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Chapter 194 – Karma gets back

“Pretending after getting an advantage, I hate fake people the most,” Zhao Yanyan said shyly.

Since Chen Weier is in third year, so she didn’t participate in the school’s sports festival, they have to take make-up lessons until after half-past seven every day.

Zhao Yanyan knocked on the door to Third Year Class A, Chen Weier’s class tutor walked out and asked weirdly, “This student, what’s the matter?”

“Laoshi, I’m Chen Weier’s biaomei, there’s some urgent matters at home, can you let Chen Weier come out for a moment?” Zhao Yanyan said with an innocent expression.

“Oh, it’s like that! Wait a moment, I’ll call her out,” Chen Weier’s class tutor did not suspect this seemingly naïve girl at all, and turned back to the classroom.

Zhao Yanyan smiled at me coquettishly, I raised my thumb, this chick has more and more potential at tricking people. If I did it, then it definitely wouldn’t have this effect! It looks like if our life goes to ruins, we do have a bright future going out with her to act as a pair of con artists.

After a while, Chen Weier ran out of the classroom frantically, when she saw us, she momentarily blanked, and said to us weirdly, “What’s going on? Where’s my biaomei? Didn’t she say that there’s some urgent issue at home?”

“Weier-jiejie, aren’t I your meimei! The urgent issue at home is that our hubby got ***** again, I can’t deal with it myself, so I came to you for help,” Zhao Yanyan giggled.

“You guys scared me to death!” Weier gave me the evil eye, and said coldly, “Wait a moment. I’ll go and ask for leave!”

Chen Weier turned back into the classroom, and asked the class tutor for leave. The class tutor agreed without any hesitation. For students like Chen Weier, it was the same whether they took the night classes or not, they were guaranteed to get into Huaxia University or Beijing University.

“You’re affecting my studies! If I don’t get into university, then you have to feed me!” When we got downstairs, Chen Weier said in annoyance.

“It’s alright, if you don’t get in, your hubby, I, will donate several million for you, when that happens can’t you just go to whichever university you want!” I said shamelessly.

“Heh! How could I be so terrible!” Chen Weier’s crab pinchers pinched me once again.

“Ah…” I howled. Actually it didn’t hurt me at all, ever since I knew how to develop the energy of my body, my pain resistance improved greatly, however I still pretended like it was beyond painful, otherwise how could the beauties release their anger and annoyance.

“Hubby, where’s your car?” Seeing that I was trying to stop a taxi beside the road, Chen Weier asked strangely.

“Don’t mention it, in the morning, I… forgot,” I originally wanted to talk about getting kidnapped in the morning, but I was scared that they would get worried, so I changed what I was saying at the last moment.

“Forgot? Hubby, you can’t be getting prematurely senile right,” Chen Weier thought about it and whispered. “Hubby, I saw it on a book, if boys do those kind of stuff too easily, it would cause their memory to decline, are you…”

“Don’t think randomly, my memory is photographic, if you don’t believe me, then ask Yanyan!” This Weier could really associate. My memory is great, I could still remember the stuff from my previous life clearly.

Zhao Yanyan nodded, she has seen my memorizing capabilities.

“But the books really said that!” Chen Weier pouted.

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“Hehe, if you’re going to prohibit hubby’s desires, then why don’t you tell him to die,” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Yanyan’s the one that knows me better,” I smiled lecherously and opened the door to a taxi.

After getting on, I couldn’t help but momentarily blanked, that driver also blanked, then immediately said with a troubled expression, “Big bro, it’s such a coincidence!”

“Who’s your big bro,” I said coldly. This driver is the taxi driver that ripped me off in the morning, at noon, Jiang Yongfu called me and told me that the car plate number of this taxi is already backlisted by the traffic police, and now is one of the major targets to find issues with.

This entire day, the taxi driver finally understood what was meant finding difficulty with every step. He was randomly stopped by the traffic police countless times, he had already payed a thousand something kuai just due to fines. He even had the thought of committing suicide, then after begging a traffic police, handing him cigarettes and saying flattering words, he found out that he pissed off someone important, and the higher-ups gave instructions to deliberately cause him trouble. The traffic police advised him with good intent to think about who he pissed off and immediately go and apologize. Only then did the taxi driver remember the kid that claimed to know the police chief, and immediately let out cold sweat. He wished he could slap himself a hundred times, it’s all because of his momentary greed, causing him to piss off such a person. Thus, with the thought of getting lucky, he went back and forth the place where the person got off in the morning, in hopes to meet that person once again to apologize. He didn’t think that such a coincidence would happen, and he would meet that person the moment he got here.

“Big bro, I was wrong! An important person like you wouldn’t blame a petty person like me, don’t get on my level! I know my mistakes, please let me off!” The taxi drive said subserviently to me.

“What are you saying, why don’t I understand!” I deliberately pretended like I couldn’t understand.

“Big bro, stop messing with me! I know I was wrong to take more money for you, I’ll return it, no… I’ll pay you back ten times!” Seeing that I was expressionless, the taxi drive said troubledly. “A hundred time, isn’t a hundred times alright! Please just let me off! Don’t let the traffic police stop me again, I have elders and younglings in my home, I can’t afford getting fined like this!”

“Don’t you know the major? You still need to find me?” I chuckled.

“Mayor, I know the mayor, but he doesn’t know me!” The taxi driver was about to cry.

“Oh, that’s fine. Talk to her about this, her grandpa is an official in the province, he might be able to take you to him some day?” I wrapped my arm around Zhao Yanyan and said slowly.

The taxi driver nearly peed his pants, now he finally understood that he pissed off someone important. Why was he so unlucky and pissed this person off!

The taxi driver opened the car door and was about to prostrate onto the floor, seeing that I messed with him enough, I nodded and said, “The police stopped you because you broke the traffic regulations, if you pay more attention in the future, it wouldn’t happen!” After all, there wasn’t any huge grudge between him and I, just teaching him a lesson as enough.

Hearing me say that, how could the taxi driver now understand what I meant! Since I said that, it means I already forgave him, and thus he immediately thanks, “Thank you big bro! Thank you big bro!”

“Alright, hurry up and drive, we still have stuff to do!” I kissed Zhao Yanyan lecherously again.

“Yes yes! I definitely can’t delay big bro’s matters!” The taxi driver smiled meaningfully. “To the hotel this morning?”

“To hotel your ***! To Huaxing Compound!” Saying that, I also wrapped my arm around Chen Weier.


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