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Chapter 214 – Superstar Wants to Hire a Bodyguard

The expression of the people in the grounds also became more imposing, turning from shock to respect, even Chen Jundong was very surprised! Since out of the few people that crossed blows with me, two of them were masters of the fifty thousand yuan-level.

Chen Jundong hesitated a bit, then said to the few people that didn’t go on to the podium yet, “Xiao Wei, go and try.”

The moment Chen Jundong said it, all of them moved wildly! Xiao Wei was Azure Dragon’s ace bodyguard, it was hard for him to move, and now Chen Jundong actually told him to try on the podium!

Xiao Wei had no hint of arrogant, his expression was serious as he said slowly, “Dong-ge, I can’t see through his moves, I fear I’m not his opponent!”

Xiao Wei’s response shocked all the bodyguards there, Xiao Wei was a rather famous person in the entire bodyguard world, normally people found it very difficult to hire him! That’s because Xiao Wei was already someone like a legend in the industry! The most famous time was that a certain international corporation’s chairman was going to negotiate business, Xiao Wei followed him as his personal bodyguard, unfortunately, they were ambushed by the local anti-government organizations, Xiao Wei actually miraculously protected the safety of the chairman under the bullet rain. After that, despite Xiao Wei having suffered great injuries, his reputation resounded out through the entire bodyguard industry. As time passed, Xiao Wei also became the ace of Azure Dragon!

And now Xiao Wei actually said he probably isn’t his opponent! This shock caused everyone there to be dumbfounded!

At least Chen Jundong have seen many situations, and was calmer, thus he recovered from the shock first, then asked with a serious expression, “Xiao Wei, are you certain?”

“Dong-ge, have you not noticed? This person’s martial arts could be said as formless, yet will always win in one move, and surprise people! What’s more, each move held back just enough, or else at least half of us here would lay in the hospital!” Xiao Wei shook his head.

Chen Jundong nodded and said, “This person is definitely very strong! Yesterday at the bar, three or four rascals couldn’t even get near him before getting beaten down!”

“This person is skill is so good, why is he still trying to find a bodyguard?” Xiao Wei asked weirdly.

“Hehe, I don’t know. However, this person is very interesting!” Chen Jundong smiled and said.

Xiao Wei warmed up and walked onto the podium.

In the large customer department of Azure Dragon Guard Company.

“Is this what your company claimed to be as top class bodyguards! Two idiots! They had no vigilance when something happened, my daughter nearly got into danger!” A middle-aged man said angrily.

“Sorry, Mr. Su, the company has already given out according punishments for the two’s misconduct,” The large customer manager apologized with a smile.

“Punishment? The problem has happened, what use is punishment! If anything really happened to my daughter, can you guys accept the responsibility!” The middle-aged man addressed as Mr. Su roared.

“Dad… Never mind, didn’t nothing happened to me,” A beautiful young lady beside Mr. Su said in a spoiled manner.

“Ai!” Mr. Su sighed and said, “Xiao Zi, isn’t daddy just worried about you!”

The two people sitting at Azure Dragon Guard Company’s large customer department was Su’s Corporation’s chairman Su Yuanchao and his superstar daughter Su Yingzi. Recently, Su Yuanchao always received some weird calls and threatening letters, he would often see suspicious people even in front of his mansion.

The reason he said that these people are suspicious is because the clothes of these people were very weird, there were people from all classes of society, there are those that wore suits and ties, as well as some that treated like beggars! However, this couldn’t prove the issue either, the key issue was that Su Yuanchao had once seen with his own eyes that someone that dressed like a boss actually turned into a civilian worker the next day! Therefore, it was easy to judge that these people were all pretending, and they looked very unfamiliar, Su Yuanchao had never seen them in the mansion area before.

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Su Yuanchao knows that what happened last time had no ended, that Huang Youwei could definitely not let go so easily! After research, he found out that Huang Youwei started from the underworld, and still had some underworld forces! And these suspicious people might just be the subordinates that Huang Youwei sent.

Su Yuanchao called the police multiple times, but these suspicious people acted like they were playing hide-and-seek, when the police come, they would leave, after the police leaves, then would return, it was essentially guerilla warfare! The police finally caught someone suspicious once, but they didn’t get anything out of him. Since he didn’t commit any crimes, there was no law stating that they can’t just wander around someone’s home! There was no helping it, since the detainment period past, they had to let him go. These things truly troubled Su Yuanchao to no end, he couldn’t even calm himself down to mind his company.

Although Su Yuanchao was powerful and had very wide networks, he had a lot of contacts in the country as well. However, this wasn’t much use to the underworld, the people in the underworld does not follow any logic, pissing them off would cause them to just chase after you all the time!

Also, the threatening letters have gotten more and more weird the recent few times, they claimed that within a month, they will make Su Yingzi wish that she was dead. Even after reporting it to the police, the police couldn’t do anything, they only had the threatening letter, they didn’t have any evidence that the mastermind behind this was Huang Youwei, the police couldn’t go and arrest him at all.

Under his helplessness, Su Yuanchao could once again place his hopes of private bodyguards, this time he came to Azure Dragon Company was to find a few more top class personal bodyguards for Su Yingzi.

Of course, Su Yuanchao’s anger was slightly over the top, actually Su Yuanchao is normally very kind, it’s just that he has gotten really annoyed over these “trouble” recently, with the added worry of his daughter’s safety, he naturally was a bit over the top when he spoke. Hearing his daughter advise money, Su Yuanchao calmed down a bit and said, “Sorry, Manager Wang, I was a bit too angry just now.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright! It’s our company’s mistake, it is natural for Mr. Su to be angry!” Manager Wang quickly said. The Su Yuanchao in front of him was not someone he could piss off, Su’s Corporation could be said as one of the super large customers of Azure Dragon company, the entire Corporation’s security was hired from Azure Dragon! If he pissed off this god of riches, with one sentence, his own company would lose several million.

“Manager Wang, the main purpose I came this time was to find two better bodyguards for Xiao ZI,” Su Yuanchao spoke out his intention for this journey.

“No problem! I wonder what request Mr. Su has?” Hearing that there’s business, Manager Wang’s face was immediately filled with happiness.

“I want the best! I think Manager Wang, you can definitely understand my meaning, don’t stuff me up with excuses such as the money’s an issue, no matter how much commission you want, just say it, I, Su Yuanchao don’t lack this amount of money,” Su Yuanchao said slowly.

“You mean… The ace of us Azure Dragon?” Manager Wang wasn’t dumb, and asked.

“That’s right,” Su Yuanchao nodded and said.


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