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Chapter 195 – Meeting Parents-in-law

“Oh yeah!” The taxi driver pushed down on the pedal and started the car. He was rather envious in his heart, awesome people are awesome, bringing two girls when he goes out! However, he was lucky, able to get his forgiveness, the taxi driver couldn’t help but let out a long sigh.

“Hubby, are we going to your home?” Seeing that I told the driver Huaxing Compound, Weier couldn’t help but momentarily blank. Normally whenever it’s the three of them getting intimate, it’s always in Zhao Yanyan’s family’s mansion, this was the first time going to Liu Lei’s home, Chen Weier was a bit nervous. After all, she has no officially met Liu Lei’s parents yet, she felt a bit like the ugly daughter-in-law going to see the parents in law.

“Yeah. Are you scared?” I teased.

“A little, hubby, do you think bofu and bomu would kick me out?” Chen Weier asked with a bit of worry. Although she had already found out from Zhao Yanyan that Liu Lei’s parents are very kind, but that’s just for Zhao Yanyan, would they be unhappy about a third person in the relationship like her.

“Don’t worry, they actually saw you a long time ago,” I comforted.

“Saw me a long time ago? When?” Chen Weier freaked, and asked in confusion.

“Do you remember that there was as day that you come to find me underneath my home? Then we got accidentally found out by my mom when we kissed,” I said.

“Oh! It’s all because of you!” Chen Weier said shyly. Her future gongong and popo must have thought of her like a loose woman, what was she going to do!

While we were chatting, the taxi driver already stopped in the courtyard of Huaxing Compound. I casually took out a bill to hand over, it nearly freaked the taxi driver out enough for him to prostrate again, then quickly said. “Big bro, you riding my car is giving face to me, how could I dare to take your money!”

I smiled, this fellow was a dumb, I didn’t bullshit with him anymore, I just put away my money and got off the car holding hands with my two beautiful wives.

I know that the following moment would be very awkward, but I couldn’t help but muster up the courage to rang my doorbell. Although my parents pretty much silently agreed to Chen Weier’s existence, but the older generation does find it difficult to accept the concept of multiple wives, this was also the reason why I still didn’t bring Chen Weier home. However, this wasn’t a solution as we drag on, I had to bring her home sooner or later.

The door was opened, I took a deep breath, what should come would always come, I think that my parents wouldn’t say scold me too much in front of others.

“Liu-dage, you’re back,” The one who opened the door was He Xiyuan, the chick had an apron on, she probably just ran over from the kitchen to open the door. After suddenly noticing that there are two pretty jiejies behind me, He Xiyuan first blanked, then immediately recognized them and said passionately, “Weier-jiejie, Yanyan-jiejie, you guys also came!”

Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier already know that He Xiyuan was staying at my home, so they weren’t confused at all, and passionately greeted He Xiyuan.

“Xiyuan, what are you doing, come and help ganma…” Seeing that He Xiyuan ran to open the door and didn’t come back for a long time, my mom walked out of the kitchen with a kitchen knife. Seeing the two girls behind me, her expression immediately darkened. She walked in front of Yanyan and said, ‘Yanyan, tell bomu if there’s anything, bomu will help you get justice!”

“Bomu, you misunderstood!” How could Zhao Yanyan not understand the underlying meaning of my mom’s words, and quickly explained. “Bomu, this is Chen Weier-jiejie, we’re good sisters.”

“Good sisters?” My mom muttered strangely, and looked unbelievably at Zhao Yanyan. Are girls now so open? Being good sisters with their own rival in love? However, since the person involved didn’t say anything, what was she, an old woman, supposed to worry about. What’s more, the girlie called Chen Weier is also innocent, if anyone’s to blame, it’s his playboy son, thinking that, she couldn’t help but get annoyed, both her and old Liu have always been serious people, why did they give birth to such a son?! She immediately held up the kitchen knife in anger, “You *******, what sins did your dad and I commit in our past lifes, why did we give birth to you, a son that should be killed a thousand times! Today, I will act for the heavens, so you won’t go and ruin other kind girls!”

I freaked, this kitchen knife was no joke, although my superpower was developing, and I was impervious to metal, but I wasn’t dumb enough to randomly use a knife as an experiment. Seeing my mom’s actions, I quickly jumped to the side.

“Bomu, don’t be impulsive, this isn’t Liu Lei’s fault!” Seeing that my mom was going to place righteousness above family, how could she care about anything else, and quickly went up to explain. “Bomu, it’s all my fault! It’s me that… that seduced Liu Lei, if you are going to blame anyone, then blame me,,,”

At this moment, all Chen Weier thought about was saving me, and completely ignored shame.

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“Bomu, actually isn’t not Chen Weier’s fault either, I took the initiative in pairing them together,” Zhao Yanyan was worried that my mom would blame Chen Weier, and hurried up to explain as well.

“Ai!” My mom let out a long sigh, and threw the kitchen knife onto the ground and said. “I’m old! I won’t get involved in young people’s business! Deal with it yourself.” Actually my mom didn’t want to chop her own son either, it’s just that if she couldn’t help but teach her son a lesson in front of others, she didn’t think that the two girls could shield him without holding back, and blamed everything onto themselves. What else could she say?

“Ganma, actually you should be happy, only a man an excellent as Liu-dage can match the two pretty jiejies,” He Xiyuan picked up the kitchen knife and said to my mom.

“Why are you helping him say good words as well?” My mom said after momentarily blanking.

“He Xiyuan blamed, she didn’t think that her unintentional words nearly revealed the feelings in her heart. After this period of contact, He Xiyuan already have a young girl’s admiration for this Liu-dage, it just couldn’t be helped that this Liu-dage already had two girlfriends, and his attitude towards her was like one towards a sibling, so He Xiyuan could only bury the crush in her heart.

At this moment, my dad also came out of the room, seeing the group of people at the door, and faintly hearing the conversation just now, he already guessed what happened, thus he said. “You all came, then quickly come in, we’re just about to eat, let’s eat together.”

“Hello bofu,” Chen Weier said carefully.

“Oh, hi! You’re Chen Weier right, not bad, come on in,” My dad was already alright with this, and wasn’t as impulsive as my mom. In the end, the one that got the advantage is his own son, he couldn’t be happier, how could he object.

Chen Weier’s tense feeling only relaxed now, and after changing into slippers, she walked into the living room hand in hand with Zhao Yanyan.


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