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Chapter 216 – Meeting the Superstar Again

After Xiao Wei was defeated, the entire ground was filled with uproar. Nobody thought of this result, Xiao Wei was someone like a legend in people’s minds, and now that they have defeated, it was impossible for this result to not surprise people! However, the gaze that those bodyguards looked at me with also gradually changed! And became admiration and worship!

In their eyes, the powerful trumps all! As long as you are powerful, they will worship you like a god!

Chen Jundong walked over in embarassment, and took out that cheque from his pocket, and said with a terrible expression, “Mr. Liu, I’m really sorry, no one managed to meet your request, I meet our business isn’t going to be successful. I’ll return this cheque to you.”

“No, this Mr. Xiao Wei is not bad. I remember he’s your company’s ace right, there’s his picture on the advertisement board at the entrance, I just wonder if Supervisor Chen is willing to let him go?” I pushed the cheque back to Chen Jundong.

Chen Jundong said with a troubled expression, “About this…”

Before Chen Jundong finished, Manager Wang came over with Su Yingzi and Su Yuanchao.

“Supervisor Chen, he is a new bodyguard in the company right?” Manager Wang pointed to me and asked.

“Bodyguard?” Chen Jundong momentarily, then immediately understood, it seems like Manager Wang has been mistaken and treated him as a bodyguard at the company. Just as he was about to explain, he saw me signaling at him with my eyes.

Ever that incident, I had faintly heard about Huang Youwei preparing to make a move on Su Yingzi, I really regret I didn’t beat him until he’s retarded or unable to handle himself!

It seems like there aren’t some really strong characters in the bodyguards of the company, or else nothing would have happened last time. I didn’t want to care about these stuff, but when I just heard that Su Yingzi treated me as a bodyguard, my heart moved, pretending to be a bodyguard is actually something rather interesting, most importantly, Su Yingzi has been touched by me already, I did have some good feelings towards her, might as well help her again.

I smiled and said, “Yes, I just transferred over from another security company.”

“Oh, that’s great! This is Su’s Corporation’s chairman, Mr. Su Yuanchao! He’s an old customer of our company, I believe I don’t need to introduce the one beside him, it’s the famous superstar, Miss Su Yingzi!” Hearing me say that, Manager Wang said happily.

“Hello, Mr. Su. I’m called Liu Lei,” I reached out my hand. Su Yuanchao hesitated, but out of politeness, he still shook hands with me. I could tell that he was very unwilling, but I didn’t mind, Su Yuanchao’s Su’s Corporation is also one of the largest consortiums within the country, as the chairman of the corporation, Su Yuanchao’s identity is beyond important, he naturally had no interest to shake hands with a “little bodyguard” like me. Actually a lot of the times, people are like this, especially some rich people, if Su Yuanchao knew my real identity, I think he might very well take the initiative to shake has with me.

Su Yingzi did friendlily reached out her hands and shook hands with me.

Su Yingzi’s smooth hands were grasped in my hand, and gave me a strange feeling, making me not want to let go. Only when Su Yingzi let released her grasp, I subconsciously realized my misconduct, and quickly released the hand holding hers, then smiled awkwardly, and bullshitted, “Sorry, I’m also Miss Su’s fan, this is the first time I came into such close contact with Miss Su, it really makes me hard to act normal.”

Su Yingzi blushed, yet her expression was full of confusion. This person has never even heard her songs, how did he turn into her fan?! And such close contact! The contact last time was even closer than this, the only thing left was that sort of relationship, and he still dares to say the first time? Su Yingzi didn’t believe that two people in the world would look exactly the same, the only explanation was that this person was blatantly lying with his eyes open, and didn’t want to talk about their relationship.

“It’s like this, Miss Su wants to hire you as his personal bodyguard, do you have any problems with that?” Manager Wang said to me.

“No, I just want to know, how is the wage this time?” I shook my head and said.

“Wage?” Manager Wang was confused, this was the first time he met a bodyguard like me that went straight to the wage! However, seeing that I could even defeat Xiao Wei, and didn’t know my backgrounds, he didn’t dare to state a price himself.

“Hehe, the wage isn’t an issue, I wonder how much does Mr. Liu wants?” Although Su Yuanchao said it rather elegantly, his eyes were full of contempt, he definitely treated me as those kind of people that would be fine as long as there was money.

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“A hundred thousand,” I named a price, to be honest, this money was nothing to me, it’s not even as much as how much Shuguang Corporation earns each second, however if I named the price too low, it would seem like I didn’t have much ability.

“A hundred thousand? Hehe!” Su Yuanchao smiled. “A hundred thousand kuai a month, I, Su Yuanchao, can still afford you!”

“Mr. Su, I’m talking about a hundred thousand a week!” I shook my head and said.

“A week! Heh! You’re joking right! A little bodyguard dares to say such things! A hundred thousand per week? I think you are just desperate for money! Even the best bodyguards in the world don’t need this price!” Su Yuanchao said angrily.

Seeing that Su Yuanchao was angry, Chen Jundong kept on signaling me on the side, hinting at me to not piss of his god of fortune. However, I pretended like I didn’t see it, “You can decide if you use me or not, the price is this price!”

“Dad, four hundred thousand, then four hundred thousand!” Su Yingzi said. From her perspective, the price of four hundred thousand was very low already.

“Heh! Alright, This money isn’t much to me, Su Yuanchao! However, brat, this one will advise you on something, don’t be too greedy as a person!” Su Yuanchao calmed down a little and said.

“I didn’t finish yet, when you hire me, you must also hire my assistance,” I said.

“What!? Your assistant? Who’s your assistant?” Su Yuanchao said impatiently. “If you have anything, then say it all at once, this one have no time to waste my breath with you!”

“Dad!” Su Yingzi frowned and said in a spoiled manner. If she wasn’t scared of embarrassing herself, she really would tell her father here and now that this person was the one that saved her that day/

“My assistant is Xiao Wei, is wage is the same as mine,” I said expressionlessly. This Su Yuanchao made me disgusted at each glance, he just acted like he was some sort of millionaire, if it wasn’t because he is Su Yingzi’s father, I would have ignored him already.

“What did you say! Brat, you dare to haggle the price with me?” Su Yuanchao said with a cold expression.

Why did this sentence sound so familiar? It seems like Zhao Junsheng has said it back then as well.

Everyone was confused, even Chen Jundong also had a face of confusion, when did Xiao Wei turn into his assistant?

Then they heard Xiao Wei, who was sitting on the floor, said slowly, “Mr. Liu, I know you’re doing this for my good, but my price is not that high! What’s more, Mr. Liu, you are stronger than me, being your assistant, I’m completely willing, I don’t mind even if there was no wage.”


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