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Chapter 224 – He Xiyuan’s Home

When we drove a bit further, even the dirt roads were gone, I really don’t know how much did my dad pay that driver when he called a cab, the driver was actually willing to run on these sort of road.

Under He Xiyuan’s guidance, we went around twist and turns. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would not believe that there were such backward villages around the prosperous Songjiang city!

We finally arrived at Yanhe Village at noon. When we entered the village, we catch the attention of the villagers, this was the first time three cars arrived in the village at the same time! The villagers were all very surprise, what day was today, a small car had just arrived, and now there are three more.

After we entered the village, we couldn’t drive any further, since it was a meter wide dirt tracks everywhere, the cars couldn’t fit, and there were also a lot of ducks, geese etc. running around on it. So, we could only stop the car at the village entrance.

“Yi? Isn’t that Old He’s family’s chick?” A village in plain clothes pointed at us and said.

“Oh yeah! The person just now came for Old He’s home, did Old He’s home get some kind of awesome relative?” A villager with a hoe said.

“That might be it! It seems like Old He’s family is saved, look at these people’s cars, we can’t afford it even in several lifetimes! The plain clothed villager said.

“Don’t just say stuff! Be careful of the village chief hearing you!” The villager with a hoe reminded.

The plain clothed villager immediately shut up upon hearing that, and didn’t’ say anymore.

I ignored them as well, and hurried in the direction of He Xiyuan’s home behind her.

He Xiyuan’s home was that kind of mud house built with yellow mud, the roof of the house was built with a mixture of plastic, PP bags and a bit of straw, it wasn’t even tiles!

When we got to their home, He Xiyuan immediately ran into the yard. In the yard, a middle-aged woman washing vegetables raised her head, seeing He Xiyuan, she immediately put down the work in her hands and stood up, and said in a rather worked up manner, “Xiao Xi, you came back?”

“Mom! Is Uncle Liu here?” He Xiyuan didn’t bother to greet, and asked anxiously.

“He came, he came! Your Uncle Liu is chatting with your daddy in the house, I’m making a few dishes, it’s been a good number of years since your daddy has been so happy!” The middle-aged woman said both happily and sadly.

Hearing that, my worried help finally relaxed, it seems like my dad didn’t have enough time to go and argue with Jia Daguo! I checked out the middle-aged woman, she faintly had He Xiyuan’s appearance, but was unusually old! Her yellow and thin face was filled with wrinkles, if I estimated form He Xiyuan’s age, this woman wouldn’t even be forty, but from the look of it, she looked at least fifty something! You can imagine, He Xiyuan’s mother have aged beyond imagination under the defilement of time, perhaps she was already worried sick just from the thing about the fruit garden on the mountain.

“Aiya! I was too busy chatting with the chick Xiao Xi, I forgot that we have guests behind her! This one is dimei right!” The middle-aged woman said passionately to my mom. “Come in quickly, Xiao Xi, go and brew tea for our guests!”

“No need! Since you call me dimei, then I’ll call you saozi, why act so courteous if we’re a family!” My mom held the middle-aged woman’s hands and said worriedly. They are both women in the same age range, yet my mom was kept like a young wife, while He Xiyuan’s mother looked two generations apart from my mother!

Actually during this time my previous life, after my dad was laid off, wasn’t my mom like this, and carried the burden of the whole family by herself, causing her to age quickly as she worried with her heart! In a short year, she seemed like she aged ten years, and gained a lot of wrinkles, she even had white hair! However, the only thing different is that I was reborn! I won’t let history repeat itself, and after this, I plan to reveal some cards to my parents, so they can live a comfortable life, in order to fulfill my filial piety!

After entering the house, I found my dad sitting by the fire, chatting with a man lying on the bed with casts on both his legs, seeing that I entered, he first blanked, then immediately scolded, “Why did you come? Who let you come? Did your mom tell you? Where’s your mom?”

“Dad, my mom is chatting with Auntie He at the entrance!” I said. “We came to advise you not to be impulsive!”

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“What impulsive or not, tell your mom to come in and quickly bring you home, this is adult matters, do you think it’s children playing house!” My dad said angrily.

“Uncle, don’t be angry, I brought Liu-dage hre!” Seeing that my dad was angry, she quickly helped me out.

“Never mind, since you came, then stay here for a meal, you and your mom bring Xiyuan home first thing tomorrow, your Uncle He and I are going to report it to the country government tomorrow!” My dad waved his hand and said.

“Dad, even you just go to the country government, they might not receive you! What’s more, this Jia Daguo does have some background here, if you can sue him, they would have sued him ags ago!” I said.

“Why wouldn’t they receive me? If they don’t then I’ll jump off a building! I’ll see if they receive me now!” My dad said stubbornly.

“Dad, if you go and jump off a building, then everything changed, when the time comes, not only did you not manage to report it, if you get detained due to disrupting public order, then it really won’t be worth it!” Originally you are on the side of logic when you are going to report it, but if you go jump off a building to threaten the governmental bodies, then that’s really illogical.

“Disrupt public order? Detain me? They don’t go to detain Jia Daguo, yet they will detail me?” My dad asked in disbelief.

“They didn’t see what Jia Daguo did, but if you go jump off the building at the county government, everyone would see that!” I shook my head, my dad normally just knows about technological stuff in the factory, he really knows about the society.

Hearing me say that, my dad couldn’t help but fall into deep thoughts. Uncle He lying on the bed also advised after hearing that, “ Yeah, Old Liu! If we can sue him, I would have succeeded ages ago! Don’t mention about the court being biased, we don’t have any evidence at all, suing him is really too hard! It’s all my fault for having such little knowledge of the law at the start, and didn’t sign any contracts with the village!”

“Then your two legs were broken for nothing? You still have to get some sort of answer right?” My dad said angrily.

“Get an answer? From who? I don’t know any of the people that hit me, that brat Jia Daguo didn’t show up at all! Although my heart knew as clear as glass that Jia Daguo found those people, but what can you do if he doesn’t admit it?” Uncle He shook his head and said.

I couldn’t help but nod silently, Uncle He was right, there was no evidence for this at all, with the added fact of the officials covering for each other in this sort of rural area, they wouldn’t even find enough time to appease Village Chef Jia, even if we reported it to the police, no one would investigate. So, in order to deal with people like Jia Daguo, since you can’t do it by the books, then you have to do something in the dark. That’s also the reason why I got Guo Qing here. Although I could use my contacts at the government to deal with him, investigating and getting evidence was a very complicated process, and would take a long time, it would be easier and cleaner to fight evil with evil.


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