Chapter 192 – Ye Xiaoxiao’s Request

“Heh! Deal with it as you see fit!” The woman managed to release her anger, and seeing that the principle gave her a way out, she naturally let go. She was very clear that she wasn’t someone from the Education Bureau, how could the principle listen to her!

“Don’t worry! I’ll definitely deal with this student!” The principle said perfunctorily.

After I returned to class, the others have already left, Zhao Yanyan was writing something on her seat. It was like around half a year ago, after I just got to know her. She also waited for me like this in the classroom.

“Still haven’t left?” I asked.

“I was waiting for you!” Seeing that it’s me, Zhao Yanyan immediately threw down the pen in her hands, and leaped into my embrace.

“Hai—— Hai!” Suddenly, a badly timed cough sounded out from behind our backs, just like last time.

Zhao Yanyan and I quickly separated, and saw that Ye Xiaoxiao was standing at the doorway, looking at us using an expression that was laughing yet not laughing, “You two have to pay attention to the effects during the daytime!”

Zhao Yanyan got really shy, and dipped her head. Yet I said without care, “You’re just saying the grapes are sour since you can’t have them, and being jealous of us! You’re twenty something already, yet you don’t even have a boyfriend, you can’t have psychological issues right!”

“Heh! Like it’s your business!” Ye Xiaoxiao said like a little woman.

Zhao Yanyan opened her mouth wide in shock, she didn’t think that I would speak like this to the class tutor, moreover, she didn’t think that Ye Xiaoxiao would answer me like that! How was she supposed to know that I would often argue with Ye Xiaoxiao in private, we’ve both gotten used to it.

“Come with me to my office!” Ye Xiaoxiao suddenly remembered that she had some business with him, and getting sidetracked like this, she nearly forgot.

“Me? For what? You can’t be wanting to give me ideological education again right!!” I asked.

“What’s with all the bullshit! Are you coming or not!” Ye Xiaoxiao glared at me and said.

“Okay!” Then I turned my head and said to Zhao Yanyan, “Good wifey, wait a bit for me. We’ll go to your home at night to xxoo,” I deliberately said it very loudly so Ye Xiaoxiao would also be able to hear it.

Zhao Yanyan bit her lips with her cheeks bright red. She didn’t think that I would even say this sort of stuff in front of Ye Xiaoxiao. I turned my head and saw that Ye Xiaoxiao also had her face bright red, and was glaring at me while clenching her teeth, yet she found that she couldn’t really say anything.

When we walked out of the classroom, Ye Xiaoxiao and I walked in a line, she said hatefully, “You are sure that I can’t do anything to you right! You’re acting more and more over the line!”

“You said it yourself, we’re good friends right, isn’t it fine to crack a joke between great friends!” I retorted.

“Alright, you said this yourself! We’re good friends!” Ye Xiaoxiao smiled craftily.

Hearing that, my heart jumped, why do I feel like there’s something wrong with that! It was as if she had dug a pit and waited for me to jump in.

When we got to the office, I sat onto Ye Xiaoxiao’s chair without paying any heed, while Ye Xiaoxiao felt rather speechless, but couldn’t do anything, so like usual, she couldn’t help but get another chair to sit by my side.

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“What is it? Ye-daxiaojie,” I crossed my legs and said leisurely.

“You were pretty good today! You managed to hit Guo-laoshi to the hospital,” Ye Xiaoxiao said casually.

“What, you can’t be scolding me because of this right,” I asked.

“Of course not, it’s just chit chat. It’s better that he stays in the hospital,” Ye Xiaoxiao said.

It’s better that he stays in the hospital? Oh! That’s right! I remembered, in my past life, I heard that this Guo Songshu is one of Ye Xiaoxiao’s pursuers, and was someone really annoying, always circling around Ye Xiaoxiao, refusing to give up. I didn’t think my unmeaningful action actually helped Ye Xiaoxiao get rid of a problem.

“Then you have to thank me! Congratulations on losing an annoying pursuer!” I said.

“You’re not serious at all!” Ye Xiaoxiao said, “Let’s talk about the actual matter! Do you know Li Dahai?”

“Li Dahai? Who’s Li Dahai?” I asked weirdly.

“Li Shaojie’s father, a famous private entrepreneur of our Songjiang city,” Ye Xiaoxiao said.

“Li Shaojie? Why are you bringing him up? Didn’t he get arrested already?” Speaking of this Li Shaojie, I have to thank him, if it wasn’t for him, how would I have turned Chen Weier into my wifey so successfully.

“The court case for Li Shaojie’s case is about to open, Li Dahai wants you to give up on the prosecution,” Ye Xiaoxiao said troubledly.

“Give up? Why should I give up?” I was confused why Ye Xiaoxiao turned into a pimp, and acted as the middleman.

“Yeah, this Li Dahai’s reputation is alright in our Songjiang city, he knows that you’re my student, and so found my father, and promised my father that as long as you don’t hold onto the case, he will donate two hundred thousand at once to support Songjiang city’s education! Of course, he will also give you a bit of money…” Ye Xiaoxiao frowned and said. “Originally I didn’t agree, but my father still agreed to his request for education, and got me to convince you. Liu Lei, you know this, a lot of children in the counties of Songjiang city can’t go to school, this two hundred thousand is enough to build two hope primary schools… Since you said that we’re good friends, so I won’t hold back. Liu Lei, can you agree?”

“Ai!” I sighed, this Ye Xiaoxiao truly did have premeditation! This Li Dahai is thoughtful, he actually thought of using the point of supporting education.

“Sorry, I can’t agree to your request,” I said slowly. Was I an idiot, Li Shaojie is a typical person that doesn’t use his brain when doing things, was I supposed to let him out to continue plotting against me?! I wasn’t scared, but my two wifeys? I couldn’t possible do this sort of dumb thing leaving the roots of the problem behind.

“I guessed that you won’t agree. However, it’s alright, I already finished what father told me to. It’s just that father is about to be disappointed again, it really it’s a shame for his passion for education,” Ye Xiaoxiao sighed.

“How about this, although I refused your father’s request, but I will also donate some money to support education,” I said.

“You? Donate some money?” Ye Xiaoxiao looked at me strangely. “Liu Lei, although the relationship between us is really weird, it’s like a teacher-student relationship, but it’s not, perhaps we’re more friends, but you don’t have to comfort me! Li Shaojie deserved to be punished by law, I just casually brought it up due to father, you don’t have to feel bad about it.”

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“I’m being serious with you this time, I’m not joking,” I said seriously. Shuguang Corporation was building up very fast, it’s about time to give back to the society. Donating money to build hope primary schools was definitely not bad, letting us get a good reputation!

“Hehe, then how much can you donate? Seven tens of kuai or several hundred kuai?” Ye Xiaoxiao said with a smile.


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