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Chapter 209 – Xiaoma-ge

“Oh, so it’s like this! It looks like my wallet’s going to break again!” After I said this, I really wanted to slap myself, isn’t this clearly giving Wu Yingying a chance! I think this time she definitely isn’t going to let me off!

As expected, Wu Yingying immediately said after hearing that, “Yeah, you must compensate me with a new car after a few days!”

****! After I randomly ****** Ye Xiaoxiao, my love life was already messed up enough, if another Wu Yingying mixed in, are they going to let me live anymore!

“E… Your car seems alright, sports car are all very tough, look, my car is worse off!” I pointed at the Lamborghini that had a bit of paint peeled off, and the Jetta that had its bumper fallen off.

“I don’t care! You already promised me, do you hate me?” Wu Yingying said unhappily.

I faint, she’s using this move again! However, my mind was getting troubled by the incident with Ye Xiaoxiao, and had no time to comfort this little princess, thus I took out my chequebook from my pocket, signed a three million cheque, then handed it to Wu Yingying, “Alright then, I’ll give you the money, go and buy another one yourself! Okay now, that’s that, I have some things to do, see you!”

With that, I waved my hand, climbed back into the Jetta, backed off a bit, started on the pedal and left.

Wu Yingying said furiously while gnashing her teeth and looking at the cheque in her hands, “Do I make you annoyed that much! Heng, One day I will make you fall for me!” Saying that, she ripped the cheque in her hands into shred and tossed it in the air. Then she turned back to enter the Lamborghini, step down the pedal and sped off like a rocket launcher.

The only one left was the traffic police, who looked at the people and car that left one after the other, he shook his head and said, “I really don’t understand upper class people, when she crashed her car, she had a face full of happiness, yet when he compensated her with money, she got so angry!”

I saw Wu Yingying’s action in the reversing mirror clearly. Did I do it over the top? I sighed in my heart, ever since I was reborn, my love fortune just didn’t stop. First Zhao Yanyan, then Xia Jing, then Chen Weier, Xu Ruoyun and now there’s a Wu Yingying! Perhaps, doing this is actually good for her! Wu Yingying didn’t believe in my circle of people, she doesn’t understand my life, with her personality, she definitely would not accept me having a harem. So it was better to avoid this sort of unneeded trouble in the future.

As for my Jetta, it was already beyond repair. It looks like it’s time to change a car. Sometimes people have to be more forceful, or else other people would think you’re a wimp, and all sorts of random **** rascals would start bullying you!

In my terrible mood, I had an impulsion to release my depression or, unknowingly, I parked my car in front of a bar.

To be honest, I rarely came to places like this, there are all sorts of people here, a lot of them came to mess around in the society, there are a lot of trouble in these places. However, I wasn’t that scared, ignoring my martial arts, the main thing is that the nearby areas are all under Guo Qing!

“Sir, what would you like to drink?” The waiter handed me a menu and said to me.

“A bottle of Laobaigan,” I didn’t even look at the menu and just said casually.

The waiter looked at me strangely, there isn’t baigan in the bar! There were two types of people that would order this, the first is that it’s the first time this person has come to a bar, the second is that this person came deliberately to cause trouble. Of course, there’s also the possibility that this person is crazy.

“Sir, our bar doesn’t have baigan, you can try whiskey or beer…” Out of professional reasons, the waiter continued to explain patiently with a smile.

“Don’t you know to go buy it if there isn’t?” I casually threw a few hundred kuai notes on the table.

The waiter didn’t pick it up, and instead took out his walkie-talkie and said into it, “Xiaoma-ge, come to table eight, there’s some issue.”

Xiaoma-ge? Isn’t that a character in that Hong Kong movie “A Better Tomorrow”? Just as I was wondering who this ‘Xiaoma-ge” was, I saw a young man wearing a black suit with a white scarf and holding a toothpick in his mouth quickly walk over. He did look a bit like the Xiaoma-ge in the movies, but this person’s appearance really wasn’t good for society, his entire face was acne scars, his appearance was really too classic.

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Xiaoma-ge walked in front of my table and asked the waiter, “What’s wrong, what happened?”

“This person wants to drink baigan!” The waiter said.

“You’ve explained it?” Xiaoma-ge frowned and asked.

“I explained it, but he still gave me money to go and buy it.”

Xiaoma-ge’s face immediately darkened, and sat down in front of me, then said without laughing, “This bro, it’s your first time coming here right? A bar has a bar’s rules, the bar doesn’t sell white wine.”

“What? You feel like it doesn’t earn enough?” With that, I threw out a few more hundred kuai notes onto the table.

“You think you’re something just because you have money? Laozi is telling you, don’t not pay your respects when it’s due! The people that come here all know the rules of our Lanshengxi bar! You came to cause trouble, right?” Xiaoma-ge slapped the table and yelled.

“If I came to cause trouble, do you think you can still sit here and talk with me?” I said coldly.

“****, you want to die right! Do you believe laozi will throw you out?” Xiaoma-ge stood up, pointed at me and shouted. “Come, chuck this person out for me!”

“Xiaoma-ge, what is it? Is it him? He dares to cause trouble here, he miss Yama right!” With Xiaoma-ge’s call, three or four people surrounded me, they all dyed their hair, it was obvious they were delinquents in the society.

“Who’s your boss?” I glanced coldly at the people that surrounded me, they were all essentially sentries that had low combat abilities, they were worth me acting. These people are alright when scaring civilians, but once they meet someone with a few moves, they probably won’t last ten hits.

“Our boss? ****, are you blind or deaf, of course our boss is Xiaoma-ge!” A yellow-haired rascal pointed at me and said cockily.

“Wait!” Xiaoma-ge waved his hand, walked over and said to me. “Bro, you’re also in the society? We’re with De-ge!”

The underworld has the underworld’s rules, normally people would speak out their background to prevent fighting among the same groups.

“De-ge?” I blanked, where did a De-ge pop out from? Isn’t their boss Guo Qing? I thought about it and continued to ask, “Who’s the boss of your De-ge?”

“****, you brat is messing with me right? This area is all under our De-ge, is you have any **** they say it, you don’t have the right to ask who our De-ge’s boss is!” Xiaoma-ge said angrily and thought I was dragging him in circles.


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