Chapter 189 – A man like the wind

After the gunshot, everyone acted like they snapped off a string, and flew out, only I continued to wobble around there. After the referee standing on the side saw this, he shook his head, this person was sent here to fill up the numbers as expected.

Qi Dapeng ran out at the start, being a sports-specialty student wasn’t just for show, he naturally had some ability, he did have the confidence to get first place for this five thousand meters race. After running several hundred meters, he turned his head back and saw that I was still at the starting point, don’t mention about how proud he was! He thought, this ******, did he never participate in a competition before!

Xu Ruoyun also had an anxious expression after looking at the field, and kept complaining, “Why isn’t he running! This time he’ll lose for sure!”

Wang Xiaoli advised on the side, “In my opinion, why don’t you choose Qi Dapeng! If I had such a strong boyfriend protecting me all the time, I couldn’t be happier! What’s good about that brat Liu Lei, isn’t he just a bit better with academics! He’s just a nerd!”

Xu Ruoyun flipped a white eye at Wang Xiaoli and said, “Don’t say random stuff! Liu Lei is not a nerd!”

I saw that Qi Dapeng had already finished half the journey, his speed was gradually slowing down, despite that, he was still in the need. So seeing as the time was about right, I started slowly running forward.

Xu Ruoyun scolded in her heart, what’s this guy doing, Qi Dapeng had already finished half the journey, and he only just started, isn’t he guaranteed to lose!

After a few steps, I started accelerating, when I flew past each opponent in the front, the referee and crowd all showed a shock expression, this person was actually so powerful! However, they did feel some pity, if this person started running at the start, even if he doesn’t’ get first place, he would still get second, however Qi Dapeng, who was the fastest had already lapped him twice, even if he wanted to catch up, he can’t.

Yet, my following actions shocked them to no end! After I casually caught up a lap with Qi Dapeng, I continued to casually run at the same speed. Not long later, I then caught up to Qi Dapeng by another lap again, at this moment, the referee couldn’t be more worked up, because from his perspective, this person was a genius, even starting so much later, he actually casually caught up, from the looks of him, he seemed to have a lot of strength remaining.

I looked at the shocked people, and knew that my showing off was about enough, there was no need to mess around with this Qi Dapeng anymore, I used more strength on my feet, and sped towards the finish line like that so, wait what was it again? A man like the wind.

“Hey! Bro, what are you standing here dumbly for, I already arrived at the finish line!” I patted the referee who was holding the stopwatch and watching with his eyes and mouth wide open.

“Oh… Ah!” Only now did the referee reacted, he quickly pressed down onto the stopwatch. Then he said really excitedly, “Student, what are you called, which class are you in? Are you interested in entering the school’s track team?”

I saw the referee’s expression like he found and treasure and muttered in my heart, is there such a need!

“Sorry, I have no interest in entering any events,” I said coldly.

The referee revealed an expression of disappointment upon hearing that, then continued to encourage me, “It’s alright, think about it more carefully, sports-specialty students can guarantee a place in university!”

This is his ace move, he already lured a lot of sport talents with the reason of guaranteeing a place in university. However, this clearly was of no use to me, my following sentence, completely dowsed his thoughts. I said, “No need, I’m already the first in the year!”

The referee immediately went silent after hearing that.

The happiest would have to be Xu Ruoyun, just as she saw that he was about to lose the competition, he came back into it in an instant. She said to Wang Xiaoli excitedly, “See! So much better than that Qi Dapeng!”

Wang Xiaoli still didn’t came back to her senses from the shock and murmured, “Is he human?”

After 5000 meters, it was the ten thousand meters race, Qi Dapeng had wanted to decide the winner in the five thousand meters race, he didn’t think that this fellow would act like it was nothing after finishing five thousand meters, and thus he would only go to the ten thousand meters record place with a troubled expression.

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It could be said that Qi Dapeng was speechless to the max today, originally, he had thought that he was going to win for sure, he didn’t think that that Liu Lei was actually so good, even after lapping him twice, he actually caught up and casually surpassed him (Qi Dapeng). This made him lose all his face! However, now that it’s like this, Qi Dapeng had nothing he could do, he chose to compete in sports, who is he supposed to blame!

However, the referee just now was even more surprised, after seeing that Qi Dapeng and I came to run ten thousand meters after the five thousand meters race, his eyeballs nearly fell out of his sockets. Although Qi Dapeng wasn’t as fast as me, he still got second place. This referee didn’t think that two powerhouses actually appeared in the first year.

There really wasn’t any issue with me, but Qi Dapeng was forcefully supporting his aching body.

“Bro, you can’t beat me,” Seeing Qi Dapeng’s appearance, I said with a bit of pity. This person was quite obsessed, for a woman, he was willing to discard his life.

“Who said that! Even if laozi loses, it has to be brightly! How am I a man if I give up!” Qi Dapeng roared fiercely.

Right now, I was a admiring this QI Dapeng slightly, he was clearly finding it hard to breath, he still insist on competing with me! However, love is a selfish thing, there was no room for pity. I could definitely not do something like pushing Xu Ruoyun into his embrace!

“Although the results are determined, but I do admire you,” I said meaningfully to Qi Dapeng. This is also the first time I look at this person, who I thought was an idiot, properly.

Qi Dapeng solemnly nodded, I could tell that he knew the results of this competition for sure.

For this ten thousand meters, I didn’t use my superpowers, I just silently ran alongside Qi Dapeng, because I didn’t want him to lose too shamefully. From Qi Dapeng’s eyes, I could tell that he was very thankful towards me. Since Qi Dapeng’s stamina had pretty much been used up when running five thousand meters, it was unusually hard for him now, sweat droplets as big as beans continuously dripped from Qi Dapeng’s forehead, but he still clenched his teeth and kept running.

As the competitors passed by us one by one, I didn’t mind it at all, because getting first place or not didn’t hold much meaning now.

When we ran four laps, Qi Dapeng finally ran out of stamina, he said to me while panting, “Liu Lei, I can’t make it! I really can’t run anymore! You win!”

“Give me your hand!” I said.

Qi Dapeng looked at me in confusion, without making a movement. I grabbed Qi Dapeng’s hand without saying anything, and slowly sent a gust of energy over. Qi Dapeng just felt a sudden heat in his body, as if he was full of energy again, although he didn’t know what was going on, he understood that I was helping him.


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