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Chapter 231 – Wait for me at University

“Don’t move! Put your hands up!” The police immediately rushed in and said, while pointing their guns at Guo Qing.

“Where’s Daguo?” An old man, that clearly started off as a farmer, wearing rough clothes, rushed in and said.

“You’re Jia Daguo’s father village chief Jia, right?” I asked.

“That’s me, who are you people, hurry up and let Jia Daguo go!” Village chief Jia said.

“That’s just right, since the police came as well, look at what your son did before deciding whether to let him go or not!” I handed the agreement Jia Daguo signed to village chief Jia.

At this moment, a police got Jia Daguo out from the room, when Jia Daguo saw village chief Jia, he immediately shouted, “Dad, save me!”

Village Chief Jia glared at Jia Daguo, then pointed to the agreement with a pale face and said, “Is everything written here real?”

“Dad… I…” Jia Daguo wanted to deny it, but once he thought about the actions of Guo Qing’s subordinates, he couldn’t help but shudder.

“I’m asking you if it’s real or false!” Village Chief Jia roared.

“Real… It’s real,” Jia Daguo said with his head dipped, “I just wanted to earn some money for the family…”

Village Chief Jia slapped Jia Daguo powerfully as he was angry to the point of shaking, he pointed to Jia Daguo and said, “Didn’t you tell me that He Dali’s contract is up to date? Didn’t you say he tripped and broke his leg himself? I thought all of it was true! Haha! What a joke! How did I raise a son like you!”

“He didn’t sign a contract with the village from the start….” Jia Daguo muttered.

“You… You’re still talking! You lost all of my old face! You were naughty since a young age, but I didn’t think you would turn into a delinquent, a tyrant! Others have told me before, I didn’t believe it and said that you are young, that you’re immature, I didn’t think you actually did this kind of thing beyond low!” Village Chief Jia pointed to Jia Daguo and said, “Since you admitted it, then don’t blame me for not being lied to. Superintendent Zhang, arrest him!”

Superintendent Zhang looked at Village Chief Jia rather troublingly and asked, “Arrest who?”

“Nonsense! Of course it’s arresting Jia Daguo!” Village Chief Jia glared at him and said.

“Then the kidnappers?” Superintendent Zhang asked carefully.

“What kidnappers!” Village Chief Jia said angrily, then he turned around and said to me, “As the chief of a village, I have wronged you! I gave birth to such a dog that bites under the strength of a person! Don’t worry, I will definitely return justice to He Dali. Even if I have to pay from my wallet, I will definitely compensate you with the medical fees! It’s just that I don’t have so much money right now, I’m going to go back and borrow it, then give it to you guys in Yanhe Village in person.”

“Never mind, Village Chief Jia, you don’t have it easy, just leave the medical fees,” I said. From the appearance of Village Chief Jia, he definitely doesn’t know his son’s actions normally.

“How can that be acceptable! I will send this information to the people at the court tomorrow, and get them to sentence him however he should be sentenced, I will definitely give you back justice,” Village Chief shook his head and said.

Just as I thought, Village Chief Jia was a very just village chief, and didn’t know the sins of his son at all, Jia Daguo had always used his father’s name to trick people, and the subordinate of those people would help him hide it. Therefore, causing Jia Daguo to act even more lawlessly.

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After Jia Daguo got arrested, a lot of the cases he was involved in were brought out as well. ****, robbery, heavily wounding three people until they were disabled, one murder, and illegally occupying national property were just some of the crimes he was sentenced in, in the end, he was sentenced to death, and it would be put to action immediately.

Towards his crime, Jia Daguo couldn’t reject it at all. Jia Daguo’s comrades were also sentenced to different levels of rime. The fruit garden was also returned to He Dali’s family.

Village Chief Jia sat on the audience seat beside us, he didn’t speak a single word the entire time. When he heard that Jia Daguo was sentenced to death, h seemed like he aged a lot. However, he didn’t say anything at all, he merely stood up silently and walked out of the court. Perhaps he didn’t want to see his own son getting brought away by the bailiffs.

After it, Uncle He thanked me a lot, but I merely waved my hand and said, “If you’re going to thank anyone, then thank Village Chief Jia, he is a good official.” Then I told Uncle He that if Village Chief Jia brings money over, then don’t accept it. He is just someone taking a salary, this money was an astronomical number to him.

Right before I left, as He Xiyuan parted with me reluctantly, I said to her, “Xiyuan, study well, don’t think about other things, tell Liu-dage if the money’s not enough, Liu-dage will pay for you university.”

“Liu-dage, what university are you going to apply to?” He Xiyuan thought about it and asked.

“Huaxia University,” I said.

He Xiyuan nodded after hearing it, and said to me, “Liu-dage, then wait for me at Huaxia University, when the time comes, I’ll make you lose money again!”

“No worries, I’ll be happy if both you and your didi get into Huaxia University!” I said with a smile.

On the way back, none of us said anything. The atmosphere in the car was very tens, since we had just witnessed someone his death sentence. Although that person deserved it, but seeing a living person meet his end, nobody would feel good, especially it’s people like my parents that don’t have much exposure to the world.

After I got home, I took a shower, and found my parents sitting in the living room waiting for me, they were acting just like the first time they found Zhao Yanyan’s bra. It’s just that their expression this time were calmer. I couldn’t help but sigh, ever since I was reborn, my life received tremendous changes. It’s about time to tell my parents about all this.

Before getting reborn, I didn’t have the ability to change this family, but after getting reborn, I had an advantage that others didn’t have! I could completely change the current situation, and the current way of life! I can let my parents enjoy their lives! They would not have to work hard and tire themselves out for a little bit of damn salary! I can let them jump out of the plain living circle of the poor, they can enjoy themselves at home without doing anything, or go and travel, I just want them to live happier! The key thing was that how I was supposed to tell them about me earning money, and make them believe it. If I tell them that I already have tens of billions of US dollar, they might faint on spot. If I tell them that I am the mastermind behind Shuguang Corporation, I think my parents wouldn’t believe it and would treat me as a lunatic. Therefore, I couldn’t help but make a white lie, and hide the truth about exactly how much money I have.

“Dad, mom, you must be very surprise, how did your son turn from a student into a rich person right?” I wiped away the water on my head and sat down on another sofa in the living room.

My parents looked at each other, and shook their heads, this really shock the two way too much!

“Dad, mom, I have to talk about this from the start, do you remember that National Youth Computing Competition? I thought about it and said.

“Yeah, didn’t you get first place in it?” My dad nodded. Although he didn’t understand the link between getting a prize and earning money, he still listened on quietly.


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