Chapter 187 – Making a move

However, after hearing that, Xu Ruoyun treated it as reality. Her expression immediately darkened, and she muttered to herself, “He doesn’t like me! This time, I… Ai! If he doesn’t come, wouldn’t I have to be Qi Dapeng’s girlfriend?”

“Ruoyun, don’t worry! He will definitely come! Unless he’s an idiot, or else since our Ruoyun is so pretty, all normal men would be moved!” Seeing as the situation was dire, Wang Xiaoli frantically comforted.

He really doesn’t like me? Xu Ruoyun thought in a trance, but in the coffee shop, his expression when he heard her explanation of only having him pretend to be her boyfriend was so real, it didn’t look to be an act at all! At that time, she had snickered in secret! No, he won’t let her become Qi Dapeng’s girlfriend! Since he had agreed with Qi Dapeng, he definitely would come!

“Songjiang city Fourth High’s spring sports festival starts now! Please welcome our school’s Principle Sha to make an encouragement speech before the events begin!” The voice of the host on the stage rang out through the school radio.

“Ai!” Xu Ruoyun sighed, she looked dumbly in the direction of First Year 2nd Class, that person still didn’t come.

“Hehe, those who suit their actions to the times are wise. You really did choose the first path!” Huang Youwei said slightly happily.

He clearly misunderstood, I was just casually asking, but he treated it as me getting reading to cooperate with him.

“After a few days I’ll get my son to appeal to the court, all you have to do is be a witness on court, and say that my son and Zhang Xiaoming did not do anything to Su Yingzi at the time,” Huang Youwei said.

I was wondering why this guy was polite, so it’s because he still have an use for me! He wants me to commit perjury for his son, Huang Weiccheng!

“Sorry, you’ve got the wrong person, if I go onto court, your son might be convicted more severely!” I said lightly.

“You ******* want to die right! Come, San-zi, go and cross blows with him!” Huang Youwei said angrily.

“Boss, to what level do you want him to end up in?” The Scarface just now, who’s also the San-zi that Huang Youwei called, cracked his knuckles and asked.

“Make the decision yourself, it’s fine as long as he doesn’t die!” Huang Youwei had ruled for a lifetime, he’s never seen anyone that dared to say no in front of him! The little kid he picked up today actually dared to get pretentious in front of him, causing his anger to swell up.

“Hehe! Little *******, do you have any last words?” Seeing that the boss gave the orders, San-zi had confidence. Since boss said that, then whether the brat gets wounded or disabled was all up to him.

“The person that should be saying it is you. You’re called San-zi right, don’t blame me for not reminding you, even if I beat you to death, it’ll just be self-defense, it might not even be manslaughter. Oh, I forgot to tell you, a few days ago, I kicked some guy called Yu Wenfeng into an idiot, you should also know this guy too right!” I said casually.

“What?” San-zi momentarily blanked. Of course he knows Yu Wenfeng, who was quite something in the underworld of Songjiang city. A few days ago, he randomly got beaten into an idiot, San-zi had been surprised for quite a while. Since Yu Wenfeng’s bodyguards are all masters at fighting, not only did they get beaten up by one person, they all got severely wounded! Could that really have been done by the brat in front of him?

“Keep exaggerating, I’m saying I did it!” Immediately afterwards, San-zi calm back to himself, this brat must be bluffing, looking at his frail look, how could he beat down so many professional fighters at the same time?!

“You’ll not if I’m exaggerating very soon, I heard that there are more people hospitalized these days, they are starting to stay in the corridor. So, you should consider it well, or else you might not even get into the hospital!” I said coldly.

“**** you!” Hearing that, San-zi got so angry that his lungs were about to explode, four hulks surrounded me at the same time.

“Beat him!” San-zi rushed over with a metal rod, and swung heavily towards me.

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However, before the metal bat landed on my body, I held it firmly in my hand.

At that moment, San-zi felt rather confused, why wasn’t there the great feeling of heavily hitting something, instead, it felt as if the bat was attracted by a magnet, and couldn’t even move. He pulled it a few times, but the metal rob didn’t even bulge. Only then did San-zi get shocked, he pulled strongly onto the metal bat and swore, “****, let it go—— ****, what are you guys looking at, go and beat him up!”

The four hulks were also completely shocked, they never would have thought that their captain wasn’t even as strong as a kid. Only after getting roared at by their captain did they react, and started rushing towards that fellow.

I was just messing around with San-zi, seeing that four more people came, I casually used a bit of strength, and managed to spin San-zi around, San-zi’s body flew out like a cannonball, knocking him onto the tea table in the room, resulting in the tea table snapping in half with a “kuangdang” sound. He moved a little, then stopped moving, clearly having fainted.

I picked up the metal bat, and fiercely beat down onto the first hulk that charged towards me. With a “pa” sound, that hulk was already hugging his kneels and kneeling onto the floor, sweat drops as large as beans started falling down from his face as he wailed in pain.

The remaining three hulks momentarily blanked, then all revealed scared expressions. It’s because I became way too strong, instantly dealing with two people, and these two people didn’t even make it threw one of my moves.

However, since I made a move, I won’t give them anymore chances, I continued to wave the metal bat and smashed towards the other three people, in an instant, the remaining three people all fell onto the floor to keep the other two company.

“Don’t move!” A cold object was suddenly pointed at my pupil. I subconsciously blanked, so Huang Youwei had already pointed a gun at my head.

“Aren’t you amazing! Aren’t you really good at fighting! I really didn’t think that five of my subordinates were done in by you so easily, but what’s the ******* use of being amazing, laozi can still kill you with a shot! Don’t think I’m just warning you, I’m telling you, my people are all around here, after killing you, I just need to throw you into Songhua lake, then nobody would suspect me,” Huang Youwei said insolently.

What he said was the truth, nobody outside knows the grudge between him and I, so they wouldn’t think of him. But most importantly, can he kill me?! Ever since I fully developed my superpowers, Footy told me a lot of things, don’t mention bullets, even an atomic bomb can’t do anything to me.

“If you want to shoot, then shoot, but I’, warning you, you better get rid of this thought before I get mad, or else I will make you disappear from this planet alongside your impotent son!” I looked at him coldly and said, completely not giving any respects for his gun. Although I don’t know if I could resist bullets or nuclear bombs, I had the absolute confidence to dodge out of the way in the 0.001 second that he takes to shoot.


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