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Chapter 232 – Revealing My Cards

“Yeah, it’s because I had gotten a prize in that computing competition, I noticed my specialty in computing…” I continued. I could only explained it like this. Or else if I said I was reborn or had transmigrated, I believe my parents would definitely think that I am insane.

“En, we know this, Xu-laoshi from Shaoniangong even gifted you a computer right!” My dad added.

Bringing up Xu-laoshi, my heart tightened, I couldn’t help but think of Xu Ruoyun, that naughty little light bulb, who pretends to be a stranger whenever she sees me.

I shook my head, and tried my hardest to not think of these unhappy things.

“Dad, mom, both of you often read the newspapers, you’ve heard about the Shuguang Input Method plagiarism case that was rather controversial a while ago right?” I asked.

“Shuguang Input Method? I know about this! Our company bought quite a few sets, I’m typing using this input method right now, this thingy is so much better than the thing that used the strokes, I got the hang of it after a day! I really admire the developer of this input method, I’m also a designer, but his brain is definitely great! I heard the company acting as the agent of this input method earned several million!” My dad said enviously. “Oh yeah, didn’t the newspaper publically apologize afterwards, and said that this input method wasn’t plagiarized, and that it was completely a software made by our people!”

“Dad, mom, come with me to my room,” I stood up, and walked towards my room.

After my parents entered, I turned on the computer, and familiarly brought up my first work after getting reborn, Shuguang Input Method.

“Dad, mom, look carefully at the welcome screen you bring up the input method!” I pointed to the computer screen and said.

Although my parents were very confused, they still stared at the computer screen without blinking.

“Dad, mom, look, here! This row of English letters!” I pointed at the row of English at the bottom right corner and said, “Look what it says, programmed by Lei Liu, look at this name!”

This was a habit I had when programming in my previous life, putting my name in the least obvious place on the program. Therefore, although a lot of people used this input method, very few people noticed this.

“Lei Liu? What’s that?” My mom asked strangely.

“I know, in foreign languages, they often put their surname at the back, so this Lei Liu is Liu Lei, Liu Lei? Ai? It can’t be, son, this person actually has the same name as you!”

“This Liu Lei is actually me, I wrote this software!” I said calmly.

My dad momentarily blanked after hearing that, he immediately said, “How is that possible, this software got the Nation Award for Computer Science Progress, the newspaper reported this already, how could you have written that?”

I smiled, I knew my parents would ask this in advance already, thus I took out that software patent and the documents related to copyright to hand to them, then said, “Of course I wrote it, this is recognized by the National Patent and Copyright Office, hehe. Look at these documents, they’re all stamped.”

After they let me finish, my parents anxiously reached out their hands and wanted to get those papers at the first moment, when both of their hands were put on top of the documents, my mom glared at my dad and said, “What are you trying to snatch for! What if you rip it!”

That caused my dad to quickly let go in fear, but he still stuck his head over, in front of the few pieces of paper.

“Leilei, the Liu Lei on it is really you? This certificate if yours?” My mom exclaimed and said. Although she was very shocked in her heart, she knew that it was impossible for her son to lie to her, and prepare so many fake certificates beforehand.

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“Of course, dad, mom, the ID number is on there, wouldn’t you knew if you just check!” I said with a smile.

“1234567xxxxxxxx, it really is Leilei’s ID number!” My dad pointed to the creator information and yelled.

“What are you shouting for, I see it as well!” My mom glanced at my dad sideways and said.

“Dad, mom, do you believe that I didn’t do any bad stuff now?” I pointed to this documents and said.

My dad nodded, and said, “Leilei, then how much did your input method actually earn?”

“Let me calculate!” I said pretentiously, “The first season of profits for the 1.0 version is six million nine hundred and sixty thousand, with fifty percent of the profits going to me and the software company respectively, that’s three million four hundred and eighty thousand…”

“Three million four hundred and eighty thousand!” Before I finished, my mom exclaimed. “Old Liu, how many years would it take for the two of us to earn three million four hundrd and eighty thousand!”

My dad said in annoyance, “We won’t earn it even in the next life! Can you let our son finish!”

Only then did my mom realize, she interrupted me, and said with an apologetic smile, “Leilei, continue.”

“En, this is from what you can see, but the 2.0 products later brought invisible profits from signing bundle sales contract with USA’s Microsoft, I don’t really know exactly how much it is, I would only know at the end of the year. However, it’s definitely no less than several million!” I could only say vaguely, what several million, it’s way more than several million US dollars.

“Ah!” My parents opened their mouths wide at the same time, although they knew advance technology was very profitable, they never would have thought that it was this profitable, they had thought that several hundred thousand was very good already, they didn’t think that I could bring back three million something just at the start!

Suddenly, my mom realized another issue, and quickly asked, “Then Leilei, with what you said, isn’t the software company earning as much as you? They are just sitting there racking in the profits, didn’t they get a huge advantage! Heng, they must have tricked you after seing how young you are!”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, fifty percent, this is a very huge percentage of the profits in the software industry! It could be said that it has never been seen before! Thus, I explained patiently, “Mom, this fifty percent is fifty percent of the gross income, they are selling a hundred and ninety eight per software, ninety nine kuai went to me, the remaining ninety nine kuai has to include the cost of packaging and the copy of the software, alongside advertisement and aftersales, the company also have so many employees to pay, there really isn’t much left!”

My mom nodded after understanding everything, and said, “So it’s like this!”

“Yeah, the products that the engineers in our factory designed just get a set salary, they don’t even get one percent of the profits!” My dad said enviously.

“Oh yeah, Leilei, where did you put your money, bring it over for mom to safe keep it for you!” My mom suddenly thought of a key issues, which is where the large amount of money was.

“Aside from spending a bit of it, the rest is all saved in the bank,” I knew my mom would have this inquiry, so I opened my drawer, and handed a passbook with three million in it and handed it to my mom, “The money is all saved in this industrial bank bank account.”


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