Chapter 190 – Unfortunate Person

When Qi Dapeng and I made the final dash past the finish line, the idiotic muscle-head, Qi Dapeng’s, eyes actually had a hint of tears, he said to me seriously, “Liu Lei! I admit! I, Qi Dapeng, lost fair and square! Having Xu Ruoyun with you is definitely better with me!”

I patted his shoulder and didn’t say anything. Right now, I already had two wives, if I had another Xu Ruoyun, I really would have a bit of headache. What’s more, I wasn’t sure what exactly I felt for Xu Ruoyun. Perhaps Xu Ruoyun just made a joke, like at the coffee shop last time.

When I returned to the seats where my class was, all of the classmates looked unusually at me, it was the same with Ye Xiaoxiao. Normally, I never showed any sports abilities in class, so everyone thought that I was just good in academics, they didn’t think that I would easily get first place for 5000 meters.

Zhao Yanyan handed me a towel to let me wipe away my sweat, but I had no sweat at all. What’s fifteen thousand meters, that time I was chased by Footy, I had instantly ran out of the province. I at least ran several hundred kilometers then.

Pentathlon in the afternoon was beyond easy for me, but I already beat Qi Dapeng, so I naturally didn’t have to bother as much. My performance in long jump, two hundred meters sprint, a thousand meter run and javelin were rather average. When it came to discus, I saw an enemy from my previous life, the Guo Songshu that kicked and insulted me on the sports festival. That person was around a hundred something meters away from me.

“Please tell the teacher in the front to move away, I’m going to throw the discus,” I said to the referee coldly.

“Just throw it, do you think you have springs in your hand? The world record is not even seventy meters!” That referee was the coach that invited me to join the track time in the morning, after getting rejected by me, he was in a bad mood, seeing that I was ‘arguing’ with him again, he naturally replied in annoyance.

“Getting hit by a discus is no joke!” I reminded him.

“If you hit anyone, I’ll take responsibility! Just hurry up and throw!” The referee said angrily.

“Alright… You said it!” I received a discus from a student, checked it over in my hand and said sinisterly.

I achieved my goal, this was the effect I wanted. From the beginning, I already planned to teach this uncivilized teacher a lesson, I didn’t have any grudge with Guo Songshu yet in this life, but the rude and violent actions of this fellow was known by the entire school, for example, beating up male students, molesting female students etc. However, this wasn’t enough to make me take revenge on him, what made me unable to stand it was that this person always wants to flirt with Chen Weier in front of people, I found out about this a few days back when I was chatting with Chen Weier, although he didn’t succeed, but it was enough to piss me off.

Which leg did Guo Songshu kick me with back then? I don’t remember… Never mind, since this fellow is a public enemy, I’ll help the people get rid of an evil, thinking that, I casually raised the discus and throw.

People saw that the discus flew a beautiful arc in the air like an UFO, directly towards Guo Songshu’s legs, just as everyone was immersed in shock about the discus, a student suddenly shouted, “Guo-laoshi, be careful!”

Guo Songshu got freaked out by that shock, and when he reacted, he found that the discus was flying straight towards him, in the heat of the moment, he quickly dodged to the side. He iddn’t think that the discus acted like it had eyes, and suddenly turned, fiercely smashing on Guo Songshu’s knees.

Everyone held their breathes, some were worried, some didn’t care, most were gloating. With a wail of “Ouch——“, Guo Songshu kneeled on the floor and rolled around, suffering in immense pain.

“Why did you hit him!” The referee pointed at me and asked in shock.

“I hit him? You try, do you think I have a scope on my hands!” I said coldly.

“About this…” Hearing that, the referee noticed that I was right, this is a hundred something meters, don’t talk about throwing a discus, even if you throw a rock it wouldn’t be that accurate!

Guo Songshu was carried to a taxi by the school gate by several other sports teachers and taken to the hospital. However, with his wounds, he probably can’t get out of the hospital for around a year.

The referee, several student witnesses and I were brought to the principle’s office, the sports festival also couldn’t help but be paused.

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“What exactly happened!” The principle asked with a head full of sweat.

“Nothing much happened, the discus doesn’t have eyes!” I said casually.

“You!” The principle was mad, but he couldn’t retort, if he said that I did it on purpose, even he wouldn’t believe it even if you beat him to death. Don’t talk about a hundred something meters, even fifty meters couldn’t have been that accurate. Furthermore, everyone saw clearly that the discus made a turn at the key moment, if Guo Songshu didn’t dodge to the side, he wouldn’t have been hit, so the student couldn’t be blamed for this. How was he supposed to know that I had inputted some energy into the discus, even if Guo Songshu went around the Earth once, that discus would follow him around the Earth once.

“Fine! Even if it was an accident, then since you can throw so far, why didn’t you tell the people in the front to be careful and move out of the way beforehand?” The principle clearly knew that the student didn’t make any mistakes, but he couldn’t help but find a scapegoat right now, because now that Guo Songshu have to stay in the hospital, it would cost at least several tens of thousands, if the school admitted that the student wasn’t at fault, then the school would have to pay all the medical fees, the principle naturally wanted this student to share the burden for such a large sum of money, so he couldn’t help but be picky.

It was a shame that I already knew someone would asked this before, I said without any worries, “I had reminded the referee multiple times beforehand for him to asked the people in front to move away, however he clearly said that if anything happened, he’ll take responsibility! The students over their can all testify!”

“Is that really the case!” The principle glared at the referee in anger.

The referee looked at the students on the side, and thought that since he can’t deny it, then might as well admit it! Thus he stuttered, “Yes… Yes.”

The principle was really angry after hearing that! Now it’s over, there was no way to make this student pay the medical fees, from the looks of it now, he had no responsibility, all of the responsibility lied with the school. Guo Songshu didn’t just randomly get hit, the school had to pay for his treatment.

“Ai!” The principle sighed and said to the referee, “I’ll deal with you later.” Then he said to us students, “You guys can go back first.”


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