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Chapter 206 – Now it’s Over

Just when I put down my glass, Ye-bomu (Mother Ye) picked up the wine bottle e to fill it up for me again, then said to Ye Xiaoxiao, “Xiaoxiao, drink a glass with Xiao Liu!”

“Mom… I already drank… a lot, can’t… drink anymore…” Ye Xiaoxiao also drank two glasses under Ye-bomu’s forcing. Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t have a high alcohol tolerance from the start, after downing two glasses of whiskey, she was already getting dizzy.

I don’t know how long later, with my last hint of consciousness, I felt like someone helped me onto the bed, then I lost consciousness.

I don’t know after how long, I felt like my mouth was really dry, and my head hurt. Everyone that drank a lot knows that this is the after effects of waking up after getting drunk. Although I wasn’t fully conscious, I saw things beside me unnaturally clearly. A soft object lied beside my body, that’s a woman’s body. I didn’t think too much, and subconsciously treted the person in front of me as Zhao Yanyan, my hands moved on top of her by themselves. That bulging feeling made me momentarily blank, this definitely wasn’t Zhao Yanyan, the little chick wasn’t that large yet, it seems to be Chen Weier.

However, I couldn’t care so much, drunken chaotic sex, this wasn’t wrong at all. I got up very naturally, and pressed myself on that warm body…

In the morning, the sun shone brightly.

I, who was in deep sleep, was woken up by a heart-shattering scream, which followed by a period of silent. I opened my eyes sleepily, then momentarily blanked. Ye Xiaoxiao was bright red and sat dumbly beside me, staring at the dots on the bedsheets…

A sudden thought flashed across my mind, Ye Xiaoxiao and I…

Although I admit that I’m no gentleman and have had taboo thoughts about Ye Xiaoxiao, but sleeping together like this without any hints beforehand, I was still a bit shocked!

Ye Xiaoxiao sat there dumbly, and did not notice that I was staring at the voluptuous area in front of her chest perversely.

I couldn’t help but admit, Ye Xiaoxiao had the best body of all the girls I’ve seen, she had no excess fat on her at all. When school started, I had once fantasized about something happening with Ye Xiaoxiao, but now that it really happened, it wasn’t as easily dealt with.

Ye Xiaoxiao’s mind was in complete chaos, she found that her entire body was naked when she woke up, and felt like something had torn apart. Beside her, was an equally naked man! Although Ye Xiaoxiao had no experience with relationships, even an idiot would know what happened with something so obvious!

Ye Xiaoxiao’s first thought was to call the police, but very quickly waved the thought from her mind.

Both of them drank, whose fault it was isn’t so easily determined, what’s more, she’s a big girl, this sort of thing getting out would affect her reputation as well.

Most importantly, why did she sleep on the same bed as him, and also had their clothes stripped off! This was the most suspicious point, but thinking back to her parents’ ambiguous gaze, Ye Xiaoxiao understood everything!

Both Liu Lei and her were actually victims, and had jumped into her parents’ trap unknowingly.

Thinking that, Ye Xiaoxiao actually calmed down! What happened has happened, it’s actually no big deal.

Did she hate Liu Lei? It doesn’t seem like it at all. Does she hate her parents? Ye Xiaoxiao shook her head, she actually had a bit of joy in her heart. As for why joy Ye Xiaoxiao wasn’t sure either. Could she like Liu Lei? But he’s her student! The age difference it too huge!

“What’s with you? Are you alright?” I looked at Ye Xiaoxiao, who sat there like a statue and asked carefully. This chick can’t have been overly stimulated and went dumb right!

“You’re awake?” Ye Xiaoxiao turned around and asked calmly. It was as if she was another person all together.

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“Yeah… About that… Do you have any problems,” Seeing Ye Xiaoxiao being so calm, I found it a bit unnatural. If she shouted at me, and even beaten me up, I could understand, but with her being like that right now, I was a bit scared. Who knows what’s behind the calmness?

“Can’t you tell if there’s any problems or not?” Ye Xiaoxiao pointed at the blood-soaked bedsheets.

“About this… You also know, we were both drunk, I didn’t do it on purpose. I thought you were Zhao Yanyan…” I said awkwardly.

“Pa!” Ye Xiaoxiao suddenly slapped me and said angrily, “Liu Lei, are you still a man! Is there any use saying that kind of stuff when it’s like this!”

I momentarily blanked! Was this still Ye Xiaoxiao? She’s actually so ferocious? Back in school, no matter how I angered her, she didn’t make a move on me, yet now… Perhaps it’s because of the difference in attitudes.

“I… I will take responsibility!” I raised my head and said to Ye Xiaoxiao.

“You will take responsibility? How? Throw Zhao Yanyan away and marry me?” Ye Xiaoxiao glared at me and said.

“I…” I stuttered. If I know that I have another Chen Weier, I don’t know how she would think.

“You what? Nothing to say right!” Ye Xiaoxiao snorted.

“If you are willing, then I will be good to you my entire life,” I said after taking a deep breath.

“If I’m willing? Then what about Zhao Yanyan? Don’t avoid the topic, I’m asking you what about Zhao Yanyan!” Ye Xiaoxiao was still expressionless.

“What do you mean what! I’ll do what should be done!” I made up my mind, and said justly.

“What do you mean what should be done? Then you mean that I have to just admit my misfortune!” Hearing my words, Ye Xiaoxiao couldn’t control her emotions anymore and started crying.

I wasn’t sure of what to do seeing Ye Xiaoxiao turn from being alright to suddenly weeping. Only then did I notice what I did just now crossed the line! She, a pure girl, got screwed by me randomly, anyone would feel terrible, and I had roared at her like that, how could she not cry!

“Xiaoxiao, good Xiaoxiao, nice Xiaoxiao, stop crying okay, if there’s any issues, let’s talk about it with the two of us, don’t cry first!” I quickly tried to calm her down.

Ye Xiaoxiao ignored me, and continued weeping.

“My little gunainai, what can make you not cry!” I sighed helplessly. “I’m wrong, I’ve committed a crime okay? I’m begging you, don’t cry!”

Ye Xiaoxiao continued to ignore me.

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“If you can be happy if I go to jail, then I’ll confess!” With that, I got out my phone in the jacket on the chair and dialed 110.

“Hello. Is this the police station?” After the line connected, I said, “I want to confess…”


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