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Chapter 199 – Missed Happiness

Not long later, Ye Xiaoxiao also walked in with a face of seriousness, as if she was different from the little girl-like expression just now. Women really transform their expression faster than transformers.

Ye Xiaoxiao started teaching, while I stretched, then laid on the table and prepared to sleep. We “sang” for half the night, so I only slept for a bit more than two hours, I really am a bit sleepy now.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked at the student, who never once listened to a listen, sleeping openly and frowned. She didn’t know why, every time she bickered and tried to find fault with him, she would end up getting screwed over in the end, was this person her counter?

Nothing happened the entire day, originally I wanted to spend the night with Yanyan and Weier again, but Zhao Yanyan said she needed to go to her grandpa’s home during the weekend, while Chen Weier was a bit too embarrassed to go herself seeing that Zhao Yanyan had matters to do, and thus made the excuse of going back to help her mom with the restaurant in order to leave early.

“Liu Lei!” Just as I was preparing to open the door with my car keys, a beyond familiar voice rang out behind me.

I turned around, and saw the person behind me was little lightbulb, Xu Ruoyun.

“Is there any matters?” I turned around and said. Although I don’t understand what sort of feelings I had for her, I was certain it wasn’t love, because of a man’s dignity. The incident at the coffee shop deeply hurt my dignity, from her perspective, I was just someone pretending to be her boyfriend, yet I had idiotically assumed that the beauty fell for me.

“I…” Xu Ruoyun stuttered, unsure of what to say. Yeah, why did she find him? Although she had once said such bold words in front of other people, she was still just a girl, unsure of what to say in front of the person she likes.

The two of us just stood there for a long time without saying anything. Finally, I broke the silence, “That Qi Dapeng doesn’t bother you anymore, right?”

Xu Ruoyun blushed, nodded then didn’t say anything.

“Then that’s good, but despite being a bit dumb, he is still pretty just!” Just after I said that, I regretted it, why am I such an idiot! Praising my rival in love.

“En,” Xu Ruoyun nodded, and answered quietly.

“You used me as a shield again, hehe!” I said casually.

Just after I said that, Xu Ruoyun’s expression changed, her originally blushing face immediately darkened, she smiled forcefully and said, “En, thank you. You helped me again… There’s nothing else, I’ll leave now!”

With that, she turned around and ran.

I momentarily blanked, at the moment when Xu Ruoyun turned around, I clearly saw some glistening thing flow down from her eyes. Could it be…

Only then did I realize how retarded my words were, I wanted to kill myself. So it was all real, the little lightbulb did have feelings for me. Perhaps she came to find me today and wanted to say something, but my untimely jokes ruined the atmosphere.

Just as I wanted to stop Xu Ruoyun, I saw that no one was in front of me anymore, under the road light, all that’s left was the glistening droplets on the road.

Perhaps if I was a little more proactive just now, little chick Xu would have become one of my wives, but I completely destroyed all this. The happiness originally at hand was now so far away. All of a sudden, I also understood my feelings, I still cared deeply about Xu Ruoyun.

But now… I couldn’t help but let out a long sigh.

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Sometimes, happiness is decided in a split second, if you grab hold of it, it lasts forever; if you miss it, that’s also forever.

Could this lost love be regained? I shook my head, let nature take its course. I can’t exactly get old bro Yama to help me get reborn again!

I opened the car door, got on the car and just as I started it up, a person wearing a large peaked cap knocked on my car window.

I rolled down the window and asked, “What is it?”

“Who let you park the car here? Don’t you have wrongfully parked here?” The large peak cap said.

“Wrongfully parked? This is the car park of the bank, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you, right?” I asked weirdly. I clearly parked the car in the courtyard of the bank, it doesn’t seem to be part of the traffic police’s business! What’s more, my car has a government’s car plate, how would normal police come find trouble for no reason?

“So, what if it’s the bank? Isn’t the bank the country’s? As long as it’s the country’s territory, then it’s my business!” The large peaked cap said forcefully.

“Bullshit! With your logic, if I park my car in my own garage, then that’s wrongful parking as well?” I was in a bad mood, so I sneered. I wasn’t afraid of him at all, I didn’t break any traffic regulations, even if I did, I can deal with it easily by giving a call to Jiang Yongfu. I just didn’t want trouble.

“You dare to speak like that to the police! You don’t want to drive anymore, right? Take out your driving license!” The large peaked cap tried to scare me.

“Why should I?” I said with a cold gaze.

“Why should you? Because I’m the police!” Saying that, he prepared to opened the car door.

Just as he bent down, my eyes lit, and immediately felt all the more confident. This person wasn’t a police at all, the police uniform still had “XX Clothing Factory” written on it, it’s just that I can’t see it clearly at night, I thought it was something like his number, but now that the distance is shortened, with the lights from within the car, I saw everything clearly. Police uniforms are all custom made, how could they have the adverts like “XX Clothing Factory” on them!

So it’s a conman, no wonder he didn’t know my car plate number! I thought coldly, since it’s a conman, then it’s easy, don’t blame me.

“I didn’t bring my driving license! What do you want?” I laughed coldly.

“Didn’t bring?” The peaked cap momentarily blanked, and thought, drivers don’t bring their license? However, it’s better that he didn’t bring, even if he did, there wasn’t much use for it. Thus, he said, “Wrongful parking, and no driving license, two hundred kuai fine! Or else I’ll seize your car!”

“Fine? Fine, then give me a receipt,” I said calmly.

“Receipt?” The peaked car momentarily blanked again, why was it so unsuccessful today, normally nobody would ask for a receipt when they get fined. However, an idea popped up, “If you want a receipt, then four hundred!”

“Four hundred? Fine, then give me one!” I said without changing my expression.

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“What?” The peaked cap originally wanted to scare him a bit, so he wouldn’t want it, he didn’t think that four hundred is fine? He should have said four thousand to scare him to death.

“What? You can’t not have receipts right!” I asked.

“The receipts are all used up! Give me two hundred, or don’t think of leaving!” The peaked cap started being forceful.


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