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Chapter 201 – Weird Relationship

After quite a while, neither of us spoke, I couldn’t be bothered with fussing around with a little girl, these few days are really pissing me off, ignoring getting harassed by that Huang Youwei, I missed out on little chick Xu, and met a fake police while driving! It looks like I have to act with a higher profile before, find a few bodyguards and lackey, I can’t always deal with these kinds of stuff in person.

“You…” Seeing that I didn’t say anything for a long time, Ye Xiaoxiao thought I was angry, just as she wanted to say something, I went to an emergency stop, and parked the car by the road.

“Get off!” I said emotionlessly to Ye Xiaoxiao.

“What?” Ye Xiaoxiao momentarily blanked, only seeing that I was about to chase her off the car, she realized the severity of the issue, she hesitated a bit then said pitifully, “Sorry, I threw a tantrum…”

“Oh,” I nodded.

“Then don’t force me off the car,” Ye Xiaoxiao said softly.

“Oh,” I was still expressionless.

“What’s wrong with you, I already lowered myself to beg you, what more do you want? Fine I’ll get off, what’s the big deal! Heh!” Seeing that I still didn’t move, Ye Xiaoxiao said angrily.

“Daxiaojie, are you still angry?” I pointed at the huge restaurant signboard on the side. “Get off to eat breakfast.”

Ye Xiaoxiao looked over at the signboard on the side, and finally reacted, she was messed with, but there was no helping it, she could only give me the evil eye. Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t understand either, why was it that every time they argued, she would lose to him, was this person her counter?

“Welcome, how many would it be?” The reception lady asked Ye Xiaoxiao and I with a smile.

“Can’t you see yourself!” Ye Xiaoxiao was already mad, at this moment, she could conveniently let it out on this unfortunate reception lady.

Seeing how ferocious Ye Xiaoxiao was, she knew that this customer got angry from who knows where and came here to let it out. There wasn’t too little of these customers normally, the reception lady was already used to it, and showed a helpless smile, “So two, please come this way!”

I smiled apologetically to the reception lady, casually took out a hundred kuai tips from my pocket and stuffed it into her hands.

Seeing my smile, the reception lady already felt better, and now I also gave her tips, she was really happy, and after thanking me, and turned around to lead us to an empty table.

“What would you like to eat?” After the reception lady walked away, a waitress carrying a menu walked over.

“Give it to this lady,” I reached my hand out to signal the waitress to hand the menu to Ye Xiaoxiao.

Ye Xiaoxiao opened the menu, and couldn’t help but be shocked, the price of the dishes inside were expensive to the point of tarrying, a steamer of Xiaolongbao costed fifty kuai, a bowl of preserved egg and meat porridge actually sold for the astronomical price of thirty kuai! Normal dishes all costed around six to seventy, the price of this meal was going to be around a month of her salary.

Ye Xiaoxiao stuck her tongue out, raised her eyebrows and asked me, “Are you treating?”

“When would the student treat the teacher?” I said intentionally.

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“Outside of lessons, we’re friends, you said this yourself!” Ye Xiaoxiao said craftily.

“But jiejie should treat between friends right?” I shrugged and said.

“I don’t care, when boys and girls eat together, what’s the reason for the girl paying!” Ye Xiaoxiao said without giving in.

“Daxiaojie, you’re still a girl at this age?” I smiled.

“Heh! What’s wrong with my age? When I was going to university, they all said I looked eighteen!” Ye Xiaoxiao retorted.

“Ha, when you were going to primary school, they also said you’re not even ten!” This Ye Xiaoxiao was really no different from a little girl.

“I won’t say it anymore, just say whether you’re treating or not!” Ye Xiaoxiao glared at me and said.

“When did I say I’m not treating/ I still have two hundred kuai coupon that I haven’t used!” With that, I took out two coupons from my wallet.

“You! Why didn’t you say so earlier!” Ye Xiaoxiao picked up the menu angrily, and said to the waitress while pointing on this, “I want this, this, and this, and I also want a plate of this cream puff…”

The waitress looked at the arguing “couple”, and couldn’t help but smile, then said, “Miss, it looks like your boyfriend’s wallet is about to see misfortune, all of this already surpassed the two hundred kuai coupon.”

“Who… Who said he’s my boyfriend!” Ye Xiaoxiao blushed, then quickly explained. “I… I’m his teacher!”

“Teacher? What’s wrong with teacher, teacher-student relationship is the trend now, my boyfriend is even my extra-curricular teacher!” The waitress said like it was normal.

“Eat, eat, when you eat into a pig, you can’t get married!” Seeing at the back of the waitress with the long order, I said fiercely.

“None of your business! I’m willing if I can’t get married!” Ye Xiaoxiao said angrily.

“It just doesn’t pay to be a good guy,” I muttered quietly.

“What did you say?” Hearing that, Ye Xiaoxiao said in annoyance.

“Nothing,” I said. “The food’s here, hurry up and eat.”

Seeing at the table of alluring food, her appetite increased immensely, yet her heart was wondering, she really got a bit gluttonous, if this continues, she really will get fat, and at the time, she can’t get married out…

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“Ye Xiaoxiao, it really is you!” Suddenly, a surprised voice rang out.

Ye Xiaoxiao raised her head and called out, “Wang Zhiyuan, why’s it you? Didn’t you leave the country?”

“I just came back, I called your home a few days ago, but you weren’t home, bofu and bomu said you’re teaching at school!” Wang Zhiyuan said excitedly.

“Yeah, how could I compare to you, Wang-dagongzi, I’m just a poor teacher right now,” Ye Xiaoxiao suddenly thought of that expensive menu and said in a bit of depression.

“Never mind, Xiaoxiao, you can come eat breakfast at such a high class place and you’re still saying you’re poor?” Wang Zhiyuan said with a smile. “On the other hand, I still don’t have a job yet.”

“Someone is treating me,” Ye Xiaoxiao said in embarrassment.

Only now did Wang Zhiyuan notice me, who was beside the table, he checked me out and said, “I didn’t think you, Xiaoxiao, would accept a man’s invitation!” That voice was full of jealousy.

“You’re called Wang Zhiyuan right? I think you misunderstood, I’m Ye Xiaoxiao’s student!” I said coldly. I don’t know why, although this Wang Zhiyuan acted gentlemanly, I really disliked him.

Hearing I say that, Wang Zhiyuan’s sullen face immediately brightened, and said happily like a sky full of stars, “Hi, little student, I’m your Ye-laoshi’s university classmate, my humble surname is Wang, you can call me Uncle Wang!”

My impression of him was really bad from the start, hearing him say these prideful words, I felt really disgusted. First, ignoring yourself, do you have the right to be an uncle, just because you’re older than me by that four or five years, you still want to be an uncle? Dream on, what’s more, laozi is thirty something years old, you’re telling me to call you, a ****** brat, uncle?


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