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Chapter 191 – Thanks for Your Kindness

After returning to the classman, my classmates all saw that nothing went on with me, because even an idiot could see it was just Guo Songshu himself getting unlucky, it had nothing to do with me. However, most people were very happy, because the sports festival was forced to be paused, so everyone would get off school early.

“Did you do it on purpose?” Zhao Yanyan asked me quietly after glancing at me sideways.

“Hehe, you even managed to see that!” I smiled terribly and said.

“I knew it from the start, how could I not know about you, this fellow once tried to molest your wifey Weier, how could you let him off so easy!” Although Zhao Yanyan said that, she still felt sweat in her heart, as my wifey, what’s more important than her hubby caring about her!” Oh yeah, Liu Lei, why is there so much weird stuff on you, could you really have some sort of superpower?”

“About this… Actually, I’m not so sure, I randomly got some kind of special ability…” I answered vaguely. I still haven’t understood about my abilities myself, how was I supposed to explain it to others.

“Hubby, could you be the reincarnation of some sort of deity like in books?” Zhao Yanyan giggled and said.

“That’s a possibility! When I become a deity, I won’t want you anymore!” I joked. Does being Yama’s didi count as a deity?

“I don’t believe it! I know you rather not be a deity, instead of leaving me behind!” Zhao Yanyan said confidently.

“Hehe, of course! Come, wifey, let’s kiss!” I said lecherously.

“Hmmph! You aren’t serious even in school!” Zhao Yanyan said shyly.

“What’s wrong with being in school, how about us two revisit the feeling of our first kiss in the woods behind school when we get off?” My expression was getting more and more lecherous.

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to be seen again,” Zhao Yanyan said embarrassedly.

However, why does it sound like if no one peaked at us, then it’s alright!

Just as we were chatting, the referee just now appeared at the entrance to the classroom again, “Liu Lei, come out for a moment.”

I looked weirdly at him, then walked out of the classroom and said, “What are you finding me for again?”

“Liu Lei-tongxue, it’s good news! The principal is looking for you!” The referee clapped excitedly and said.

“The principal looking for me is good news? What does that me!” I said in confusion.

“You would know after you go! This is essentially the most glorious thing ever since our school was built! Shocking the heaven and earth, causing gods and demons to cry, the glory for our school is endless like flowing water…” The referee said confusingly.

“Okay, I didn’t come out to hear your bullshit, just say whatever it is you have to say, if it’s nothing, my wifey is still waiting for me to go on a date with her!” I said impatiently. Since I made Guo Songshu disabled already, I might as well act in a mightier manner, so this fellow wouldn’t just randomly bother me to enter his something track team.

“About this…” The referee didn’t think I would say that, thus he said awkwardly, “Then follow me to the principal’s office.”

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After we got back to the principal’s office, the principal said to me with a brilliant smile, “Liu Lei-tongxue, let me tell you a good news! Out province’s long run team set their sights on you, and want to get you to enter our provincial team’s training!”

“What provincial team? I’m not going,” I said. What! Good news? Set their sights on me? It’s like it was some sort of huge blessing for me! Is something wrong with them.

The principal and the woman sitting on the sofa both momentarily blanked at the same time, what a great chance this was! Why did this student refuse from the start? The women on the sofa said, “This student, I think you don’t know what the provincial long run team does right?! That’s the place that sends youths into the national team, you coming to the provincial team would mean that one day you can enter the Olympics! At that time, you would have all kinds of fame and money!”

All sorts of fame? That sounds good. However, I don’t need money anymore, I was already rther rich, I would venture to say that in a few years time, I would be the richest person in the world. As for fame, if I wanted to become famous, it’s way too easy, it’s just that I didn’t like the feeling of standing at the peak. What’s more, my sports ability is just my superpower, using this to enter the Olympics is just lying to myself and others.

“No need, thanks for you good will,” I said.

“What! Little student, I’m telling you! Me setting my eyes on you is being nice to you, don’t refuse to accept face when given! A lot of people can’t enter even if they want to! Don’t think that you’re something, I’m telling you, no matter how much talent you have, if I ignore you, then you’re nothing!” Seeing that I didn’t ruined her face, the woman on the sofa felt like she was put on the spot, and thus jumped up in anger to roar at me. Who was she! She’s the provincial team’s coach, normally whichever sports student she set their eyes on, they would all try to flatter her as much as possible, who would be like the student in front of her, refusing to accept face when given it!

“Don’t act like a savior in front of me, don’t think that other people don’t know what you normally do, you should be careful!” I said coldly. This woman is a senior trainer of the principal sports committee, in my previous life, she was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment due to accepting bribes to send people into the national team, it happened this time next year. At the time, the issue was huge, both the newspaper and television reported it.

“You! **** off!” The woman shouted.

“You don’t need to shout like a *****, the people from the Commission of Disciple Inspection might just come for you tomorrow!” I left a sentence behind and walked out of the principal’s office.

“This type of **** student in your school! You, principal, deal with it! You must expel him for Laonian!” The woman started out in sports, and so naturally spoke very rudely.

“About this… Don’t get angry! What’s the need to get annoyed with a kid!” The principal advised her.

“Don’t get angry? Bullshit! Anyone would get angry! Principal Zhang, your school and our sports committee are in a good long-time partnership, you don’t wish to ruin our relationship because of this student right! You must expel this student!” The woman shouted like a shrew.

“Yes! Yes!” The principal answered perfunctorily, although he didn’t think that in his heart, he is a principal, why does he need to listen to an old woman telling him what to do. What’s more, he had already got to know this student called Liu Lei through the dean already, he’s the first in the entire year! He might very well be first place in the matriculation exam in the future, expel him? Only if something’s wrong with his brain! What a joke, he was still reliant on him (Liu Lei) bringing glory to the school! Even if he expels him, wouldn’t other schools fight over a good student like him? It would be over if they let their competitor get him!


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