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Chapter 235 – Such a Cheap House

“Hmmph, watch it, I don’t want to randomly get a celebrity meimei, the pressure of being the big sis is huge!” Zhao Yanyan said seriously to me.

“Ah!” I momentarily blanked. Then instantly understood, I pretended to be angry and said, “Heng, I haven’t taken care of you for so many days, is your skin itching? I will use the Liu family’s laws to deal with you!”

“No, Yanyan is terrified…” Zhao Yanyan asked for mercy, but her face didn’t show any hint of it. Her tone couldn’t help but made me think of Weier, causing my heart to waver.

“Heng heng! Look at your perverted look!” Zhao Yanyan glared at me sideways and said, “I knew you like this tone.”

I could only smile wryly, but didn’t deny it.

“What, I was right, right!” Zhao Yanyan asked. Then suddenly laid down and whispered in my ear, “Hubby, we haven’t done that for so long, let’s go to your home tonight.”

Saying that, she blushed and didn’t dare to look at me. I felt a sense of joy in my heart. This girlie, she’s still so embarrassed after so long.

My mom listened to what I said and found an extravagant duplex suite in the development area that interested her through a housing agency, but after finding out the price was five hundred something thousand, she was a bit reluctant. The house wasn’t far from Zhao Yanyan’s home, so I agreed without much thought. Under my persuasion, my dad and my mom decided to buy the house.

However, my mom wasn’t that wiling, and started bargaining with the housing agencies. She was rather outrageous, and wanted to take off a hundred something thousand with in one go.

“Forty thousand, only idiots like us would spend so much to buy this house!” My mom said. Actually what my mom said was the truth, not many people in Songjiang city could take out several hundred thousand to buy an house.

“About this… Sis, we can’t make the decision, we can only help you contact the house owner, however your price is rather crazy, you chopped it down way too much,” The people from the housing agency said.

“Then you have to hurry and contact them!” My mom said. Having money was truly different, when she thought back to how she went to the housing agencies to rent an apartment she had to act according to other people’s mood, but it was different now, who would dare to piss off such a rich customer, the housing agency wanted to get quite a bit of commission from selling the suite.

“Okay, please wait a moment,” The person from the housing agency said, then went in to make a call.

Looking at how my mom was acting energetically like a debate master, I found that me, a master in the business industry, really came for nothing. I only found out now that the abilities between people weren’t that big, the main part was the environment and chance.

After a short time, the people from the agency came over, although they still had smiles on their faces, I thought that the results of the communication must have not been good, who was willing to lose a hundred something thousand when selling an house in one go!

I didn’t think that the agency employee actually said, “The house owner agreed to the price of four hundred thousand, but the condition is that it must be paid at once, because the house owner have urgent matters to leave the city.”

“Ah?” Even my mom momentarily blanked, the reason she chopped the price down so hard, was completely due to the habit of bargaining the price on the side of the road, first name the lowest price, then slowly bargain. She didn’t think that she didn’t need to bargain this time, the other person actually agreed so happily! She couldn’t help but regret it a little, thinking that she should have named an even lower price.

However, selling the mansion at such a cheap price couldn’t help but cause me to become suspicious. The size of Zhao Junsheng’s mansion and this one my mom was interested in was around the same size, it was built by the same company. Zhao Junsheng spent nearly a million to buy the new home, and now that the housing prices were rising, buying this mansion at five hundred and fifty thousand was cheap enough, the other side actually agreed to drop it even more! How could this not make people suspicious!

Based on my experience in my previous life, there was definitely an issue with the house selling for such a low price. Either the house owner desperately needed money, or the house has an issue itself.

Of course the quality of the house could be ignored, because it was impossible for the houses developed in the same area by the same company to be too different. This couldn’t help but cause me to think of a phrase that often popped up on the internet in my previous life —— murder house! Those would be haunted houses, but I wasn’t scared of this at all, Yama is my sworn old bro, unless a ghost was bored of living, they would not dare to cause trouble here.

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I just heard that from the people from the agency say that house owner have urgent matters to leave the city, thinking that, the answer was pretty obvious. There were two kinds of situations for this, the first was that the relatives or friends of the house owner had something happened to them somewhere else, and they urgently needed the money to save lives. The other was that the house owner him or herself was in trouble in this city, and needed to sell out their estate to run away.

It doesn’t matter which possibility it was, as long as we check the deed, it was fine. It was fine as long as this person wasn’t a conman.

My mom instantly agreed to pay it all in one go, since she had the money on hand, there was no need to drag it on. So she happily agreed to the request. Thus, under the organization of the housing agent, the house owner agreed to immediately come over to sign the contract.

After approximately half an hour, the door to the housing agency was pushed open, a tired man doing a bit bold. However, why did he look so familiar?

Before I said anything, my dad immediately jumped up and exclaimed, “Director Zhang, why did you come?”

I immediately reacted, the person that came was the factory director Zhang Yongfa that had screwed over the electronics factory that my dad worked at completely. Then I thought back to the time where he ran off in my previous life, it was slightly later than now. Thinking that, I understood everything, this Zhang Yongfa must have realized something is going to happen soon and wanted to sell off all of his non-liquid assets and run away. Since in my previous life, my family didn’t come to buy this house, so the time he sold it out was slightly later, causing the time that he ran was slightly later as well. I think that once he sells this house, he will immediately go on the run.

“Mr. Zhang, you came, this one is Mr. Liu that wants to buy your house!” The employ of the agency didn’t see the awkwardness beside the two and introduced passionately.

“Old Liu, you are planning to buy a house?” Since it’s like this, Zhang Yongfa thought that he couldn’t hide anymore, so he could say naturally.

“Yeah, I didn’t think that this house belongs to Director Zhang,” My dad didn’t realize the issue with this at all.

“About this… Actually, a friend of mine asked me to help him sell it, something happened recently with his family, and need money urgently, so I couldn’t help but selling the house for him at al low price,” Director Zhang said while trying to cover up.

“Oh, so it’s like this,” My dad was a straightforward person, and didn’t have that many thoughts, so he naturally believed what his old leader said, and said embarrassedly, “So that’s why we got lucky.”

My mom didn’t think like my dad, but she didn’t pop the bubble. After all, our family did get a huge advantage in this.


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