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Chapter 196 – Another World

My dad looked weirdly at the two chicks that are stuck together like glow and secretly raised a thumb towards me, “As expected of someone from our old Liu family!”

At this moment, I could only smile wryly, I said in my heart, Dad, you didn’t see how ****** your son was in his previous life, not only did he not even get a girl, he managed to die from drinking on their wedding!

Thinking to that, my heart tensed up for no reason! Until now, I still didn’t understand why Zhao Yanyan would suddenly marry Xu Qingwei in my previous life! At the time, although I was always extremely busy, but I would always secretly pay attention to the target of my crush, the relationship between Xu Qingwei and her was that of normal co-workers that couldn’t be any more normal! I could never understand why the two of them got together in the end, because this didn’t make any sense, it did have any signs beforehand, it completely took my off my guard!

If it happened gradually, then I might have accepted it, but it was so sudden! It was also the reason I drank myself to death! If I knew that Zhao Yanyan and Xu Qingwei were lovers, then I might not have gotten so worked up that my heart died on me.

But there are two sides to everything, although I died, I met the super awesome old bro Yama in the underworld that could do anything, he helped me return to 1994, which was when I met Zhao Yanyan. Using knowledge and techniques from the future, I easily captured little Zhao Yanyan’s maiden heart, I did feel very despicable, although I had once comforted myself that the one I like is Zhao Yanyan, whether the one from my previous life, and the one now, they are both the same person, they are both Zhao Yanyan. However, are they really the same person? Perhaps in another parallel universe, that Zhao Yanyan was happily living with Xu Qingwei… Thinking that, my heart ached, the woman I love was actually in someone else’s arms.

Do I really like the Zhao Yanyan now? Or did I treat her as a substitute for another Zhao Yanyan? All of a sudden, my heart was in a mess. After a long time, I always avoided thinking in this direction intentionally, and deliberately avoided it. However, I didn’t think that so many thoughts popped up today.

Despite it being definitely a shame, I already have a lot. No matter what, I, after getting reborn, got Zhao Yanyan’s love, what was I dissatisfied about?

“Hubby, what are you thinking about?” Seeing that I wasn’t saying anything, didn’t change my shoe, and just stood there, Zhao Yanyan asked strangely.

“Yanyan, I love you,” I embraced Zhao Yanyan and whispered. “Yanyan, forgive my fickleness in love… The person I love most, is still you.”

“Hubby, what’s with you? Why did you suddenly say something so strange?” Zhao Yanyan was shocked by my unnatural action.

“Hehe,” I smiled wryly. “Yanyan, I…” I didn’t know what to say, due to my rebirth, I interrupted Zhao Yanyan’s originally peaceful life, perhaps it even changed her entire life. That prideful Zhao Yanyan that didn’t look at any boys properly not only turned into my obedient little wife, she even had to put up with the pain of sharing her loved one with another girl. I even suspected that it was wrong for me to get reborn, perhaps Zhao Yanyan peacefully marrying Xu Qingwei was her greatest happiness. However, now that it has come to it, Zhao Yanyan can’t leave me anymore, and it’s impossible for me to hurt Chen Weier, who loved me deeply, or Xia Jing, who already had “skin ship” with me. Basically, this was all due to my lecherousness.

“Hubby, don’t scare me!” Seeing my depressing expression, Zhao Yanyan was about to cry.

“Yanyan, I’m fine! I just feel like I wronged you,” I said.

“Hubby, don’t say it, actually…” Zhao Yanyan nearly blurted something out, however she stopped herself before it left her mouth. She couldn’t be sure whether those fragmented scenes were true, because those were only scenes from her dream.

“It’s time to eat!” My mom’s voice broke through the worry between Zhao Yanyan and I.

“Let’s go and eat,” I smiled, and returned to normal. I really was overthinking things, I actually thought of such deep questions like this Zhao Yanyan isn’t that Zhao Yanyan! Aren’t I just causing trouble for myself? Whether Zhao Yanyan or that Zhao Yanyan, it’s just that she was changed by me, who was reborn.

“Okay,” Seeing that my frown gradually disappeared, Zhao Yanyan said happily.

I don’t know whether it was intentional or a coincidence, there were two empty seats beside Chen Weier, and my own bowl and utensils were beside Chen Weier, in other words, the two chicks, Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier were sat on my either side. It was really a bit like the past where the concubines would sit on the sides of the Emperor when they ate, it really is true happiness!

At this time, Chen Weier didn’t have the restraint that she had when she just came, and was having an intense conversation with my mom, I could tell, the mother and daughter in law hit off rather well, and were chitchatting about womanly topics.

Seeing that, I couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. I didn’t think the chick Chen Weier was really able, managing to deal with my mom so quickly. Actually, how was I supposed to know that my mom also deliberately accepted Chen Weier, my mom thought that no matter what this chick was her daughter-in-law, if the two of them had a tense relationship, then wouldn’t it be bad for her son’s face, and that means that there was no way to solve it later.

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“Weier, you said that you’re in third year?” My mom said in surprise. She had originally thought that this girl is in the same class with her son, she didn’t think that she (Chen Weier) was actually older by two years!

“Yes, bomu,” Chen Weier nodded and said.

“Third year, your academics must be stressful right! Don’t affect your studies because of these things!” My mom said worriedly. “When the time comes, if you don’t get into a good university, your family would come here to blame us!”

“Bomu, don’t worry, I won’t affect my studies,” Chen Weier smiled with a blush.

“Yeah, bomu, Weier-jiejie is the first in the entire year!” Zhao Yanyan added.

“Ah!” Now it was my parents’ turn to be surprised, they never would have thought that this chick’s academics were actually so good! That’s weird, why did such excellent girls have a soft spot for their pervert son? Actually, they did look down on themselves a little, their son is also the first in the year! However, at this moment they didn’t think about that at all.

If I knew what they were thinking, I really wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“But Weier, once you get into university, you would have to separate from Liu Lei?” My mom sighed. She really didn’t know what sort of magic her son had cast to make this girl so loyal to him.


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