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Chapter 223 – My Mom is Suspicious of Me

I knew my mom would ask this, but I couldn’t spend too much time explaining now, thus I just said, “Mom, let’s talk about my thing later!”

My mom nodded, and got onto the car with He Xiyuan. He Xiyuan sat on the shotgun, and gave us the directions. I waved my hand and chuckled to Guo Qing, “Follow me, make sure the truck there stays further away!”

Doing that was so that my mom wouldn’t get suspicious, if she sees me leading a large mob going there, it would be weird if she doesn’t freak out! After getting on, I didn’t allow for any other delays, and directly went onto the high way out of town.

“Leilei, are you hiding something from mom!” After a long while did my mom calm back from her shock.

“Mom, I do have some things hiding from you and dad, but don’t worry, I definitely didn’t do anything illegal, and will definitely not do anything that will wrong the society or the country!” I thought about it and said. “However, there are some things that can’t be explained easily, after this is over, I’ll find a chance to tell you and dad!”

“This car is yours?” My mom was still in disbelief, there were still very little people with cars in 1995, ignoring private cars, even people that have sat in little cars were little, examples would be like my mom, who has never sat in a private car even though she’s so old. This was the first time she sat in a small car, and was a bit curious.

“You can say it’s mine, after a few days, I’m going to buy one that’s a little better, you and dad can drive this,” I said.

“What? Buy a better one? This car is still not good? Don’t spend that pointless money, your dad and I can’t afford this high class thing, we might break it!” Although my mom said that, her eyes didn’t hide her excitement.

“Hehe, this car is only a hundred and thirty thousand something, just throw it away if you break it,” I said with a smile.

“Leilei, what did you say?! A hundred and thirty thousand! Your dad and I will never earn a hundred and thirty thousand in a lifetime! Alright now, don’t give it to me, our family can compensate it if we break it,”

“Our family? Mom, this car belongs to your son, if you break it, we’ll just buy a new one, compensate for what!” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Leilei, mom still doesn’t quite believe it, you’re just a student, how can you afford such an expensive car?” My mom was still a bit suspicious.

“Mom, didn’t I say it already, I didn’t do any illegal things, the money I bought the car with was earned properly!” I said.

“Leilei, stop scaring mom, you earned these a hundred something thousand kuai by yourself? Even if you earned money, it’s a few hundred kuai top, can it be any more than your dad?” I asked.

“Mom, basically your son, I, is very rich now, and it was all earned through proper means, I’ll explain it clearly to your when the time comes, don’t worry!” I said.

“Yeah! Liu-dage is a good person, he is so familiar with the police chief, how could he be bad!” He Xiyuan suddenly interrupted.

“Police chief?” My mom momentarily blanked, then asked. “

“Mom, I know a few other people more important than him as well, we’ll talk about that later,” I said perfunctorily.

“That’s good, but Leilei, since you know the police chief, then why didn’t you report it to the police, wouldn’t it be fine if you get him to arrest that Jia Daguo?” My mom said.

“Mom, you’re so old now, don’t you understand, the police needs evidence to do things as well, right now the thing with He Xiyuan’s family clearly lack evidence, are you telling the police to arrest him without any charges? What’s more, they do have some power in the village, if you arrest him today, they’ll release him the next day due to the lack of evidence, when that time comes and he tries and get even, the one screwed would still be He Xiyuan’s family!” I explained.

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“Why didn’t I think of this! Son, you really grew up!” My mom exclaimed. “However, did you think of how to deal with it?”

“Mom, don’t get scared after I say it, and don’t stop me, I know what I’m doing!” I hesitated, and still decided to tell the truth. Since she would know sooner or later, I might as well tell her the whole plan, thus I said. “Mom, I plan to fight poison with poison!”

“Poison with poison? What are you saying? Leilei, did you watch too many TV shows, He Xiyuan said it, that Jia Daguo and the local rascals are in cohorts,

“Rascals?” I smiled without care. “I’ll show him, in front of absolute strength, rascals are just a group of trash. “I pointed at the two cars in the reversing mirror. “Mom, do you see the cars at the back?”

“The two cars at the back? Now that you say it, I realized, I found it weird just now, the two cars had kept following us ever since we left our home, what are they doing?” My mom asked weirdly. At the entrance of our home just now, my mom had already saw the two trucks, although I told Guo Qing to stay a bit further away already, but it was still very obvious.

“Hehe, they’re the helpers your son found,” I said my mom’s confused look and said first. “Mom, don’t worry, I know you’re very confused, I’ll tell you all these stuff later! I can clearly tell you right now, your son didn’t do any illegal things or things that have wronged society!”

My mom nodded, she understood well that her son couldn’t have done any illegal things, if he really did anything illegal, he wouldn’t even avoid the cops in time, how could he still know the police chief? Thinking that, she understood quite a bit, it seems like her son might actually perfectly deal with He Xiyuan’s family’s issue!

After driving for several hundred more meters, I saw Guo Qing’s Buick and the truck stop by the side of the road not far away, waiting for me. After I surpassed them, I pressed the car horn twice, and they immediately followed.

The further we got, the harder the road was to drive on. After we left the highway, it was just dirt roads filled with holes, it was fortunate that I was planning to discard my Jetta, I didn’t mind even if the bottom was scratched.

Yet Guo Qing’s heart was aching at the back, he got this Buick from Yu Wenfeng, and it has just ben driven for several thousand kilometers, it was essentially a new car, looking at the dir and mud outside hitting the car window, Guo Qing complained in his heart, if he knew this earlier, he wouldn’t have acted awesome in front of boss, might as well drive a ****** van. When Guo Qing was still in the market area, he bought a rundown second-handed Jinbei van with only a thousand something kuai. You could still drive it, yet ever since Guo Qing started driving the Buick, he gave that Jinbei to his lackeys that asked for protection fees.

As for the truck behind, it was infinitely awesome, no matter dirt road or roads with holes, it was still driving without any issues.


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