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Chapter 202 – Little Kid

“Sorry, I don’t know you, and I don’t want to,” I didn’t even look at Wang Zhiyuan before saying slowly.

“About this…” All of a sudden, Wang Zhiyuan didn’t know what to say, and blanked on spot, unable to speak anything for a long time. He found it weird just now, how was it possible for a student to eat breakfast with the teacher? Now that the student actually looked down on him so much, and Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t mind either, he felt something was amiss in his heart, but couldn’t understand why. Thus he said awkwardly, “Xiaoxiao, you don’t mind adding another person right, to display my thanks, I’ll pay the bill.”

Before Ye Xiaoxiao said anything, I said coldly, “I mind very much, I hope you won’t disturb my meal!”

Wang Zhiyuan was about to explode out of anger, what the **** is this person supposed to be, always messing his stuff up! However, he never thought that, he came in to mess stuff up first! And Ye Xiaoxiao was right in front of them, so he didn’t find it appropriate to get angry, so he could only smile gentlemanly, “Then Xiaoxiao, it looks like this little kid doesn’t welcome me at all, let’s get together another day!” When he said that, he emphasized on “little kid”, the meaning was clear, it’s that you, the little kid, don’t know the ways, I’m the bigger person, and won’t argue with you.

Ye Xiaoxiao also frowned, this Wang Zhiyuan is one of her many pursuers, her impression of him was pretty good, it wasn’t affability, but at least she didn’t dislike him. Yet now, after hearing her student’s cold words to Wang Zhiyuan, not only did she not scold him, she actually had a sliver of happiness in her heart, was he jealous? Thinking that, Ye Xiaoxiao felt her cheeks starting to heat up, he’s her student, why’s she happy about his jealousy! However, thinking back to when the waitress said he is her boyfriend, she felt rather sweat in her heart out of nowhere, could it be that she started liking her student? How is that acceptable! In her franticness, she didn’t hear what Wang Zhiyuan was saying and just answered, “Okay, then that’s that!”

Seeing Ye Xiaoxiao agree to his solo date, Wang Zhiyuan was unusually excited! This is a treatment he has never gotten before! However, then he thought about it and felt a bit unwilling, when he was in USA, don’t all the girls that he set his eyes on throw themselves into his embrace after beckoning at them with his finger, this Ye Xiaoxiao is too difficult to deal with right, after pursuing her for four years in university, he never even touched her hand. Wang Zhiyuan swore silently in his heart, one day he will make her submit under his crotch! However, he didn’t show any of these thoughts, and said very gentlemanly, “Then I won’t disturb you two having your meal! See you another day! Little kid, bye!”

Although Wang Zhiyuan appeared to be smiling, I could see a hint of menace in his eyes. Ever since my powers were activated, I was unnaturally sensitive to the people and thigns around me, and could easily capture a momentarily thought or expression of a person.

“Hmmph! How’s that, this xiaojie’s charm is infinite right! And you say I can’t get married, here, here’s one that came back from other countries!” Ye Xiaoxiao said proudly.

“The one called Wang Zhiyuan or something isn’t a good person, stay away from him!” I said softly.

“What, you’re just annoyed right!” Although Ye Xiaoxiao said that, she didn’t know why she felt a bit happy in her heart. Ye Xiaoxiao found her feelings really weird, the previous night, she had subconsciously thought about this student a lot, and got more and more curious about his identity, in the end the more she thought about it, the more awake she got, she only managed to sleep after a long time.

“Whatever, I’m just reminding you out of good will, whether you believe it or not is up to you,” I said, and stopped talking. I went back to eating xiaolongbao, let’s be honest, this bun is really spectacular, Zhao Yanyan and I ate here once, and got two hundred kuai coupons, but then never had the chance to use it, just now Ye Xiaoxiao was throwing a tantrum about eating breakfast, and after passing buy, we just came here. I’ll be honest, in the morning, I was afraid to be late, so I just casually have a few bites, now I really was hungry. I gobbled down a few buns, then just as I was about to pick up the cup full of special wheat tea, I saw that Ye Xiaoxiao, who was sitting opposite me, raising her head and staring at me.

“What are you looking at?” I asked Ye Xiaoxiao, who had an anthomaniac-like expression, strangely.

“Ah…” Only now did Ye Xiaoxiao came back to her sense, and said frantically. “Nothing.”

“Aren’t you hungry, why aren’t you eating?” I pointed at the food, that I have decimated a large majority of, on the table.

“Oh,” Only then did Ye Xiaoxiao pick up a xiaolongbao, put it beside her mouth and bite down. I was just about to stop her, but it was too late, the soup within the xiaolongbao spurted out, covering Ye Xiaoxiao.

I shook my head, she really had no experience, who eats a bun like that, this type of xiaolongbao should be eaten by using a plate underneath, it would be weird if she didn’t dirty herself eating like this. I reached out and handed Ye Xiaoxiao, who wasn’t sure what to do, a tissue then said, “Wipe it.”

Ye Xiaoxiao received the tissue, and didn’t have time to thank me before hurrying up to wipe her trousers, but how could the bun’s oil be wiped so easily, not only did she not wipe it off, she made the area bigger! Yet what made Ye Xiaoxiao feel awkward was that the soup and coin coincidentally covered her private area, from far way, the place with oiled spilled on looked like it was wipe. After wiping quite a while, Ye Xiaoxiao still didn’t see any effects, causing her face to go red in anxiousness.

Of course, I saw all this. Originally, I didn’t want to care, but seeing her pitiful expression, I could resist, thus I said, “Take off your jacket and tie it on your waist.”

Ye Xiaoxiao felt a sense of joy after hearing that and quickly did as I said. It was like she got hot from eating, and very naturally took the jacket off and tied it on her waist.


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