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Chapter 233 – All Useless

“Three million? Where’s the remaining four hundred ninety thousand? Where did it go?” My mom received the passbook, and resumed her senior’s authority, and asked me in a scolding tone.

“I spent the remaining four hundred and ninety thousand,” I said. There’s no helping it. Within all my bank accounts, this three million one was the smallest, the remaining ones were all in billions, revealing my cards to my parents was decision that I just made, so I didn’t have time to prepare a bank account with exactly three million four hundred and ninety thousand.

“You spent it all?” My mom got anxious after hearing that. “You spent four hundred something thousand in so few days? You’re too prodigal! My dad and I tiring ourselves out everyday to pay for you school fees were useless, you child, how can you be like that? Starting to be bad after getting money, and that’s not even mentioning you following those rich men to find a mistress…” Saying that, my mom immediately stopped after seeing my darkened expression.

“What are you saying, what mistress did our son find, didn’t you see how cute both Yanyan and Weier are!” My dad said on the side to loosen the tension.

“Dad, mom, I didn’t spend the money recklessly, I just used it to give it to Weier’s dad to get treated, her dad swapping a kidney used two hundred something thousand, with the money to buy cars etc., I really didn’t spend that much, I still have several tens of thousands left on hand,” I shook my head and said.

“Oh!” My mom nodded and said. “I’m just scared that you’re young and spend money recklessly! However, using it to get treated is right, you have to spend money in the right places! Oh yeah, Leilei, mom will keep this three million for you first, ask mom for it when you need it, you have no problems with that right?”

“No problems, mom, take it, you and dad should go around and find a nice apartment to buy, we need to pay rent for this apartment every month, the place isn’t good either,” I continued. “Then buy some good clothes or make-up or something, and buy dad a good watch, then buy a mobile phone…”

“Look, it’s still our son that understands me, my crappy watch, it’s always slow…” Hearing what I said, my dad immediately smiled brightly.

“Go, what are you getting excited for, you can’t spend recklessly even after getting money! Buy what, I still have to save the money for our son to marry a daughter in law!” My mom waved her hand and said.

“Mom, your son, I, already have two wives, you still want more?” I chuckled. “These money is for you and dad to spend as you like. The profits for the second round is about to be given to me soon, there should be ten million or so!” I couldn’t help but say that.

“Ah!” My mom momentarily blanked. “Three million to spend as we like?”

“Yeah, dad, mom, you have tired yourselves for a portion of your lives, and haven’t enjoyed life yet, I don’t believe that your heart isn’t moved by the lives of those millionaires in television!” I beat the iron while it’s hot.

“Since Leilei can earn money, as parents, we should enjoy a bit…” As expected, my dad’s heart was a bit moved.

“Then… Old Lie, let’s go and look at houses tomorrow? They saw buying a house is an investment and real estate will definitely increase in value in the future!” My mom hesitated a bit and said.

“Then the watch…” My dad ask in a testing manner.

“Mom, relax spending it! Your son earned money with his own ability, it wasn’t like he got lucky with the lottery and will run out of money after winning once, I can still earn several tens of three million!” I explained.

“Okay, that’s true. I didn’t change the watch ever since we got married, should I change it as well?” My mom’s heart also moved.

“Dad, mom! Don’t worry and spend it!” I smiled.

Only then did my mom happily put away the passbook, and started praising how she gave birth to a good son, on the other hand, my dad added on the side, “If I weren’t there, how would you have given birth by yourself! It’s all my doing!”

“You unserious old man, what are you saying in front of our son!” My mom snorted.

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“What are you afraid of, your son knows even more than us!” My dad smiled creepily. Then he said quietly to me, “Oh yeah, son, do you still have what you gave me last time?”

“What thing?” I asked weirdly.

“That thing, the thing that you gave me sneakily!” My dad looked suspiciously towards my mom’s direction, fortunately, my mom was still investigating the passbook, and didn’t notice what was going on over here.

“What this and that?” Actually I already know what my dad was talking about, but I pretended like I didn’t know.

“It’s that, the rubber…” My dad said anxiously.

“Oh, condom, say that earlier!” I chuckled. “Didn’t I tell you that there’s more in the drawer!”

My dad jumped up in shock after hearing me say that, then quickly looked towards my mom, only when he noticed that my mom didn’t pay any attention to us, did he say awkwardly, “It’s… It’s all used up!”

I sweat! I sweat! He finished all three or four boxes? How many days have it been? Even stronger than me! I looked a my dad in shock.

“Hai hai! Son, we’re both men, you can understand…” My dad said with a red face.

“I gave you the money already, go and buy it yourself, it’s forty something kuai per box, don’t rip me off anymore!” I chuckled.

“Ah! About this… The money is with your mom… I…” My dad said embarrassedly.

“Never mind,” I shook my head. “I’ll open a separate bank account for you, and save a hundred thousand kuai inside for you. Just treat it as case dough for you to buy some cigarette or alcohol!” I know that although my mom is rich now, she will not allow my dad to spend recklessly.

“That’s great! As expected of my son, you really understand your dad! Haha, haha!” My dad said happily.

“Old Liu! What are you and our son saying to make you so happy?” My mom suddenly asked.

“Nothing, nothing!” My dad jumped up in shock, and quickly said.

Hence, the situation of telling my parents about it all finally ended, but another troublesome thing made me unable to relax, although I wanted to try my best to escape from it, I could always start thinking about it.

I returned to my room, and shut the door. I suddenly had a nostalgic feeling. Ever since He Xiyuan came to my home, I only slept in my room once, and that’s because of Zhao Yanyan and them.

Now, after He Xiyuan has left, there was suddenly one less person in the home, it became rather empty and a bit too quiet.

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This time, her family problems were all solved, she should be able to go to school without worries right? It’s just that when I said my farewells to her, some of the things she said made me unsure of what to do.

She said wait for her in university, what does that mean? Could it be a hint? Perhaps, perhaps not.

But… This girl I had an engagement with, no matter what, she was still going to be tied to me in a way.

I took out the letter Ye Xiaoxiao wrote to me from the pocket of my jacket, and quietly opened it.

The letter paper was the same as the envelope, it was the very fashionable letter paper with pictures and a nice scent, I chuckled a little after seeing that, from the looks of it, Ye Xiaoxiao was still a little girl.

I adjusted my feelings, and started looking at the letter, I saw Ye Xiaoxiao’s pretty handwriting on it, the same one she used when she was teaching us in lessons and written on the board, but it was on a piece of letter paper, there were many places that had marks of being wet, perhaps those are tear drops that flowed when Ye Xiaoxiao wrote the letter.


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