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Chapter 225 – Heroes Comes from Youth since Ancient Times

“How did you come?” My dad suddenly thought of the most important problem, when he came, the taxi he was on stopped going inside after reading the village road in front of Yanhe village. Just when he was in helplessness, he suddenly found a villager herding a mule cart, and it was rather coincidental, that villager was from Yanhe Village as well, hearing that my dad was He Dali’s friend, he let him hitch a ride. Yet, we pretty much came right after him, so it was unavoidable for him to find it a bit weird.

“Dad, I drove them here,” I said honestly.

“Drove? What drove?” My dad didn’t quite understand my meaning.

“Dad, sorry,” I said apologetically. “I hid some thing from you and mom before, but I didn’t have bad intentions, I was just afraid that there are some things that you guys would find hard to accept.”

“What? Son, you don’t have a fever right?” My dad said in confusion.

“Dad, actually I earned quit earned quite a bit of money in this past half a year, but I didn’t tell you and mom, I was afraid you guys couldn’t accept it after hearing that,” I explained.

“What do you mean you earned a lot of money? What did you do to earn so much money?” My dad asked.

“Dad, it’s heard to explain in such a short time, basically your son, I, is very rich now, and is very powerful, just leave Uncle He’s thing for me to deal with,” Seeing that an outsider was here, I didn’t find it right to say too much. It would be weird if they don’t treat me as mentally ill if I tell them that I already have more than a billion US dollars.

“Son, you’re not sick right? Did you watch too many TV shows? Even your Uncle He and I can’t deal with this, what can I child like you do?” My dad said while looking at me strangely.

“Ganba, everything Liu-dage said is real!” Seeing that my dad didn’t believe me, He Xiyuan quickly said. “Liu-dage is amazing, he even knows the police chiefs in the city!”

My dad looked at me in disbelief, it was possible for one person to have gone crazy, but He Xiyuan couldn’t have went crazy with him, it seems like this is most likely real, however, he still didn’t quite believe it and said, “Son, how old are you, where did your money come from? You can’t have done illegal things like Jia Daguo right?”

“Dad, don’t worry, all my money came from legal means! What’s more, you’re not the village chief, who can protect me if I did illegal things!” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Didn’t Xiyuan say you know the police chief?” My dad said with a bit of worry.

“It’s because I know the police chief that I can’t do illegal tings, if I did, wouldn’t he be the first one that arrests me!” I said.

“You really didn’t?” My dad still didn’t believe me.

“Dad, do you actually believe your son or not!” I could only goad him without any other choice. Or else I don’t know how long I have to explain this.

As expected, the moment I said this, my dad immediately went silence, then looked at me for quite a while, then finally said, “How much did you earn?”

“Several hundred thousand,” I randomly said a number. Money was just a number to me, there wasn’t much difference between several hundred thousand and several hundred million, several hundred thousand was enough to let our family live a very good life, so I didn’t have to say a terrifying number that would cause my dad to have a heart attack.

“Several… Several hundred thousand?” My dad exclaimed. Even Uncle He, who was lying on the bed went “ah”. Several hundred thousand was an astronomical number to a normal family in 1995, in Songjiang city, two or three thousand kuai was enough to buy a very good heated apartment!

“I’m not sure exactly how much, since my money was a percentage of the profit,” I said. I couldn’t be too firm with the number, if my dad notice that the money I bring home is over several hundred thousand, I can still explain that it’s new dividends.

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“Percentage?” This was the first time my dad has heard of earning money like this, from his perspective, earning money was a one time thing.

“Yes, I made a software with a computer, and cooperated with a computer company, my money is all earned that way!” I nodded and said.

“Alright! You must tell me exactly what this thing is about after we get home!” My dad stopped worrying a bit after hearing that I earned money using high-tech things, and didn’t do anything illegal.

I sighed, my dad’s thinking was truly too simple, he is just someone that deals with technology, and haven’t seen a lot of money, seeing that he is shocked like this with several hundred thousand, I can see how hard a process it will be if I have to tell him everything later!

“Alright, dad, then just leave Uncle He’s family’s issue for me to deal with, I promise I’ll get Jia Daguo to give us an explanation,” I said.

“Son, don’t do something over the lane!” My dad said worriedly.

“Dad, just don’t worry, I have some relationships in Songjiang city’s higher-ups, if I get them to pressure the country, this thing will be easy to deal with!” I said perfunctorily. As for my true plan, I definitely can’t say it, or else my dad will not be able to accept it.

“Old Liu, it seem like your son is better than you! You should really change your stubborn personality as well! I was the same as you back in the days, I was a direct person, and didn’t know how to flatter and appease people, so I got pulled down from the position of the village chief, I didn’t think much of it at the time, I never would have thought that I would meet trouble everywhere later, and even got such an issue just when I want to make a fruit garden. Now that I think about it, what am I pissed off with Jia Daguo for, I got my money back, just treat it as having worked for naught, and I still wanted to argue with him, how can you speak logic to rascals, I’m childish! Childish!” Uncle He sighed and said. “Old Liu, your son is truly talented! He’s able to earn money at such a young age, he earned several hundred thousand in half a year, and most hilariously, I am still not giving up for several thousand kuai! Ai, we’re old, it’s not our time!”

“Old Liu, don’t speak like that, he’s just a child, don’t listen to him bullshit, he doesn’t even know how much he earned, who knows if it’s real or fake,” My dad still didn’t believe I earned several hundred thousand, he does believe that I earned money, but he thought I was exaggerating when I said several hundred thousand.

“Hehe, heroes come from youths since ancient times, this was truly right! Old Liu, you gave birth to a good son, unlike me, I gave birth to a disappointing little chick, causing trouble everywhere for me! She insist on going out to work at such a young age, in the end she didn’t understand anything and met bad people! Xiao Xi already called me and said that if it wasn’t Liu Lei helping out that time, Xiao Xi might have already…” Uncle He said.

“Old He, what are you mentioning this for, don’t you still have a young son! Your girl is also so cute, both your dimei and I are so jealous!” My dad waved his hand and said.

Uncle He looked at me and said with a smile to my dad, “Old Liu, you really don’t know you’re in happiness, isn’t a daughter just a loss, she’s raised for someone else! When she marries out, we still have to give dowry…”


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