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Chapter 207 – Nothing Happened

Just as I was in the middle of speaking, the phone was snatched away by Ye Xiaoxiao. She glared and roared at me, “Liu Lei, are you an idiot!”

“If me getting arrested and thrown into jail could make you happy, then I rather let the police arrest me!” I said. Looking at the beauty in front of me, her beautiful cheeks and the droplets of tears, there was a sour feeling in my heart. All of this was caused by me! If I didn’t get randomly reborn, randomly appear, Ye Xiaoxiao might be that happy woman right now.

“What am I going to do if you get arrested! Did you head get kicked by a mule! You look quite bright normally, how can you do such dumb things!” Ye Xiaoxiao pouted and said angrily.

“Then you…” I said happily. Since Ye Xiaoxiao said that, it means she have already forgiven me in her heart!

“Liu Lei…” Ye Xiaoxiao paused, bit her lips and whispered. “I think I fell for you.”

The voice was tiny, but it still clearly entered my ears.

I instantly blanked. This life is really messed up!

“Liu Lei, I seem to have fallen for you,” Ye Xiaoxiao tiled her head and whispered. “Although this seems rather outrageous, I don’t understand my feelings right now. It’s a mess! Every time I hear you mention Zhao Yanyan, I would get angry for no reason, you must think that just now I was a barbaric girl right… Actually, I’m not that violent normally… I just got worked up… So…”

Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t continue, she just sat on the bed with a red face! I think she must feel that our relationship is very awkward! Actually teacher-student relationships aren’t big deals, in the next few years, it’ll become a very normal phenomenon, but in the 90s it still seemed like it is a very taboo topic. Although there is no morality issue with it, it was still very different.

Seeing Ye Xiaoxiao soften down, I really didn’t know what to do. It was as she said, I can’t throw Zhao Yanyan away.

But was I supposed to throw her away? That doesn’t seem possible. Since she became my woman, I have to take responsibility for her. It’s just that with our current relationship right now, it caused us to be very awkward. However, that’s not the most important part, it’s that I have another wife!

I don’t know if Ye Xiaoxiao could accept it and live peacefully with them. Thinking that, I clenched my teeth, there are somethings that should be made clear earlier. If Ye Xiaoxiao really can’t accept it, then I have no other way.

Thus, I said, “Xiaoxiao, since somethings are facts now, then I have the duty to tell you something about me! The deepness of Zhao Yanyan and my relationship is not what you can imagine, I think describing the twist and turns as shocking heaven and hell is no exaggeration. So I cannot toss her away! From another perspective, if I really toss her away, and marry you, then I cannot guarantee that a random girl will pop up someday, and I also toss you away because of her. Do you understand what I mean?”

Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t say anything after hearing that, but her expression was a bit unnatural, yet it very quickly returned to normal as she said jokingly, “Idiot, I’m just messing with you! How could I fall for a boy so much younger than me! Who do you think you are, even if you stole my first time, so what? What kind of era is this, don’t think that I have to be your woman just because you ****** me, dream on! Heh, if it wasn’t because of your young age, good grades and my fear of damaging your future, I could have called the police to arrest you ages ago, why would I still leave you here!”

Although Ye Xiaoxiao sounded bright, that sorrowful expression gave her away. Anyone that saw her would feel pity.

“Xiaoxiao, let me finish!” I suppressed the rising feeling in my heart. “I can’t throw away Zhao Yanyan, at the same time I won’t throw you away! You are Liu Lei’s, my, woman, for your whole life! I won’t allow my woman to suffer!”

Ye Xiaoxiao was as if she managed to catch onto a stick as she was drowning, her eyes brightened, then dimmed again. The tears in her eyes flowed without stopping, as she chocked, “Then what am I? Lover? Little wife? Or mistress?”

“If you’re willing, then you’re also my wife, I will treat you like I treat Zhao Yanyan,” I said without a hint of hesitation.

“Haha. Who do you think you are? A local Arabic emperor or an Indian chief? Marrying two wives?” Ye Xiaoxiao said in contempt.

“Actually… In truth, you’re the third…” I said while sweating.

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“What?! Third?” Ye Xiaoxiao exclaimed. “You have another woman outside of Zhao Yanyan?”

“The truth is like this. I still have another girlfriend, she’s also in our school. From Third Year Class A, she’s called Chen Weier,” I explained.

“Chen Weier?” Ye Xiaoxiao blanked, then said. “You’re talking about that child who’s the first in the entire third year?”

“Yeah, who else,” I said.

“That girl is very quiet and gentle, why would… Did you trick her?” Ye Xiaoxiao frowned.

“No. The truth is that Zhao Yanyan knows as well, and their relationship is great, just like sisters,” I smiled dryly.

“…” Ye Xiaoxiao opened her mouth wide without saying anything for a long time, after a while she finally said. “Liu Lei, you can’t be tricking me right, a modern Ehuang and Nvying?”

“Nope. So, I also want you to fuse into this group,” I continued.

Ye Xiaoxiao shook her head fiercely and used her hands to wipe away the tears on her face, “It’s impossible, it’s outrageous! I… I don’t think I can accept it.”

I looked at Ye Xiaoxiao, whose face was full of tears, and felt an indescribable. There was a bit of grievance, and a bit of affection.

“Just treat it like nothing happened, it’s impossible between us. You don’t need to feel guilty, what happened today wasn’t what neither of us wanted. After today, I’m still me and you’re still you,” Ye Xiaoxiao smiled painfully and said.

“But…” I still wanted to continue, but Ye Xiaoxiao interrupted me and said. “No need to say anymore, just treat it as a beautiful memory. Go…”

I sighed, what else can I say. I got up and got dressed, opened the room door, and walked out, then carefully shut the door.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked at that fleeting image, as all of the feelings in her heart gushed up, she stuck her head into her blanket as tears flowed down.

Can she really pretend like nothing happened? Probably not.

She was just a little girl yesterday, and became a woman within a night. The chastity she had kept safe for twenty-three years was gone after waking up. Did she hate him? Clearly not, or else she would have called the police already.

Ye Xiaoxiao never would have thought that she would lose her first time like this, it’s not like she didn’t imagine what her first time would be like, with flowers, wine and candle-light dinner.


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