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Chapter 215 – Want Him as my Bodyguard

“But…” Manager Wang felt a bit troubled, there weren’t little super rich people that came to Azure Dragon indicating they wanted to hire their ace Xiao Wei, but Xiao Wei doesn’t accept mission easily, with his own words, he will not accept missions that aren’t challenging!

Don’t laugh, this is completely try! Perhaps you would say, it’s all missions organized by the company, nobody has heard of bodyguards choosing missions!

However, Xiao Wei was different, Xiao Wei is the brand of Azure Dragon, Azure Dragon could not piss off Xiao Wei because of these issues, if Xiao Wei really goes to another security company, then Azure Dragon’s reputation would drop a lot alongside it.

So for all mission Xiao Wei didn’t want to accept, the company would push it off for him, the way of pushing it off was usually calling out a very high price to scare away the employer! However, this was clearly ineffective for Su Yuanchao, the leading corporation of the electronics industry in the country, it was impossible for them to lack money, no matter how high the price, as long as there was a price, he can afford it! Therefore, this doe trouble Manager Wang a bit.

“Mr. Su, Xiao Wei does belong to our company, but he is not controlled by the company, he only accepts missions he likes,” Manager Wang said rather troubledly.

“I understand this, I will speak to Mr. Xiao Wei in person. I just want to trouble Manager Wang to help me introduce him!” Su Yuanchao said very confidently. From his perspective, everyone had a price, if the money surfaced this line of value, anyone would submit under money. Although this thought was a bit arrogant, Su Yuanchao was never wrong with it, Su’s Corporation had a lot of management and technical talents that were taken from other corporations by Su Yuanchao using this money.

However, this method only worked with those people that lacked money, if he was facing someone richer than him, then this method was useless.

“That’s for the best! I will help you organize it, Mr. Su, please wait,” Manager Wang nodded, since Su Yuanchao was going to talk with Xiao Wei, then regardless of the outcome, it had nothing to do with him. He doesn’t have to offend either side. Thinking that, Manager Wang couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief as he picked up the phone on the table and dialed a number,

“Hello… Is it Supervisor Chen Jundong? I’m Wang Youli… En, Mr. Su Yuanchao came, he’s with me… He wants to see Xiao Wei… What, you’ll all on the training grounds? Okay, we’ll be there immediately!” Manager Wang hung up the phone and said to Su Yuancaho, “Mr. Su, let’s go and meet the ace of us Azure Dragon together.”

The moment Xiao Wei moved, I found it strange. There was a very familiar feeling! I carefully observed his martial arts moves, they were definitely very normal moves, but there was an indescribable intimacy for me!

Thus I played it easy, and only dodged without attack, intentionally letting Xiao Wei make a few more moves.

Some people seeing Xiao Wei infinitely fierce and caused me to continuously retreat all cheer loudly.

Only Xiao Wei complained in his heart, no matter how he hit, he couldn’t even touch their clothes! Xiao Wei could also see that his opponent was intentionally going easy on him, but Xiao Wei didn’t understand, why he did that. Was it to give him face? It doesn’t look like it! If this person really was a big boss like Chen Jundong said, and gave fifty thousand kuai deposit on the let go, then he didn’t need to give anyone face!

There’s no helping it, Xiao Wei could only forcefully continue attacking, yet there was no effect at all! He (Xiao Wei) kept on trying to force his opponent to make a move, but his opponent just refuses to!

According to the rules of the competition, the person won as long as they survived three moves against me! Yet, I just didn’t make any moves at all, Xiao Wei couldn’t do anything about it.

“Dad, I want that person as my bodyguard!” Su Yingzi pointed at the center of the field and shouted excitedly.

“Who?” Su Yuanzhao blanked, this was the first time he saw his daughter yell so loudly in the public.

“The person on the podium!” Su Yingzi said with a blush.

“Su-xiaojie, are you talking about Xiao Wei?” Manager Wang asked carefully.

“No, not Xiao Wei, it’s the person fighting with him!” Su Yingzi said.

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Xiao Wei’s image was already hung on the company’s hall as advertisement, so Su Yingzi could recognize him with a glance, one of the person on the podium was Xiao Wei! However, the reason Su Yingzi was so worked up was not because of seeing Xiao Wei, it was because of the person that was fighting with Xiao Wei, it’s the person she has been thinking about all the time!

Seeing him here, Su Yingzi naturally treated him as Azure Dragon company’s bodyguard, that’s why she said those words.

“Ah?” Manager Wang momentarily blanked, he never seen this person before, could he be new?

“What?” Su Yingzi saw Manager Wang’s weird look and asked in confusion.

“Nothing,” Manager Wang shook his head and said. No matter what, it counts as having dealt with a problem, Su Yingzi had gave up the thought of hiring their ace by herself, this was definitely a good thing! And no matter what, the person on the podium can’t be harder to hire than Xiao Wei, from his appearance, he was definitely new, it should be handled very easily. Thinking that, Manager Wang’s stressed brows also relaxed a lot. He was just thinking about waiting for that person to come down from the podium, then he could walk to him about being a bodyguard for Su-xiaojie. Su Yuancha has always been very generous when it came to money, the company would get a large commission from this again.

However, not long later, Manger Wang started to get confused! The person that was fighting on the podium with Xiao Wei, yet after so long Xiao Wei have not dealt with him yet! Although Manager Wang could not see that the person was going easy on him, just with the fact that he could dodge Xiao Wei’s attack, he could tell that the person is definitely no one normal!

Just as I was carefully examining Xiao Wei’s martial moves, I suddenly heard a familiar voice. I turned my head, and couldn’t help but blank, this person was actually the superstar Su Yingzi that I haven’t seen for a while!

What made me unsure of whether to laugh or cry was that from the meaning of her words, she seemed to have treated me as the bodyguard of this company! Just as I was spacing out, Xiao Wei’s fist was already close, due to getting distracted, I subconsciously pushed my palm out and hit onto Xiao Wei’s body with a “peng” sound, pushing him three to four meters away, then falling onto the floor.

Xaio Wei’s face was pale white, clearly getting a lot of internal injuries after my heavy hit. Xiao Wei sat on the floor, and after taking a few breathes, he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

“Sorry, I got distracted just now,” I said apologetically to Xiao Wei.

“You don’t need to apologize, I’m not as strong as you, there’s nothing to be said about that. You already left me enough face, or else you could have defeated me the instant I got on!” Xiao Wei shook his head and said, he did not have any complaints at all.

It seems like my standard of three moves is too much right? The ability of my body with Footy’s help was developed to its limits, I can easily heavily wound my opponent with just twenty percent power.


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