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Chapter 217 – You also know Footy

The moment Xiao Wei said this, everyone momentarily blanked! Was this still the prideful Xiao Wei! Yet, you have to know, martial artists are all like this, when they meet someone stronger than them, they would naturally have a feeling to submit, and hope to train with masters. Xiao Wei had that feeling right now, seeing that the person in front of him was stronger than him not by one time, but even five or ten times, Xiao Wei had the intention of learning from him, before he even said anything, the other person already expressed his will for him (Xiao Wei) to be his assistant, how could he not be happy!

“I will only say the condition once, you decide if it’s alright or not!” I ignored Su Yuanchao completely and said by myself.

“You!” Su Yuanchao said angrily and said to Manager Wang with a dark face. “I only want Xiao Wei, let this person go back to wherever he came from!”

Before Manager Wang could reply, Xiao Wei said, “I thank Mr. Su for appreciating me, but this lowly one is only Mr. Liu’s assistant, I don’t take solo missions!”

Su Yuanchao’s lungs were about to explode in anger after haring that! What kind of people are in this security company! Each one of them have terrible attitudes, he hasn’t even brought them home yet, if he did, wouldn’t they all turn into masters!

Seeing that the situation was bad and that her father was definitely get completely pissed off, Su Yingzi quickly whispered to her father, “You are pissing off all the bodyguards, then daughter can only wait for her death!”

“Heh!” Su Yuanchao snorted coldly, and said with a slightly more relaxed expression to Manager Wang, “Go and draft up a contract, I’ll just sign it!: With that, he turned and walked out of the training grounds, and Manager Wang quickly followed behind.

“Sorry, my father is just like that…” Su Yingzi blushed and said quietly.

I shook my head without care. Since I was pretending to be a bodyguard, I have to get into character and no need to get angry with an old stubborn man like Su Yuanchao.

Only after seeing that I wasn’t angry, Su Yingzi quickly ran out and followed her father.

“Are you alright?” When they left, I said to Xiao Wei, who was sitting and resting on the ground.

Xiao Wei shook his head slowly after hearing that.

Suddenly, I was surprised, since Xiao Wei was healing himself with qigong! You have to know, in this current era, these sort of ancient martial arts have been lost, yet Xiao Wei was healing himself with qigong! This wasn’t the main thing though, what was most weird was the way Xiao Wei healed himself with qigong, it was actually surprisingly similar to the method Footy taught me! It’s just that Xiao Wei’s method didn’t have the support of superpowers, and so was pretty mediocre.

“Who did you learn this healing method from?” I asked in surprise.

Xiao Wei momentarily blanked, and immediately opened his eyes. Only hen did he realize that he shouldn’t have revealed is secrets in front of people. Ever since that time, Xiao Wei has almost never gotten angry, so he didn’t use this kind of healing method afterwards, after getting hurt this time, he subconsciously used it, and only after getting reminded by me, he noticed that his healing method should have been kept secret!

Seeing Xiao Wei’s troubled expression, I guessed the majority of the reason, the person that taught him this must have made him keep it secret! However my instincts told me that this person must have some sort of relationship with Footy or people around him!

Thinking that, I didn’t say anything, and just put my right hand on Xiao Wei’s shoulder and sent a wave of energy into his body.

Xiao Wei felt a warmth flow through his body, it felt as if he was healing using qigong, it’s just that it was many time stronger than his own!

When Xiao Wei recovered from his shock, I already removed my hand.

“Why… Why do you know?”

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I didn’t say anything, and only nodded at him with a smile.

“Impossible, how is that possible!” Xiao Wei shook his head in disbelief. At this moment, his whole body was filled with energy, and did not had any feeling of getting hurt at all! This feeling was just like last time! However, that person had clearly said to him that in this world, only that person had this ability! Yet, right now, the young man in front of him actually had the same ability!

“You know Footy?” I saw the confusion in his heart, and asked with a frown.

“Footy?” Xiao Wei clearly blanked, then opened his mouth and said in shock. “You’re talking about Master Daoist Jiaoyazi ? You know him? Where is he? Is he alright?”

“How am I supposed to answer so many of your questions at once? At least you should first tell me, how did you get to know Footy, he taught you this healing method right?” I waved my hand and asked.

Xiao Wei hesitated a bit, then finally nodded and said, “Yes… It’s like this…”

Xiao Wei thought back to three years ago, back to that mission in Africa…

Xiao Wei wasn’t Azure Dragon’s ace yet, he was just a powerful newbie, the mission that time was to accompany an international corporation’s chairman to go to a certain small country in Africa to negotiate business with the party in power, everything went well then, the local party in power was very interested in this business cooperation, and expressed their willingness to continue cooperating.

Just as the mission as about to finish, the leader of the party in power sent the chairman and them to the airport in person, he didn’t think that just as they were about to board the plane, they were ambushed by the local anti-government organization, the number two of the party in power was instantly shot dead, but this had nothing to do with Xiao Wei and them, as long as the leader of the party in power was fine, the business cooperation would not be affect. However, unfortunately, the chairman and them were dragged into it due to being with the leader of the party in power, the accompanying bodyguards and businessmen, aside from Xiao Wei, all died there, leaving Xiao Wei to flee the airport with the chairman.

Unfortunately, since he wasn’t very familiar with the geographical locations of Africa, they got lost when escaping, and accidentally wandered into the jungle. The two of them suffered a night without shelter, and on the second day, they actually bumped into locals in the forest. Due to language barriers, those locals treated them as enemies, and started to attack them without saying anything. Xiao Wei didn’t forget his duties, the responsibility of a bodyguard is to die before the master, and Xiao Wei was a very loyal person, and so ignoring the poisonous spears of the locals, he fought furiously to protect the chairman, in the end he defeated all the locals, yet Xiao Wei’s body was pierced several hundred times by the locals, causing him to barely survive while lying on the ground.

The chairman also fainted due to tiredness and shock

Just as Xiao Wei was on he brink of death, he suddenly felt warmth flow through his body, unknowingly, he was completely filled with energy again. When he opened his eyes, he found a daoist squatting by him. The origin of that warmth was the hand that the daoist was touching his body with!

The first thing Xiao Wei thought was that he was dead, and that was no longer the realm of the living! Since such miraculous things could not possibly existed in the realm of the living! Only when Xiao Wei fully came back to his senses and saw the fainted chairman and the corpse of the locals beside him, did he know that he was still alive.


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