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Chapter 193 – Donate Ten Million

“Am I so petty!” I chuckled wryly. This Ye Xiaoxiao was actually still treating me like a little kid.

“This isn’t a question of being petty or not, it’s where are you going to get the money to donate?” Ye Xiaoxiao said.

“En… Then I’ll donate ten million to build around a hundred hope primary schools,” I thought about it and said.

“A thousand… Liu Lei, how much did you say? Ten million!?” Ye Xiaoxiao freaked, then said in a joking manner, “Did you make a mistake, ten million? That’s very different from a thousand kuai!”

“Duh, can a thousand kuai build a hundred hope primary schools! You can’t even buy enough models!” I said.

“You have ten million?” Ye Xiaoxiao still didn’t believe it. She has seen Liu Lei’s school entrance file, he clearly came from a normal working family, how could he take out ten million!

“More or less,” I said vaguely.

“More or less? What do you mean more or less? What exactly is going on?” Ye Xiaoxiao said in disbelief.

“It means that I should have it! I don’t know exactly how much I have either,” I said.

“What do you mean should have it? Did you rob a bank?” After a while, Ye Xiaoxiao finally said this.

“Rob a bank? If I robbed a bank, could you still see me?! Sis, you’re imagination is too extravagant!” I was even starting to admire her, so great association abilities, it’s matching up to Lenovo computers.

“What exactly happened? Are you not going to say it! If you don’t say it, then don’t think about getting out of this office!” Seeing that I didn’t say anything, Ye Xiaoxiao actually started acting up.

I subconsciously turned to look at the office door.

“Stop looking! I already locked it!” Ye Xiaoxiao also let go, since her relationship with him is so messed up already, she didn’t care anymore. “I don’t care if you little mistress gets anxious from waiting!” With that, Ye Xiaoxiao looked at me proudly, casually picked up the newspaper on the table and prepared to drag it out with me.

I really didn’t understand what this woman was thinking, ever since the condom incident, her personality changed a lot, from the originally strict teacher to this woman actually acting rascally with me, I really regret what I said just now, it’ll be fine for Zhao Junsheng to do the stuff like donating, why am I saying it.

There’s no helping it, I could only explain, “Sis, isn’t it fine if I tell you!

“Then say it,” Ye Xiaoxiao’s eyes brightened, and knew that her ploy succeeded once again. She understood this Liu Lei’s personality too well, he was a typical person that would accept the easy way and not the forceful way, if you just drag it on with him, he can’t do anything.

“You’ve heard of Shuguang Input method right!” I asked.

“Yeah, I heard of it. Isn’t that the input method which was getting really controversial on the newspapers. Someone said it was plagiarized, but then they clarified it,” Ye Xiaoxiao nodded and said.

“I wrote that input method!” I said calmly.

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“What? You wrote that input method… Oh… I get it, you earned the money from that input method right? You wrote an input method, then sold it to Shuguang Corporation… Wait, but what input method can sell for ten million? It doesn’t seem possible!” Ye Xiaoxiao said like she suddenly understood everything. Ye Xiaoxiao does know that I once represented Shaoniangong to enter the Youth Computing Competition held in Yanjing, so she didn’t feel too surprised after hearing that I wrote the input method. However, she had a query about the value of the input method.

“En, that’s right! It’s like you said, however, ten thousand just a portion of it! Right now the input method was sold to Microsoft, do you think the value is ten million!” I explained.

“It’s naturally over ten million now, but the value at the start was definitely not this high!” Ye Xiaoxiao nodded and said.

“Yeah, that’s why I chose a percentage of the profit when I sold it, instead of selling it all out, so the profit I get from this input method just keeps rolling in, I think ten million is just a portion of it,” I said without any emotions.

Ye Xiaoxiao was so shocked by what I said that she opened her mouth wide, she never would have thought that this young man who was normally not particularly respectful and also make dirty jokes to joke was already a millionaire. It was at this moment, something changed in Ye Xiaoxiao’s heart.

“What is it, daxiaojie, did I freak you out?” I chuckled and asked.

“…” Ye Xiaoxiao took a deep breath, why did all the weird things in the world concentrate on one person, able to get first in exams while never listening in lessons, the man like the wind on the sports festival, able to throw a discus for a hundred something meters, casually getting ten million… How was she supposed to be calm, unknowingly, she got more and more curious about the boy in front of her.

Using the time Ye Xiaoxiao was blanking out, I quickly left the office. So the office door wasn’t locked, Ye Xiaoxiao was just tricking me. That chick is getting more and more crafty, the gaze she looked at me just now gave me goosebumps, it seems like I really have to stay away from her from now on. If this continues, I suspect that she would become the second Wu Yingying.

“Why did you go for so long?” Zhao Yanyan was wondering around the corridor in boredom, seeing I came back, she immediately smiled.

“Ye Xiaoxiao told me to give up the prosecution of Li Shaojie,” I said without care.

“You definitely didn’t agree right,” Zhao Yanyan wrapped her arm around mine and said.

“How did you know?” I asked strangely.

“Don’t I understand you after so long!” Zhao Yanyan smiled confidently and said. “However what does Ye-laoshi have to do with Li Shaojie?”

“Li Shaojie’s father promised Ye Xiaoxiao’s father that if they could let me give up making Li Shaojie take legal responsibilities, then he would donate two hundred thousand for Songjiang city’s education,” I explained.

“So now Ye-laoshi is disappointed?” Zhao Yanyan asked.

“Nope, I promised to donate ten million,” I said with a smile.

“Hehe, then isn’t Li Shaojie really unlucky,” Zhao Yanyan also smiled. The girl has gotten a bit bad after being with me for so long.

“Wifey…” I smiled naughtily and said.

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“En?” Zhao Yanyan frowned and looked at me, she knows that it definitely wasn’t anything good from my expression.

“I’ll go to your home tonight,” I said lecherously.

“No, my mom’s at home tonight,” Zhao Yanyan shook her head and said.

“Then go to mine,” I thought about it and said. However, my home was really too small, with an extra person these few days, it seemed even smaller. So I have to quickly decide on buying a larger house.

“Hmmph,” Zhao Yanyan said quietly with a blush, “Then… Call Weier-jiejie as well.”

“Isn’t it good with just the two of us?” I asked deliberately.


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