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Chapter 200 – Con Man Incident

“Is that so, then okay. I have no money with me right now, come and get it with me at home!” I nodded and said.

Hearing that I gave in, the peaked cap immediately smiled brightly. Without saying anything, the opened the back car door and got in. He said to me, “Go! But don’t try anything! Otherwise I’ll be merciless!”

“What can a student like me do!” I pointed to the backpack on the shotgun.

Seeing that, the peaked cap immediately got happy. So, this fellow was a student, that’s good. Thus, he let down his guard, waved his hand and signaled for him (Liu Lei) to start driving.

Originally I wanted to teach this fake a lesson, but since I was in a really bad mood, I directly drove the car towards the police station.

“Where is your home? Why have we not gotten there after going so far?” The peaked cap said impatiently.

We’re there!” I suddenly stopped the car, catching the peaked cap off guard, and smashing onto the window.

“****! Do you want to die!” The peaked cap got hit so he was rather dizzy, causing him to roar.

I picked the peaked cap by the back of his neck and carried him out of the car door like a chicken.

The peaked cap struggled a bit, and found that he couldn’t get loose, so he said in shock, “What are you going to do!”

“You’ll see later,” I carried the peaked cap into the police station.

Seeing that I was bringing him into the police station, he calmed down quite a bit, and stopped struggling, showing an expression like he’s preparing to watch a show. I didn’t care, and just walked into the police station, I threw him onto the ground and said to the police on duty, “I want to report a case, I caught a fake police!”

Now the peaked cap went completely limp!

When I got back home at night, my dad and I talked about finding time this weekend to go to He Xiyuan’s home at Zhendong Town Yanhe Village.

Just as I wanted to agree, I suddenly remembered that I have to go to Ye Xiaoxiao’s home tomorrow morning, thus I said, “Dad, my class tutor told me to go to her home tomorrow.”

“The class tutor is finding you? For what? Say, did you brat got into some trouble for me again at school?” Hearing that the class tutor was looking for me, my dad immediately associated it with bad things.

“Dad, I’m the study representative now!” I said angrily. What kind of father was this, having a smiling face when he was asking me for condoms, and the moment he heard the class tutor looking for me, his expression transformed faster than transformers.

“Yeah! Our son is a class leader now, the class tutor must be looking for him to talk about his job!” My mom said, “Old Liu, you have to change your thought a bit, our Liu Lei is different from when he was in middle school, don’t always look at problems with your previous perspective okay! Our son is not the last place problematic student anymore, he’s the first in the year, say, how much face did our son gain for you?”

Hearing my mom say that, my dad immediately got embarrassed and said, “Yes! Yes! Laoshi must be finding our son to discuss about the job in class, look at my bad temper! Since it’s like that, Leilei, first go to laoshi’s place tomorrow, then we’ll go to Yanhe village the day after!:

Nothing else was said that night. On the next morning, I hurriedly woke up, I was always very punctual. After getting a bite, I went downstairs. Since I told my parents about it yesterday, they didn’t ask about anything.

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I got to the Industrial Bank, directly started the Jetta and drove towards Fourth High. From a distance, I saw Ye Xiaoxiao looking around at the entrance of the school, and occasionally raised up her wrist to look at the time.

There were still twenty minutes till the meeting time, this Ye Xiaoxiao did come early enough.

I pressed the horn.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked over, but didn’t care.

“Di… di!” I pressed it twice again.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked at the Jetta not so far away from her with annoyance, and felt a bit of contempt. The car was randomly stopping on the side of the road, there were no other carads around, and yet they’re just pressing the horn, are they crazy!

Seeing that Ye Xiaoxiao still didn’t notice me, I could only open the car door in helplessness, and said to Ye Xiaoxiao while shrugging, “Daxiaojie, did you forget to wear glasses?”

Seeing I suddenly got down from the car, Ye Xiaoxiao was shocked, and when she heard what I asked, she replied in a bit of confusion, “Glass? What glasses? I don’t wear glasses normally either!”

“What I mean is that I pressed the horn twice, you still didn’t see me! There are two possibilities, the first is that your eyes are bad, the second is that I’m air,” I reached out a hand, and waved in front of Ye Xiaoxiao.

“Hmmph! Who knew it was you, I thought it was some random person’s trashy car coming to piss in front of the school!” Ye Xiaoxiao retorted.

“…” I kept sweating! If this woman refused to be logical, you could do nothing.

“Get on,” I made a welcoming gesture.

“Why do I need to get on?” Ye Xiaoxiao glared at me and said.

“Okay, then tell me where your home is, I’ll drive, you run behind the car,” I opened the car door and prepared to get on.

“Wait,” Ye Xiaoxiao flipped a white eye at me, opened the door to the shotgun and got in.

I smiled helplessly, then started the car.

“Where’s your home?” After driving for a while, Ye Xiaoxiao still didn’t say anything, so I could only ask without any other ways.

“I didn’t eat breakfast,” Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t even look at me, and muttered loudly.

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“…” I was extremely speechless, what does you not having eaten breakfast have to do with me!

“I didn’t eat breakfast,” Seeing that I wasn’t speaking, Ye Xiaoxiao thought I didn’t hear her and said using a louder voice.

“Oh,” I said.

“I’m hungry,” Ye Xiaoxiao continued after seeing my reply.

“Oh,” I said.

“What’s with you, are you deaf!” Ye Xiaoxiao roared angrily.

“Oh, I wasn’t deaf just now, now it’s deaf because of your roar,” Saying, I pretended as I rubbed my ear.

“You… You’ve good!” Ye Xiaoxiao said angrily while clenching her teeth. After saying that, she was a bit confused, why was she getting angry with a student, the most hilarious thing was that she was actually telling him that she was hungry shamelessly, thinking about that, Ye Xiaoxiao’s face heated up.

I looked at Ye Xiaoxiao’s face that gradually turned red until it was like a dragon fruit, and asked weirdly, “Are you really hot?”

“Yes! I’m about to burn to death,” Ye Xiaoxiao said angrily.

“Oh, okay,” I turned on the air con within the car, the cold wind blew out from the aircon.

“Is there something wrong with you! Turning on cold air in winter!” Ye Xiaoxiao got blew onto by the cold wind and yelled angrily.

“Daxiaojie, is it enough, you said you were hot so I turned on the aircon,” I was also a bit angry, isn’t this Ye Xiaoxiao making a scene for nothing, if it wasn’t because my “age” was older than her, and treated her like a little sister, I would have kicked her off the car already.

“You asked me!” Ye Xiaoxiao retorted.

“…” I shook my head, turned off the air con and said. “Pretend I didn’t say anything.”


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