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Chapter 186 – Cooperation

“Yes, yes! I understand!” His subordinate quickly said.

“Okay, I’ll leave this thing with Liu Lei to you, no matter what you use, whether you go to his school, or you get him at his home, but, you must bring him here tomorrow morning!” Huang Youwei ordered.

“Relax, boss! Isn’t he just a student! I’ll go and block him off at his home with San-zi and them!” The subordinate said uncaringly.

“I’m telling you, don’t treat it as nothing! That brat most likely knows some martial arts, don’t screw this up! If you screw it up, then how am I, Huang Youwei, going to looked in Songjiang city’s underworld!” Huang Youwei reminded.

“Boss, are you too careful? Isn’t he just a student! Is it that severe, what’s more, San-zi and them are all retired special forces, isn’t it easy and relaxing to deal with a kid?!” The subordinate said.

“Just pay more attention! Caution is the parent of safety!” Huang Youwei said.

Since I had already agreed to compete with Qi Dapeng on the sports festival, so this morning, after eating the breakfast He Xiyuan made for me, I hurried and left my home, and prepared to get my car from the courtyard of the Industrial Bank.

Just after I walked out of the entrance of the building, the door of a Songhuajiang mini-van that was parked by the road suddenly opened, four or five teenager holding knives, metal bats and other cold weapons of the like surrounded us.

“You’re called Liu Lei right?” One of the scarface asked coldly.

“Who are you?” I checked out that person, according to my memories, I have not seen this person before.

“You don’t need to know who I am, our boss wants to see you!” Scarface said.

“Your boss? Hehe, since your boss wants to see me, you can completely let him see me in person, what does he mean by sending you over!” I chuckled coldly.

“Don’t ******* not take face when given it! I’m telling you, come with us if you are smart, or else, don’t blame us if we use force!” Scarface said.

Use force? I looked at the people in front of me, and got confident. All of them are scrubs, even if I don’t use my superpowers, I can still easily handle it. I’m not even exaggerating when I say beating them is like playing games.

However, recently I seem to have wronged anyone! Who sent these people? They don’t look like Yu Wenfeng’s comrades, because in this area, with Yu Wenfeng in the hospital, the police responsible managed to find all of the evidence for his crimes, right now, those comrades of Yu Wenfeng can’t even hide fast enough, how would they have the time to cause trouble for me!

Who else could it be apart from Yu Wenfeng? Liu Zhenhai? My business with him seems to have ended, what’s more, he also know of my capabilities, even if he sent people to capture me, it wouldn’t be these people, they aren’t even for me to warm up. Therefore, I really wanted to know who the mastermind is, although I could easily deal with the people in front of me, I didn’t want to leave a hidden enemy for myself.

“Sure, I’ll go with you,” Thinking that, I said calmly to Scarface.

“Heh, that’s for the best, we don’t have to make a move then,” Scarface replied.

After getting onto the Songhuajiang minivan, I could already be sure that these people were guards or fighters at best. They aren’t professional at all, they just left me on the back seat, and all went to the front to chat. If I didn’t have a cooperating attitude, dealing with them was just too easy.

The car stopped in front of Songjiang Guobin hospital after turning around here and there, my heart jumped a little. Did the incident with Su Yingzi that time got known? But it has already been over for so long…

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“Get down!” Just as I was thinking, I heard Scarface say.

I cooperatively got down from the car, then followed Scarface into a single room of the hotel, I wasn’t nervous at all right now, because I was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, looking pitifully at these preys.

There was a square-face man, whose face was like coal, standing in the room, Scarface said respectfully, “Boss, I brought the person here.”

Square-face turned around a waved, signally that Scarface could leave. Just at the moment square-face turned around, I saw his appearance, this person is one of the ten private entrepreneurs in Songjiang city —— Huang Youwei. After Zhao Yanyan told me about it last time, I deliberately went and found some information about him.

I immediately understood, the mastermind behind this, is this Huang Youwei! He must have found out that his son being trashed is related with me!

“Do you know why I found you?” Huang Youwei lit up a cigarette and cockily pointed towards me.

“You’re Huang Youwei right?” I said clamly.

“En?” Huang Youwei momentarily blanked, and then said, “You know me?”

“You did it for your son, Huang Weicheng right!” I said blatantly.

“Heh! Since you know it’s or my son, you still dare to come? You are pretty daring! Aren’t you afraid that you can’t walk out of the door today?” Huang Youwei waved his hand, a few black-shirted hulks came in through the door, and locked their door on the way.

“If I’m scared, I wouldn’t have come! Say, what do you want,” I said uncaringly.

“What do I want! My son was trashed! You tell me what I want!” Huang Youwei roared.

“Trashed? Towards this, I can only express my deepest sympathy,” I said sincerely. After all, I turned his son into new Huaxia’s last eunuch, I did feel a bit terrible.

“You… You are ******* feeling smugged about this right!” Huang Youwei forcefully restrained the anger in his heart. In his heart, Huang Youwei swore: If there isn’t something to ask from you damn brat, I would have done you in here and now!

“I’ll give you two paths to choose from right now, the first is to cooperate with me. As for the second, perhaps in a certain landfill site tomorrow, there will be a male corpse!” Huang yOuwei said sinisterly.

“Cooperate? How?” I asked weirdly. Did him and I have some overlaps in interests?

Xu Ruoyun anxiously looked around, and paced on the spot.

“Ruoyun, can’t you just stay still for a bit?” Xu Ruoyuan’s good friend, Wang Xiaoli, said to Xu Ruoyun, who was feeling anxious.

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“Xiaoli, do you think he might not be coming! It’s already half past eight, the sports festival is about to start!” Xu Ruoyun sat down beside Wang Xiaoli and said.

“Who?” Wang Xiaoli didn’t understand.

“Who else, of course it’s Liu Lei!” Xu Ruoyun said awkwardly.

“Oh! So you’re thinking about your love-gege! How do I know if he’s coming or not! He might not like you at all, and directly gave you over to Qi Dapenng!” Wang Xiaoli joked.


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