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Chapter 208 – Crashed Again

Ye Xiaoxiao isn’t a very conservative woman, she never thought about leaving her first time till her wedding night, but at least she wanted to give it to a man that can stay with her forever.

She never thought that her first time would just be gone like that, she didn’t even know what it felt like. If she knew this would happen, Ye Xiaoxiao would rather she was awake last night. However, if she was awake, would she still like this ******* steal her chastity? Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t know.

I expressionlessly walked out of Ye Xiaoxiao’s room, and found Ye-bobo and Ye-bomu were already awake, sitting in the living room watching television. Seeing me come out, Ye-bomu said awkwardly, “Xiao Liu, you’re awake?”

“En. Bofu, bomu, if there isn’t anything, then I’ll go back first!” I didn’t want to stay in this awkward place any longer, if Ye Xiaoxiao comes out later, I really don’t know how to face her.

“Sit while and leave after eating breakfast!” Ye-bobo said.

“I won’t disturb anymore, I didn’t go home the entire night last night, my family should be worried!” I smiled awkwardly. In this situation, I couldn’t smile at all.

“Then… Okay, I’ll send you off,” Ye-bomu said.

“Why didn’t our daughter wake up yet?” Ye-bobo said worriedly.

“I don’t know, she might have drank too much last night!” Ye-bomu said.

“Look at the crappy idea you had, Xiao Liu’s angry!” Ye-bobo said unhappily.

“Didn’t I just want him to feel like it has already been done! Who would have thought that he would wake up so early!” Ye-bomu said.

“Our daughter can’t have really done that with him, right?” Ye-bobo asked worriedly. Since the two young people slept together the entire night without clothes.

“Probably not! Don’t worry! How old is Xiao Liu, what’s more, if our daughter was that by him, she would have rushed out and screamed already, could she still sleep peacefully?” Ye-bomu said.

“What if she isn’t awake yet?” Ye-bobo continued to say worriedly.

“A woman wakes up very early after her first time, she can’t sleep properly at all. I’m a woman, I know!” Ye-bomu said confidently.

Ye-bobo shook his head helplessly after hearing that, “If for the best if nothing happened, otherwise how are you going to let Xiaoxiao deal with their relationship! He’s Xiao Liu’s class tutor!”

“So what if she’s the class tutor, back in the days you were our lecturer!” Ye-bomu glared at Ye-bobo and said.

“How’s that the same! I hope Xiaoxiao doesn’t blame us parents, she hasn’t had a boyfriend even though she’s so old, how could we not get anxious!” Ye-bobo sighed and said.

The morning of spring had an unusually cold temperature, as the cold win d blew on my face, it cleared up my mind a lot. What have I done, everything’s so messed up!

My mind was in a mess, what has happened with Ye Xiaoxiao is now a fact, if it’s telling me to toss her away now, I can’t do it. However, it came so suddenly, and caught me off guard.

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Just as my mind was in chaos, I felt a shock, I crashed into the back of a car. I raised my head and noticed that I accidentally ran through a red light.

I looked again, I actually crashed into the back of a sports car, now I’m going to have to lose a lot of money! However, this sports car looked rather familiar!

I helplessly shook my head, it’s all because I got distracted.

I opened the door car, and got off, then saw a traffic police run in my direction.

“What happened here!” That traffic police said angrily. From his perspective, this traffic accident was all my responsibility, what’s more is that I crashed into a sports car, so he started questioning me from the start.

The traffic police took out a notepad, and just as he was about to copy down my car plate number, his expression immediately changed with a glance. Song xx0077, this sort of car plate can’t be easily used, this is a low number!

The traffic police immediately changed his tone and said calmly to me, “Sorry, I’m just doing things by the books, please don’t take offense!”

The traffic police complained in his heart, why was he so unlucky and bumped into this incident! The one driving the sports car must be someone important, in these years, how many can afford a Lamborghini? Neither sides were people he could mess with, if he doesn’t deal with it properly, he might get himself in all sorts of ****!

“Yi? Liu Lei, why is it you?” A young woman walked down from the sports car, and just as she was about to get mad, she couldn’t help but momentarily blanked after seeing that it was me.

“Yingying!” I immediately recognized her, this girl was Fatty Wu’s jiejie, Wu Yingying!

“Does my car not please your eye, this is the second time!” Wu Yingying deliberately said with a straight face. However, anyone could tell that this chick had a cheerful expression.

“Ha, you two know each other, then settle it in private, I’ll leave first,” Seeing that the two knew each other, the traffic police immediately ran away as if he saw his savior.

“You broke the regulations last time alright, Yingying-xiaojie,” I shrugged my shoulders.

“So, you’re taking revenge on me -this time?” Wu Yingying flipped a white eye at me and said.

“Please! I didn’t know it was your car at all! Oh yeah, why did your car turn blue? Also, why did you change the car plate as well?” I pointed at the Lamborghini and asked weirly.

“Oh! Don’t mention it! I nearly got robbed last time!” Wu Yingying sighed and said. “It’s because of your crappy idea, and giving my car a car plate with a lucky number! They thought I was a rich woman, and so a few thugs set their eyes on my car, and tried to rob me in an alley one day! I changed it after that!”

“What does this have to do with the car color? Do they not know it’s a sports car after spraying it again?” I asked in confusion.

“Do you think I want to! My car was scratched by those people! So, I spent a lot of money to spray it again, I wanted to spray the originally color, but when I thought that it was spending money as well, I decided might as well changing a color!” Wu Yingying said painfully.

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“Then? Did they succeed?” I continued to ask. This Wu Yingying is truly dumb to the point of being cute, such an expensive car, she just casually changed a color like this!

“Succeed? Just them? They dare to rob me, they obviously don’t want to live anymore! I beat all those people until they can’t manage themselves, they probably are still laying in the hospital!” Wu Yingying said proudly.

I sweat! This chick isn’t just a bit barbaric, no wonder Fatty Wu obeys her every word!

Seeing my expression, Wu Yingying suddenly realized something. Then immediately turned into a lovely look, and said softly, “I… I’m normally very kind and caring, it’s just that I was too angry that day…”

Although I was very dense in terms of feelings, but no matter how dumb I was, I could guess that this chick was interested in me, but I didn’t have much feeling for her! If you’re talking about prettiness, Wu Yingying is truly very pretty, but I had no intention of continuing on with her.


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