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Chapter 210 – I’m Unemployeed

“Heh, I haven’t seen anyone as brainless as you, I’ll ask you one last time, who’s your De-ge’s boss? If you don’t make it clear, then you take any responsibility of any consequences!” I said coldly. The reason I asked in so much detail was for two reasons, one is because I’m afraid of beating up Guo Qing’s subordinates, and most importantly, I had no interest in fighting with this group of weak combatants.

“Then I might as well tell you! Our De-ge’s boss is San-ge! He’s a famous person in Songjiang city’s underworld!” Xiaoma-ge suppressed his anger and said.

“San-ge? Why is it San-ge?” I got a bit confused, did other gangs appear? Why didn’t I know anyone that this Xiaoma-ge mentioned?

“You know San-ge?” Seeing my weird expression, Xiaoma-ge quickly asked.

“Nope,” I answered honestly.

“****! Do you want to die! You actually dared to mess with laozi? Brothers, go, throw this brat out sideways… No, laying down!” Xiaoma-ge said angrily.

After making certain that these people aren’t Guo Qing’s, don’t blame me for being merciless! Even if they are Guo Qing’s people, I have to help him teach them a lesson! Do they have no brain? The people that dares to act cockily here definitely aren’t normal, if they piss off an important person, then they’re screwed, the whole gang might be done for!

I stood up, and before he reacted, slapped Xiaoma-ge’s face!


Xiaoma-ge let out a shriek like a pig being slaughtered, half of his face instantly swell up like a fermented fun, there was even traces of blood at the corner of his mouth, he used his had to hold his jaw, and revealed two bloodied teeth.

It looks like I didn’t hit that lightly, this fellow probably can’t eat for around half a month! Actually, I didn’t use that much force at all, if I did, this person’s head might have just flew away like a rugby ball.

“****, you dare to hit?!” Xiaoma-ge was nearly beaten dumb by me! He never would have thought that this person would dare to make a move on his turf, and without any sign of it at all! Only when the searing pain on half of his face stimulated him did he react, as he covered his swollen face with his hand, and shouted at with another hand pointing at me, “What are you blanking out for, go and beat him up!”

The little rascals all blanked after seeing my actions, and showed an expression of disbelief! It’s not that they haven’t seen anyone that have come here to cause trouble, not only have they seen it, they have seen it a lot! However, this was the first time they have seen a person that dared to cause trouble here by himself, while also hitting people first! Did this person eat a bear’s heart and a cheetah’s gallbladder? Doesn’t he know that the consequences are severe after causing trouble here? Only when they heard Xiaoma-ge’s shout did they come back to their senses, and noticed that their boss was beaten, causing them to rush over.

These rascals are normally fierce people when fighting and didn’t treat me seriously! They treated Xiaoma-ge getting slapped by me as a complete accident! Yellow hair conveniently picked up a wine bottle not far away and walked towards me.

“You dare to sneak attack our boss, I’ll beat you into a veggie today!” Yellow hair shouted cockily and ran over.

I stood there without any sorts of movement, wanting to hit me with his speed was just a dream! When yellow hair got beside me, I directly reached out a hand to snatch away the wine bottle, then kicked him head on, yellow hair just flew out like that, his head to hit a nearby table, causing blood to start flowing. His eyes went white and immediately fainted.

Just after dealing with yellow hair, another rather muscular baldy picked up a chair to throw towards me, I easily dodged it, and before he retracted his hands, I landed a fist on his abdomen. With a “gugu” scream, the baldy let go of the chair, and squatted down on the floor with his hands covering his abdomen, while sweat started pouring down from his head. This person’s guts were probably all displaced by me.

Seeing that I was so fierce when I acted, and instantly dealt with two people, the remaining two rascals couldn’t help but momentarily blank! However, these idiots did see a lot of situations and had no intention of fleeing, I don’t know where they took out two metal rods then started moving towards me. Then they directly used the metal rods to greet my head!

****, these people want to kill me! If this was smashed on a normal person’s head, wouldn’t they immediately see the brains? Fighting was fine, but they can’t fight to die! I immediately got angry, after roaring, I dashed over, reaching out my hands, and snatched a metal rod in each hand. With some force, I twirled the two people around, I could see that the two people’s body flew left and right respectively in semi-circles, then crashed together with a “hong” sound.

I heard two sounds of “huahua”, but before they finished, they stopped making any sounds, clearly having fainted. When I threw the two people down, their body went soft like two piles of mud on the side!

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Xiaoma-ge looked at me in shock, pointed at me and shouted, “You wait! You wait! If you have guts then don’t leave, laozi will trash you today!”

With that, he quickly ran out.

I smiled and didn’t treat it as anything, this was a commonly used technique when rascals fought, they would throw out a few fierce words when they ran for their face, they definitely couldn’t do it.

“Waiter!” I called out to the water that was standing dumbly on the side.

“Ah!” The waiter momentarily blanked, and jumped, then quickly ran over subserviently and said, “What does sir need?”

“Five hundred grams of Laobaigan, I don’t know if you have it or not?” I asked very casually.

“Yes! Yes! I’ll immediately go and buy it, sir please wait a moment!” Witnessing the gory actions just now, how would the waiter dare to say no! His guts were nearly going to explode in terror as he quickly ran out.

“Bro, you’re quite good!” A middle-aged man in a suit walked in front of me and said with a smile.

“It’s so-so!” I said calmly. They said don’t hit the ones smiling, since this person was being respectful towards me, the anger in my heart subsided a lot.

“Do you mind if I sit down and chat for a while?” The black suit raised the wine glass in his hand and said to me.

“Please!” I reached out my hand to make a welcoming gesture.

“I wonder where does this brother work?” After the black suit sat down, he poured a glass of red wine for me.

“I’m unemployed,” I smiled and said.

“Unemployed? Brother, you can’t be kidding me right?” The black suit acted like he was in shock and opened his mouth wide.

“Is it really weird? It’s not easy finding a job when the market is so competitive!” I shook my head and said casually. In this sort of place, very few people would speak the truth, several strangers could become best friends here, but out of the bar, then would walk their own paths again.

“With brother’s ability, you still can’t find a fitting job?” The black suit continued to ask.


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