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Chapter 185 – Found Clues

“Director Zhang! There’s good news!” A person pushed open the door to Songjiang City Guobin Hotel’s General Manager, Zhang Guoping’s, office, and said frantically.

“What good news! Look at your hurried look, are you still someone that can do big things?” Zhang Guoping was annoyed recently due to his son, Zhang Xiaoming, being sent into prison, and so his temper was unusually irritable. It was already one o’clock past midnight, recently, Zhang Guoping was just living at the hotel.

“Director! The hospital called, that unconscious waiter woke up!” The person who entered the door said after wiping away a bit of sweat.

“What hospital, waiter… What? You said that waiter woke up?” Zhang Guoping jumped up from his chair.

“Yeah, Doctor Wang from the hospital just called, he said the waiter from our hotel just woke up, and can already communicate normally with people!” The person that came in said.

“Great! That’s really great! ****! I’m going to the hospital now! Hehe, the mystery person that broke my son is finally going to give his body up!” Zhang Guoping sneered.

Zhang Guoping treated that mystery person as the reason for Zhang Xiaoming getting sent to prison, from his perspective, if it wasn’t for that mystery person interfering, his son would have succeeded already! If his son really ***** that superstar Su Yingzi, then everything would have been easy Su Yingzi would definitely be afraid of this news being known in fear of ruining her own reputation, in the end everything would be reduced to notice! However, attempted **** is different, attempted means that nothing succeeded, so it doesn’t have any effects on Su Yingzi’s reputation, if she doesn’t go after them, she would be an idiot!

Therefore, Zhang Guoping swore that he will definitely find the mystery person that sent his son into jail. After finding that person, he definitely will not let him off easy, at least he will break his legs!

However, Zhang Guoping is very smart, he knows he didn’t have much underground power in Songjiang city, thus after he found out that the waiter woke up, he immediately dialed the phone of the person that hates this mystery person even more —— Huang Youwei.

“Who is it?” Huang Youwei sleepily climbed up from a woman’s body, and picked up the phone. He swore in his heart, they aren’t even letting me sleep peacefully.

“Huang-dage, I’m Zhang Guoping!” Zhang Guoping said with a sinister smile.

“Lil bro Zhang, what is it?” Huang Youwei asked. In recent times, the two people have constantly chatted on phone for their sons. However, this definitely was the first time they called in the middle of the night! Therefore, Huang Youwei immediately realized that it must be something important.

“The waiter that was hit unconscious has already woken up, and is in the hospital!” Zhang Guoping said.

“What? Woke up! That’s great! Wait for me, I’ll go there immediately” Huang Youwei said excitedly, he could finally extract revenge for his son! In recent times, Huang Youwei has nearly gone mad from anger, not only has his son been trashed, he was also convicted! All of this made Huang Youwei hate that mysterious person even more.

“I’m also at the hotel, and haven’t gone over yet!” Then let’s meet at the hospital later!” Zhang Guoping said.

“Okay! See you later!” Huang Youwei hung up, and immediately jumped up from the bed to get dressed.

“Boss Huang, it’s so late, where are you going!” The woman flipped over and woke up.

“Sleep first, I have something important to do!” Huang Youwei said to the woman.

Within the special ward of Songjiang First People’s Hospital.

“Shun-zi, think carefully, what exactly happened then!” Huang Youwei asked anxiously.

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“Director Zhang, Director Huang! At the time, the two young masters dragged the superstar to the storage room of the bathroom, and told me to stand guard outside. However, not long after, a brat around sixteen or seventeen asked me if I saw Su Yingzi or not, I said no. But he didn’t believe me, he lifted me up with one hand, he was really strong! At the time, I was really scared, and told him where Su Yingzi was… Director Zhang, I didn’t have a choice then, you won’t blame me right…” Shun-zi said worriedly.

“How could I blame you! Continue to speak!” Zhang Guoping comforted on the surface, but he was nearly going to explode from anger in his heart, he thought, if it wasn’t for you, would something have happened to my son!

“Then he just threw me, I felt as if I was flying, then the back of my head felt a sense of pain, then I lost consciousness,” Shun-zi said.

“He was that strong?” Huang Youwei said with a hint of disbelief.

“Director Huang, I wouldn’t dare to lie to you, if he wasn’t then I wouldn’t have been unconscious for so many days!” Shun-zi quickly said.

“That’s true! Then tell us, what are the characteristics of that person?” Zhang Guoping said.

“Characteristics… He’s a young man of sixteen or seventeen years old, he looks very energetic… He wore a casual tracksuit…” Shun-zi thought about it and said.

“Is there anything more precise?” Huang Youwei asked anxiously.

“Oh yeah, I saw him and two pretty girls attend the banquet together, when they went in, they seemed to have gotten into an argument with that guard…” Shun-zi said.

“Okay, lil bro Zhang, immediately call that guard, ask him about that day!” Huang Youwei said impatiently.

Thus, Zhang Guoping got his secretary to call that guard, after asking, out of the three people that day, one of them was the daughter of Shuguang Corporation’s CEO Zhao Junsheng, and the person with him seems to be her boyfriend!

Huang Youwei was very excited after getting this news, he immediately left the hospital, and ask a few friends that were familiar with Zhao Junsheng, so that boy is called Liu Lei. Then through his contacts, Huang Youwei found the address of Liu Lei’s home at the police station.

After doing all this, Huang Youwei sighed, then said furiously, “Son, Dad will be able to get revenge for you tomorrow! I’ll make this brat the same as you, an useless person!”

“Boss, I heard that the brat Liu Lei’s girlfriend is a beauty!” One of Huang Youwei’s subordinates said.

“****, is there something wrong with your brain! I really don’t know if you’re dumb for real or not, that Zhao chick is the granddaughter of Elder Zhao in the province, if we make a move on her then even the king of heavens come, he can’t save us!” Huang Youwei swore angrily. Although Huang Youwei was also very lecherous, he still know what women can be touched, and what women can’t.

“Boss, I’m talking about the other chick, I investigated it already! Her family doesn’t have much background, her mother opened a restaurant near the police station,” That subordinate suggested.

“Don’t branch out unnecessarily! The person we are going to deal with is just Liu Lei, if we drag too much into it, then it’ll be difficult! ****, are you going mad from lust?! Is so many xiaojies at how hotel not enough for you to ****! Don’t cause unnecesarry trouble for me!” Huang Youwei glared at his subordinate and said.


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