some news, I thin kin a few years, the entire country would have places like this,” I said. “Have you thought about opening a larger entertainment city or night club?”

“Entertainment city? Open that for what?” Guo Qing said without understanding. “The people opening these places not only have to pay taxes, they also have to pay us protection fees, what can they earn? And they have to pay salaries for the waiters.”

“Hehe,” I smiled mysteriously. “What are your subordinates for? They can act as waiters and guards when they have nothing to do, that would also mean that there’s no need for people to protect the place.”

“That’s true, but will these stuff really work? Many of the places like this we protect have closed down!” Guo Qing said in confusion.

“Of course you will earn money, ever since the reform, quite a lot of people started getting richer, it is naturally for some of the people to look for more mental or physical enjoyment, it is natural for the entertainment industry to flourish,” I continued. “The ones you talked about closed down because they didn’t know how to run it! The size of places like night clubs can’t be too small, if it’s too small, they would feel like it’s cheap! Think about it, the people that can afford these kind of places are usually big bosses, these people normally don’t care much about money, so the higher class the place is, the more they are willing to spend! On the other hand, no matter how cheap those small-scale night clubs are, nobody will go, because normal civilians can’t afford it, and the big bosses have no interest in it!” I spoke out the experience from my previous life.

Guo Qing couldn’t help but nod after hearing that,” That’s true now that you say it, no matter how expensive those large places are, people still go there, the ones that close down are the small ones!

“Yep! This is using different tactics for different people. If you renovate the market into a palace, nobody will go,” I said.

“I understand! No matter how fancy the market place is, there won’t be that many rich people going there, since they rarely cook, while normal civilians will not go to such high class place to buy groceries!” Guo Qing said excitedly.

“That’s right, these are two extremes,” I said.

Guo Qing nodded thoughtfully.

I could only say so much, since I cannot decide a person’s life. However, as a caring rminder, I don’t want my good bro to repeat the life of those underground bosses.

In the first class section of the plane towards City S, just as I was resting my eyes, very loud noises come from in front of me.

I heard a sharp male voice say, “What kind of ****** plane is this? I want to complain!”

“So, sorry. This is regulations,” I looked over, as a soft female voice said.

What I saw was a man arguing with an air stewardess about something.

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“Regulation? Who decided it? You or me?” The man shouted.

“Sorry, this is the airline’s regulations, I hope you will cooperate,” The air stewardess said patiently.

“Airline? So what? Don’t threaten me with the company, the customer is God, I’m telling you, I am God right now!” The man said in contempt.

“Sir, please cooperate. Or else I’m going to have to call the security,” The air stewardess frowned and said helplessly.

“****!” The man suddenly stood up and slapped the stewardess, and swore, “******* *****, don’t take face when not given it, you’re getting full of yourself after I was a little soft on you! Security? Come, shout, try and make a move on me! I’ll even screw over your pilot!”

I immediately got angry, although I am not some kind of samiritan, but I didn’t like a man that hits a woman. This type of men weren’t men at all. Go and trash Mercedes and BMWs if you want to act cool, even committing suicide or jumping off a building was fine, nobody would care, but hitting a woman was an issue of character.

Just as I wanted to go and teach that cocky man a lesson, I was a step too late, and someone else got there before me. Before I stood up, a young man sitting at the back of the first class seats rushed over, and smashed on the cocky man’s eyes. All of a sudden a brand new single-eyed panda was born. Of course, the young man didn’t have any intention to stop, and instantly punched again, allowing the panda’s eyes to become symmetrical.

“Li Xiangdong, you are really losing face for Feifan!” The young man said coldly.

“******* hell, Li Xiongbei, you son of a *****, you dare to hit me!” The cocky man called LI Xiangdong swore.

“Li Xiangdong, watch it, don’t think you I will give you face just because you are my older brother, you can insult me, but don’t insult my mother!” The young man called Li Xiangbei said coldly.

“Haha, give m face? Sure, try to not give me face! Heng! If it wasn’t for your **** of a mother that seduced my dad, and gave birth to a ******* like you Feifan Electronics would be mine already, what need would there be to share it with you!” Li Xiangdon said with a red face. Faint alcoholic air was coming out of his mouth, he clearly drank a lot before boarding.

Li Xiangbei glared at Li Xiangdong coldly, then said, “Big bro, I’m advising you, it’s better to turn off the phone. I have no problems with you wanting to commit suicide, but think about it, what if both of us die. Feifan is my real didi, and also half of a real didi for you,” Then he turned his head and walked back.

Li Xiangdong’s face kept on changing expressions. Yet in the end, he still took out his phone, and pressed the shut down button.


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