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Chapter 226 – The Agreement Back Then

Saying that, Uncle He stopped again, looked at me for a bit, then said to my dad, “Liu-laodi, do you still remember that summer night, under the old Chinese scholar tree, the promise we made…”

The moment Uncle He said this, my dad momentarily blanked, then immediately thought back to the promise of having their male and female children getting married! If it was half a year ago, my dad might have agreed with it without any hesitation. Yet, right now, his own son already have two wives, He Xiyuan also know this, if he agreed, isn’t that just troubling their daughter! Thus he showed an expression of awkwardness, agreeing with it wasn’t good, refusing wasn’t either.

Seeing my dad like that, his expression darkened and said with a hint of self-mockery, “Little bro Liu, I’m just casually mentioning it since the topic is here, don’t pay too much attention to it! I also know that my family’s environment is extremely different from your family, letting Xiao Xi marry Liu Lei is truly wronging him a little, ai, it’s all my fault, pretend like I didn’t say anything, didn’t say anything!”

Hearing that, He Xiyuan’s expression was also full of shock! This was probably the first time she has heard that she actually has an engagement, but after the shock, she said shyly with a blush, “Dad, what are you saying!” Then she ran off.

“Old He, the situation isn’t like that, it’s all because of my disappointing pervert son, he’s so young, yet he already found two girlfriends! It really pisses me off! Those two girls are dutiful people, I don’t feel right to separate them… Old He, don’t have such a shocked expression, you didn’t hear it wrong, he found two girlfriends at the same time! Brat, what are you blanking out for, is what I’m saying correct!” My dad slapped the back of my head and said.

I could only nod awkwardly, my dad was too unparticular, he actually revealed my secret to outsiders!

Uncle He blanked quite a while after hearing that, then after a while, he understood. The expression on his face was rather troubled, their son is handsome, and rich, from Old Liu’s words, although he was complaining about his son making two girlfriends, his expression didn’t have any hint of blaming him, he (Old Liu) was clearly very satisfied with the two girls. When he (Uncle He) remembered that the two girls are from the city, their family background would definitely wasn’t terrible!

What does his family count as, they merely had walls on all fourth sides of the house, even his money to get treated was borrowed from the other villagers, if he forcefully pushed Xiao Xi to them, isn’t that giving them someone to hold them back!

If they accept Xiao Xi, they naturally have to support his (Old He’s) entire family, isn’t that causing trouble then! It was better to extinguish that thought quickly.

Hearing Old Liu’s meaning was to not to mention this again, or else since Liu Lei already have two girlfriends, would one more matter! Thus he said, “Old Liu, don’t worry, I understand!”

Seeing Uncle He’s sour expression, how could I not know what he was thinking! He was definitely hurt by my dad’s dumb words!

Thus, I quickly said, “Uncle He, I completely did not know that I have such an engagement on me! Yet, it’s like this already, I have two girlfriends that deeply love me, I can’t toss them away to marry He Xiyuan, if I was really so irresponsible, I think you wouldn’t marry Xiyuan to me either!”

What I said was the truth, even thought I was someone that has been reborn, I didn’t know that I have an engagement, because in my previous life, He Xiyuan was still unknown and had never appeared.

Saying that, I noticed Uncle He’s expression relaxing a little, therefore I continued, “Furthermore, I already have two girlfriends, although this sounds very outrageous, it is the truth, I think you don’t want He Xiyuan to come and be my third wife right? What’s more, what era is this, this sort of outdated arranged marriage is not talked about anymore, it’s all about free love right now, He Xiyuan and I have no relationship basis, if you make her follow me, I have no issues with it, since I gained a lot with such a huge beauty, but isn’t that troubling Xiyuan!”

Hearing that, Uncle He’s face revealed a smile, but he started liking this boy even more, seeing his humble look, he likes him no matter how he looks, if it wasn’t for his “trouble XIyuan”, he (Uncle He) might really have the thought of push Xiao Xi over to be his third wife.

However, this was only momentary, thinking about it was already funny, if he really did that, there would definitely be someone standing out and criticizing him for coveting the riches of other and sending his daughter to them to be their mistress… it should be second mistress!

“Uncle He, since Xiao Xi has already recognized my parents as ganba and ganma, then I should also admit Uncle He and Auntie as ganba and ganma!” Seeing Uncle He’s mood improved, I let out a sigh of relief and raised my own idea, “You are jealous of my dad having a son like me right, this way, I’ll be your son as well! Although I can’t be your son-in-law, but gan-erzi is so much closer than son-in-law!”

When I said this, both Uncle He and my dad momentarily blanked, unsure of what I was thinking. However, my dad immediately understood afterwards, he had just put Old He in a bad spot, after his own son does this, everything is made up!

Thus he said happily, “Yeah, Old He! Liu Lei is right, a son-in-law is only half a son, yet this makes Liu Lei a whole son for you! Xiyuan already admitted me as her ganba, I also prepared to get Liu Lei to admit you guys as his gan-parents, I didn’t think that this kid would raise it first!”

Hearing that I suddenly wanted to admit him as my gan-parent, Uncle He didn’t really know what to do!

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It was natural for Xiao Xi to admit them as her gan-parents, their family condition is better than her own for who knows how many times, this would allow them to care for Xiao Xi a little in the future!

Yet their son is so talented, what good would it be for him to admit him, an old man with two crippled legs, as a gan-parent! However, if he doesn’t agree, he’d appear hypocritical, as if he was getting full of himself, if he agreed, them it would be like he covet their riches.

Seeing Uncle He being so hesitant, I beat the iron while it’s hot and said, “Uncle He can’t still be angry with me about Xiyuan’s marriage right?”

“How could I! I can’t even be happy in time! Randomly getting such an excellent son, how could I not be happy!” Uncle He said.

“Ganba! Please accept the son’s prostrate!’ With that, I kneeled onto the floor, and kowtowed.

“Aiya, what is this! Get up quickly, get up quickly, the floor’s dirty! Look, my leg doesn’t allow me to get off bed, Old Liu, quickly make him get up!” Uncle He hurriedly say.

I answered, and then stood up. The three of us were in a harmonious atmosphere, and temporarily forgot about all unhappy things.


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